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SHE COMES FIRST ( a book )

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by nikkel, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. A couple of years ago I downloaded a book called She Comes First, it was an excellent instruction book of about 130 pages instructing on how to best arouse your Lady when going down on her .
    It has drawings and mentions things I has newer dreamed of .
    Since downloading it back then ,it has gotten lost or deleted , so I googled it the other day and there is a free pdf version I downloaded .
    Not wanting to be sitting here at my pc reading 120 pages I also ordered the book from Amazon.ca ( I'm in Canada).and for less than $20 is arriving in a day or 2.
    I plan on keeping it in my car to read as I'm waiting for my Queen as she shops with her sister ,or goes for breakfast .
    I very highly recommend this book as compulsory reading for any one wishing to give the Lady in charge the best she can receive .
  2. Thanks for the tip. Just ordered it for my kindle.
  3. Great book, gave me a lot of good tip that were instantly noticed by my mistress. I definitely recommend this book too ;)
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  4. It has a companion book called he comes second or next or something. It's been a long time since we read them but I remember the he comes next book being pretty informative if not all that interesting.
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  5. I’m reading this now. To me, it seems pretty straight forward. I’ve never had problems reaching my climax and my goal is to make my partner orgasm more times than me. Hopefully I come across some useful information.

    It’s also fun to read this while locked :p
  6. I have an alternative, opposing view of this book. For me it was the worst book about sex I ever read. It turns cunnilingus into a tick list, do this for this long, then this, then this. The instructions were so rigid that it turned a loving, spontaneous, inclusive act into a regimented to do list. I literally had to have my iPad next to the bed so I could look at what to do next.

    Before the book I had an almost 100% record. It wasn’t long after I got it that my Wife asked me what the hell was i doing!? When I explained she told me to forget everything the book said, it wasn’t easy and took me a good while to get back to doing what I was good at.

    This is the only kindle book I paid for that I have deleted.

    If you have absolutely no idea about how to orally pleasure a woman, then maybe this is for you. Otherwise steer clear.
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  7. I have not read it yet, but it sounds from your description it is written in a fashion that is a generic recipe to get the person that has NO CLUE or should I say no success at least to first base and maybe even 3rd base ... but for the person already hitting home runs, it is just going to be a "hey have you tried this?" kind of read. Really if you are already successful, that means you have already taken the basic recipe and adjusted it to her taste (good job).

    I intend to read it not because I'm not successful, but because I may find a few new ingredients to add to my current recipe.
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  8. I mentioned having downloaded this book a year or 2 ago and read about half way through when I had an opportunity to try what I'd learned on my visiting ex.
    I had regularly gone down on her when we were living together.
    My new techniques had her moaning like never before , and a loud orgasm.
    Later she asked who I'd been making love with , and where I learned all the new ways to pleasure her.

    That's the only one I can compare "before and after reading the book" with.
    The other 2 women I used my new found knowledge on were not ones I'd known before .

    Obviously I had very little idea what was the ways to please a woman before reading up on things.
    For a poor lover like me , this book was a big help , not to mention a boost to my ego !
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