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Punishment Ideas?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Leanne, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I am looking for some ideas for punishment for my locked up husband.

    Has anyone got any real interesting punishments?


  2. On a couple of occasions my wife tied me bending over out spanking table and put a sun lamp on my bottom. She took care to make sure everything was covered except by fanny down to my sit spots. She left me there as my bottom blistered like a sunburn, it was awful and it was several days before I could sit after. I HAVE NEVER REPEATED WHAT CAUSED HER TO DO THAT PUNISHMENT SINCE.
  3. Leanne

    An interesting question the answer to which depends how much effort you want to use and how serious an infraction he's being punished for. But I'm sure most of hte members will be interested in the answers you receive. But these 2 are tried and tested! <weg>

    A generous coating of ralgex/deep heat on his manly orbs is very effective and with most devices theres no need to unlock him, so little effort for so much pain.

    If you are happier rolling your sleeves up and thrashing his bottom then a thorough tawsing before having him pull his burning cheeks apart so you use a crop on his anus can be fun.

  4. It depends. Is this a sexual punishment...a la, something he wants? The best punishment is, simply, not paying attention to your partner.
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    Best punishments are what he really doesn't like!

    But how about a remote controlled dog trainer on his nuts>

  6. How about a week long torment at your feet.... :)

    Teased and denied by my Mistress’s Feet

    My wife always knew I had a foot fetish. She loved the attention I would lavish on her feet, allowing me to provide her with long intimate foot massages when ever she wished, dutifully giving her a pedicure each week, to ensure her toenails were always perfectly painted, and that her soles, heels and toes were soft and supple. She would often indulge my insatiable fetish by allowing me to kiss her bare feet during sex, knowing just how much it would turn me on and bring me closer to orgasm.

    This all changed the day she bought a CB2000 chastity device for my cock. Unbeknownst to me, my wife, or should I say my Foot Mistress, purchased the chastity cage to ensure that it would be her who was getting the pleasure and benefit of my foot fetish, and not me. Up to that point I repeatedly and selfishly helped myself to ecstasy at the thought her feet, most often masturbating alone, deliriously dreaming of her sexy soles and toes, or there were the odd occasions when she would treat me to a wonderful orgasm as I fucked her hard and kissed her delectable soles.

    It was Sunday night, Mistress called me into the bedroom, I came in to find her dressed in sexy black lace bra and shiny skin tight black latex leggings, she wore shiny black strappy high heels, her toenails were freshly painted red. I immediately noticed she had a new silver ankle bracelet adorning her right foot, dangling from it was a small key.


    I immediately did as I was told.

    “Take off your clothes”.

    I stripped myself of all my clothes and knelt before her naked and vulnerable.

    “You are going to be my foot slave, you will do what I say when I say. You will look at my feet only when I allow you to look at my feet, you will kiss my toes only when I allow you to kiss my toes, and you will worship and lick my bare soles when I allow you! Is that understood foot slave?”

    “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.” I replied, the excitement clear in my voice

    “I am not just your Mistress I am your Foot Mistress!!!”

    “Yes Foot Mistress, sorry Foot Mistress.”

    She sat on the bed, her foot slave kneeling obediently on the floor at her feet, I looked into her eyes, ensuring not to glance down at her red painted toes and high heels just inches from my hardened cock, I was now her foot slave and I awaited her permission to even merely be allowed to look at her feet. I was attentive to her every word, waiting to carry out any order she requested of me. I longed to prove myself as a good slave and hopefully she would allow me to pleasure myself at her feet. This didn’t happen.

    Mistress produced a CB2000 from under the pillow and waved it right in front of my face. The gold padlock knocked off the hard plastic and made me swallow hard.

    “Do you know what this is foot slave.” She said mockingly.

    “Yes Foot Mistress, it’s a cock cage Foot Mistress”.

    “That’s right foot slave it is a cock cage, and I’m going you be locking your little cock inside. I am going to control your orgasms from now on, I think you have been having far to much fun on your own, I know how much you like to masturbate, fantasizing about kissing and licking my feet all over. And just to ensure you don’t release yourself from chastity, I will be wearing the key to your cock on my ankle bracelet so from now on foot slave, you’ll only be allowed to cum to my feet when I say so.”

    It was what I always wanted, to be a true foot slave, to dedicate my every thought and action to my Mistresses feet. But now the realism of what actually lay before me immediately set in, with the sight of this simple hardened plastic device with shiny gold lock dangling from my Mistresses finger. I was visibly nervous but yet deep inside I quivered with excitement, a contradiction of emotions, the first of many, this little device would lead to many more, most notably - frustration.

    “Yes Foot Mistress, Thank you Foot Mistress, It would be an honor to wear it for you Foot Mistress”

    “What a good little slave you are, I didn’t think there would be any resistance from you foot slave, although looking at that erect cock I think their maybe a little resistance to physically getting your hard cock into this little cage! What do you think foot slave, should Mistress be kind and allow her foot slave one last orgasm before he’s locked up and teased for who knows how long. Would you like to kneel before me to masturbate to my p-r-e-t-t-y f-e-e-t one last time foot slave?”

    “Oh yes Mistress, please Foot Mistress may I please, I beg you, please allow me to cum to your beautiful feet.”

    Taking in my humility she looked down at her pathetic naked slave, kneeling inches from her feet, cock standing to full attention, eyes wide with anticipation. She continued to stare at me, only drawing out my anxiety, was she going to allow me to pleasure myself, the one thing I craved so much that was completely in her control. She raised her foot and gently brushed her red toes under my swollen balls.

    “You may touch yourself to my feet, Slave”

    “Oh thank you Foot Mistress”

    Without hesitation I grabbed my cock and began to frantically pull myself, I glanced up at my Mistress, reciprocating a harsh dominating expression I then set my wide eyes down to her beautiful red toenails, lying longingly before me in her sexy black high heels. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. I was so overly excited, I knew this was going to be my last orgasm for some time, and I counted myself lucky to be given the privilege of cumming one final time to such a delectable pair for feet.

    I could feel my self getting closer and closer, my gripping hand getting faster and faster, my eyes fixated on her ten red toes. I could feel the cum imminently going to leave my testicles.

    “STOP! That’s quite enough foot slave. I’ve changed my mind, now take your hand off that throbbing little cock, and place your hands behind your back. I know you had hoped to cum all over my feet but Mistress has other ideas for you slave, it’s not about your pleasure, its all about mine.”

    Mistress stepped off her throne and moved slowly and stealthy behind me, running her finger nail across my chest as she circled me, she stood directly behind me and I then grabbing my arms she snapped cold metal handcuffs on my wrists.

    “I don’t want any problems from you slave when I am fitting or removing your device, so as to be sure you don’t even accidentally brush your hands against your unlocked cock, you will be wearing these handcuffs every time Mistress decides to put your cock lock on or on the rare occasion I decide to take it off.

    It took a few minutes for my aroused cock to lower itself and then from behind my Mistress began to slip the plastic ring around my swollen balls and then squeezed my tormented flaccid cock inside the plastic tube, then looping the lock through the hardened plastic she clicked it into place. That was it, I belonged to her.

    “Now slave it’s going to be a long time before I allow you out of your cock cage, in order for me to even contemplate release I will expect you to be the perfect slave, or should I say the perfect foot slave. I will expect foot servitude of the highest order, beginning tonight and every night from now on you will kneel at the foot of my bed, naked except for your little cock lock, and while kneeling down there you will massage my feet until I fall asleep.

    “Oh thank you so much Foot Mistress, it would be an honor to massage your feet Mistress”.

    Mistress retired to bed, I did as I was told and took residency at her bare feet. They dangled just over the end of the bed inches from my face, my mouth, my tongue. I knew I could not ever grace her bare soles with my mouth without her permission, I had to prove I was the perfect slave. Naked, with my pulsing cock engorged in my cage, I gently massaged scented cream into her soles and toes. Foot Mistress fell asleep not long after I had begun but I continued on for two hours, enjoying the ultimate objects of my desire and the strong sense of humility. I only stopped to get some sleep myself as I knew tomorrow would be another “demanding” day.

    Mistress awoke first and after maneuvering herself up off her pillow she sat on the side of the bed, her long legs stretching to the floor. Snapping her fingers she instructed me to kneel at her feet.

    “Good morning slave, I hope you are ready for day two as my devoted foot slave - how is that little locked cock of yours doing?”

    “Good morning Foot Mistress, my cock is aching for you Mistress it longs to be free from its cage.”

    “Oh it aches does it foot slave? Well lucky you because Mistress has decided that every day from now on you will be permitted a foot teasing session, and just to ensure you are completely aroused Mistress is going to allow you to be free from your cage, but there is one catch foot slave, while your free from your cage, you won’t be allowed touch your cock.”

    I could not believe what she was saying, as if I hadn’t been teased enough already, even after only one day, knowing that I would have daily foot teasing sessions which would drive me wild with desire and yet be sexually unfulfilled at the end of it, it was mind blowing.

    “Now foot slave I am going to go about my daily duties around the house and as my footboy you will accompany me, you will follow me around the house naked and on your knees behind me, you will lick my bare soles as I raise them up with each step, and you will ensure my soles are kept spotlessly clean at all times, oh and just to ensure you don’t lag behind you’ll be wearing this slave collar and leash.”

    Mistress bent down and strapped the black leather collar with the silver lettered inscription reading “FOOT SLAVE” around my neck, then she attached the long black leash. Standing up she tugged on the leash to ensure I followed her, after each step she offered up her luscious sole to my face, my extended tongue lapped the entire length of her foot each time, humiliated, used and degraded I was truly a prisoner to her feet. My knees ached from crawling and my tongue was dusty and dry, but it was late that evening before Mistress had made her way back into the bedroom.

    Mistress sat on the bed, I knelt at her feet. She unhooked my leash but left my slave collar around my neck, I had a feeling this was going to be a permanent part of my wardrobe. Mistress lifted her right foot from the floor and placed it on the edge of the mattress, wiggling red toes directly at me she began to unclasp the silver ankle bracelet and started to dangle it before my eyes.

    “Now foot slave Mistress enjoyed you lapping at her soles so as a reward you will now have you foot tease session, I know you’ve been waiting for me to release that little cock of yours.”

    With that she stooped down and began to fondle my balls, with my cock still locked up, then after a few minutes she finally put the key in the lock and released me. My aching cock and swollen balls felt so good to be out, but I knew whatever freedom I had would be short lived and that the feeling of frustration and restraint would soon be returning to my hardened cock.

    My first foot tease session began with Foot Mistress having me kneel on the floor, with my cock as hard as it could be, she guided me with her eyes down towards her sexy red toes, letting me know that I had permission to look at her bare feet. She then stood up and began to slowly walk around me, grabbing my hair pushing my head down to look at her feet as she sexily extenuated them with each step, slowly planting her toes before her pathetic foot slave and then raising up her perfect arch as she circled my naked body.

    She stood behind me, with one foot placed on either side of my knees, she knew I was having a visual treat with her red teasing toes before me, she let go of her grip on my hair and then slowly brought her hand down my chest, rubbing over my bare flesh until she reached my groin, she bypassed my harden cock and began to fondle my aching balls, grabbing them and then tickling them with her finger tips, after a few minutes of this my mind was racing, I was so aroused by her feet, I knew it would take only a few strokes of my rock hard cock and I would explode all over the floor. My Foot Mistress was also well aware that it would only take her slave a few strokes so when she did take finally take hold of my rigid cock she made sure it got just enough to keep me on the very edge, she wasn’t going to allow her foot slave to come – the week of foot slavery had only begun.

    “That’s enough fun for you foot slave, I hope you enjoyed your little foot tease!! Now I don’t want any begging or pleading but now we have to lock up that little cock of yours, we don’t want any accidents, I know how little it would take for you to come, with all those images of my pretty bare feet running around that little head of yours.”

    With that, being bent over with frustration, I looked longingly at my Mistress but knew my fate, it took a few minutes before my cock reached a lifeless limp state that Mistress could squeeze the cage back into place, clasping the lock shut for another period of detention and denial. With that Mistress retired to bed.

    The next day, day 3, Mistress decided that she wanted to go into town shopping, she dressed herself but then called on me in to kiss her feet, just once on each big toe and then place her shoes on her feet as any foot slave should. She said that although she did not want me to accompany her she had left a special treat for me. With that she produced two black leather wrist cuffs and attached them to my arms and then clasped them to my slave collar, thus limiting any reach I had to just above my waist.

    “I have to ensure my slave doesn’t misbehave while I’m out so these cuffs and collar should keep you in line until I return, Oh yes I almost forgot your little treat is waiting for you on the computer! See you in a few hours foot slave!”

    Kneeling by the door, naked, I watched my Mistress go, thinking what kind of treat awaited me on the PC. I knew she had blocked my access to the internet to ensure I didn’t surf porn sites looking at other women’s feet, I was a slave to her feet and her feet only. I shuffled on my knees into the computer room and noticed the screensaver bouncing around, when I moved the mouse a large picture of my Mistresses bare feet greeted me, she had left me in the house alone all day, with my hands bound and useless, with my cock caged and throbbing and with a huge folder of pictures of her beautiful feet. I went through the photos one by one, slowly savoring each one, when Mistress did return later that evening she was assured that I had been utterly teased even in her absence.

    Later that night while getting in to bed, Mistress summoned me.

    “Foot slave since I was so gone for so long today and you only got to look at pictures of my feet, I am going to treat you tonight and allow you to kneel at the end of my bed and stare at my feet – all night long. No touching, no kissing, and no licking!! Now get down there, I want to feel your breath on my soles all night long!!”

    “Thank you Foot Mistress I would be honored.”

    It was a long long night.

    Day 4, after greeting Mistresses feet with a kiss on each of her ten toes as she got out of bed, she attached the leash to my collar and had me follow her down to the basement, when I got down there, I noticed a large rectangular object in the middle of the floor, covered over entirely by a black silk sheet.

    “I picked up a little something for you when I was out yesterday, and I think you are going to like it Foot Slave”

    With that she pulled off the sheet to reveal a black metal cage, with black leather padding on top for Mistress to sit on while her submissive was enslaved inside, but worst of all there was a small hole in the centre of the padding, just large enough to allow Mistress to slip her foot into the cage from above. Mistress opened the small access gate to the cage and motioned me to shuffle inside, kicking my behind as I did. Then she slid the bolt hard into position and a padlock snapped it shut.

    I was on my knees, helplessly locked inside, Mistress sat up on the side of the cage dangling her feet inches from my face, her bare feet swinging back and forth, giving me a glimpse of her soft soles with each fluid movement. She knew she was teasing me, she knew the sight of her feet, her unattainable feet, had my encased cock pulsing. After some time she moved her legs up on to the top of the steel cage. Cramped and uncomfortable, I awkwardly changed position so that I could see the centre hole above me and waited.

    “Are you waiting for something slave?”

    “Yes Mistress your feet Mistress, you beautiful bare feet Mistress.”

    With that five toes peeped just over the edge of the hole.

    “These feet, foot slave?”

    “Oh yes Mistress, please Foot Mistress I beg you.”

    “Very well slave, I am going to allow you to kiss the soles of my feet, would you like to kiss the soles of my feet slave? I think you would!”

    With that she leisurely moved her foot down and found my face. I repeatedly kissed her sensuous soles, changing feet every so often as she directed as to which toe she wanted worshipped or which exact spot of her sole my lips should be caressing. It continued long into the evening, my neck strained from the confined position, my cock strained from the confined cock cage.

    After continuously kissing the soles of my Mistresses feet for hours on end, Mistress informed me that she was going to bed and instructed me that I would sleep, or uncomfortably try to sleep, in the cage for the entire night. She informed me that this was to allow me time alone to think about how lucky I was to have been given the chance to kiss her bare feet. With that she stuck her right foot through the bars of my cage, the silver chastity key dangling from her ankle.

    “Kiss my foot good night slave, once on each of my toes.”

    I graciously kissed each of her perfectly pedicured toes, and then instantly she drew her foot away. Picking up the black silk sheet from the floor, she threw it over the cage, covering it completely, leaving me chastised in total darkness.

    “Sweet feet dreams foot slave”

    She giggled to herself as I heard her bare feet padding up the stairs and leaving me all alone and heavily frustrated.

    The next morning was my fifth day to wake with my cock cage, I was beginning to be in a state of permanent arousal, constantly horny but unable for an erection, and when my cock did strain against the hardened plastic my every thought brought me back to the fact that my Mistress controlled my cock, or as she referred to me as her “foot slave”, her feet controlled my cock and infringed on my every thought.

    I knelt in my cage for sometime after a terribly uncomfortable nights sleep in the cramped space. I heard Mistress come down the stairs and walk over towards the cage but then silence, I could sense her inches away from me, but I could not see her with the black sheet obstructing my view. Almost an hour passed and all I could hear was the faint sound of her breathing to confirm to me that she was in the room. This was just another tease, designed to make me horny with anticipation, and it worked a treat.

    Then without warning five cherry red toes slid under the bottom of the sheet, raising the sheet slowly until her foot was in my cage, inches from my wanton tongue.

    “Foot slave, have you been waiting to see my feet all night , I bet you couldn’t wait to see them could you?” She said as she seductively wiggled her toes.

    “Ohhh Foot Mistress I wanted to see them so bad Mistress I missed them so much, please may I kiss them for you Foot Mistress?”

    “No foot slave, I afraid you won’t be doing any foot kissing today.”

    With that she moved around to the rear of the cage and undid the lock and ordered me out on my knees. Coming from the darkness my eyes had to adjust to the light, and when they did mistress beautiful feet came into focus. From my lowly position on the floor I could see in she was holding a leash and a black leather hood, needless to say they caught my attention.

    “Foot slave since up to know you have been allowed to look at my feet for quite some time each day, I have decided that today you are going to wear this leather hood which will not only make you look like my pathetic little foot slave, but it will also restrict your vision because Mistress will be zipping the eyeholes shut, and just for good measure I will be attaching this leash to your slave collar.”

    She handed me the hood which I slipped on over my head and then, after she had tightened the rear clasp on the rear of the hood she attached the leash to my collar and zipped my eyes shut, I caught one quick glimpse of her beautiful bare feet just as she plunged me into darkness. Completely restricted and controlled I followed my Foot Mistress as she tugged on my leash. She lead me upstairs where she sat on the couch and turned on the TV. As she made herself comfortable on the sofa I knelt before her, waiting in the darkness of the leather hood in anticipation of Mistress’s next orders.

    “Foot slave, I am going to have a very relaxing day today and to start you will kneel before my feet and you will hold my bare soft soles in the palm of your hands, I want no begging or pleading or kissing, you will kneel there for as long as Mistress wants and I have no doubt that even though you can’t see my pretty little toes, you will be thinking of them, won’t you foot slave?”

    “Oh yes Foot Mistress, thank you Foot Mistress it would be a pleasure to hold your bare feet.”

    I fumbled blindly and found her feet, my upturned my palms laid out as she rested her soft supple soles in my hands. It felt amazing to be holding them and it made my strained cock stir in its plastic prison.

    Mistress sat there watching TV with her naked hooded slave at her feet for the whole morning, aimlessly flicking channels and watching day time TV like any other house wife, only that she was no longer a just house wife, she had become a domestic dominatrix with a foot slave tending to her feet. I counted the hours by the number of shows she had watched, and had calculated that I had been stooped uncomfortably at her feet for over three hours before Mistress hit the off button on the remote, removed her feet from my tingling hands and pulled on my leash. By my collar and leash she dragged me into the bedroom where she sat on the bed and I took position before her at the end of the bed.

    “Now foot slave I am going to read my book on the bed, I am going to lie on my front and I am going to put rest my feet at the edge of the bed, and while I read I want you to busy yourself in my soles, smelling and sniffing them until I tell you to stop.”

    I didn’t wait to be told again, bringing my hooded face forward towards the bed, I found her soles. Her two feet were together and my face fitted perfectly into the instep. The leather mask had two small holes for my nostrils and they filled my nose with the smell of her divine feet.

    The sensation of sniffing Mistress bare feet, while kneeling naked, wearing a slave collar and black leather hood, my cock encased in chastity, my sight completely restricted and my every action and thought focused on serving her needs brought me to the brink of breaking point, I was so frustrated and humiliated, but I loved it, I loved being Mistress’s foot slave.

    Hours passed of inhaling her beautiful sweet smelling soles, savoring every second, until Mistress finished off her book. She closed the book loudly as if to signal the end of that foot session, and the beginning of another.

    “Foot slave I have decided that since you have been such a good little foot slave, that Mistress is going to release your little cock from its cage, you will keep the hood on and as a precaution your wrists will be cuffed to your slave collar to ensure you don’t accidentally brush against your erect cock, we wouldn’t want that now would we slave boy?”

    “No Mistress, thank you Foot Mistress.”

    With that she took my wrists, strapped the leather cuffs and chained my wrists to collar around my neck, giving my arms a short reach, but just long enough to massage Mistress’s feet in front of my face if she ever felt like allowing me the indulgence. I was still wearing the black leather hood and I could sense her breath close to me, she was sitting on the bed in front of me and obviously stretching down to take off the ankle bracelet which held the key. Then she grabbed my swollen balls with one hand , squeezing them and laughing to herself, then I heard the key turning in the lock, then she slowly removed the chastity device from my growing cock, freedom, if you could call it that, I was blinded, bound and completely under her control.

    “Okay foot slave since I think you have deserved this little foot teasing session I am going to begin by rubbing my toes under your balls, and then I’m going to rub my arches up and down the shaft of your cock, but slave, as this is a foot tease you won’t be coming today, and I’ll make sure of that.”

    Mistress ran her toes gently below my balls, over and over again, I could picture how sexy they would look, her red toenails rubbing against my bulging balls. It felt fantastic as I knelt there before my Foot Mistress, being teased and denied by her feet. Every so often she would rub her toes under my balls and then continue on up my chest and under my chin, pushing my head up with her foot, just to assert her dominance and my humiliation.

    Once she had had enough of massaging my balls with her feet, she slid her soft arches down the shaft of my hard cock and began to stroke it, slowly at first, then building up the momentum. She sensed when I was getting too excited and then instantly without warning she stopped. She then left me to pant and moan, ensuring I had a few minutes to calm my cock down before she started again, the feeling was astounding, my engorged cock had been locked up for so long and now it was being pleasured by Mistress’s bare feet. Unexpectedly, after a few more minutes of stroking, she stopped. She continued this over and over again, bringing me to the brink of orgasm denying me and then persisting to tease me unmercifully with her bare soles wrapped solidly around my cock.

    “That’s enough foot slave, time to put your little cock back in its cage. I’m going to bed and tonight you will sleep at the foot of my bed, you will wear the hood and the cuffs, because I like them on you, they make you look like a proper little foot slave. While you are at my feet you will massage them for the entire night and if you do a good job maybe I’ll take off that hood and allow you to look at my feet in the morning. Now get rubbing foot slave.”

    After my cock had been imprisoned once more I began to tend to Mistress’s feet, rubbing the cream deep into her soles and underside of her toes, she moaned with pleasure as she drifted off to sleep, leaving me engrossed in massaging her bare feet for the rest of the night.

    The next morning when Mistress woke, I was still gently stroking her soles, though not as energetically as I had at the beginning of the night, I was now exhausted, my fingers, my thumbs and my chained arms paining me from my lengthy foot massaging duty.

    “Oh that was a wonderful night’s sleep, foot slave, you did a good job. Since you did a good job I am going to allow you to see my feet, I know its been a while and I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to it, crawl over here and I’ll take off your hood and your cuffs.”

    Mistress grabbed my head and undid the zip to release my sweaty head from the black leather hood, immediately out of the darkness I found her feet before me and began to stare longingly, my balls instantly began to tingle. She undid the cuffs, and informed me that today, being day six, that I would have the privilege of giving my Foot Mistress a pedicure, not just any pedicure, but a day long pedicure.

    “Foot Slave do you think my feet are perfect?”

    “Yes Mistress they are the most perfect and beautiful feet I have ever seen Mistress”

    “Good boy that’s what I like to hear, but I think that with all your massaging and kissing you have taken the shine off my red toenails.”

    See raised her right foot, key dangling off her ankle, and brought her toes just an inch from my face, so that her foot slave could examine them closely.

    “Yes Mistress they could do with a fresh coat of varnish, may I be allowed to paint them for you Mistress, it would be an honor Foot Mistress.”

    “Very well you may begin foot slave.”

    I gently removed the old coat of polish from her toes and then meticulously painted her toenails a lush bright red, it took me hours to do it as I wanted to be sure that my Foot Mistress would be satisfied with the job. Every so often I would feel her stare, looking down at her slave to ensure he was doing a good job. When I was finished took her soles in my hands presented her freshly painted toes for her inspection. She leaned over slowly looking at the detailed job on each toe, and then without warning, slapped me across the cheek with her foot.

    “Foot slave, I said I wanted my toes to be perfect, look at my big toe, do you see that smudge?”

    “No Mistress, sorry Mistress I don’t see any smudge.” I replied sheepishly.

    With that she rubbed her finger hard across her big toe, smudging my perfect pedicure.

    “Start again foot slave.”

    Once again I tended to her ten luscious toes, painstakingly redoing each one until finally gaining her approval. They did look perfect, basking there before me. The intoxicating smell of the freshly applied nail varnish filled my nostils and stirred my locked loins.

    It had been a long day, and as I had supposedly messed up her toes the first time Mistress had toyed with the idea of denying me my foot tease session, however after much pleading and begging she instructed that she would think of something to tease my already tortured cock. With that she got into bed, I stood there naked and attentive waiting for her dominant direction.

    “Foot slave, your toe tease session this evening is going to last all night long. I am going to allow you to sleep in the bed, however your head will be down at my feet, and as further frustration and humiliation I will be grabbing and holding your balls while you suck on my big toe for the entire night.”

    “Oh thank you foot mistress thank you for teasing me, thank you for allowing me to suck your toes.”

    With that I climbed into bed and took up my nocturnal residency at her bare feet, as soon as I guided her sexy toe into my mouth, I felt her hand tightly grab my straining balls and squeeze them, making me wince with a mixture of the pure pleasure of her touch and the pure pain of my bursting balls.

    I didn’t sleep well to say the least and as mistress began to wake, I realized it was day seven, I had gone a full week as a slave to her feet. My lust and frustration had reached paramount levels.

    “Slave do you know that you have been locked in that cock cage as my devoted foot slave for seven days now?”

    “Yes, Foot Mistress thank you Foot Mistress”

    I could have told her the number of hours and minutes that I had been her chastised foot slave, let a lone the number of days.

    “Well since my little foot slave has done everything Mistress has asked I think my foot slave should get a reward today, would you like that foot slave?”

    “Oh yes please foot mistress I want you so bad, please, please allow me to cum to your feet.”

    “Very well slave, kneel at my feet.”

    I knelt before her and she then planted her right foot on my shoulder and reached down to unclasp the key from her ankle bracelet. She dangled the key in front of me and then resting her toes on my forehead proceeded to rub her sole down my face, down my neck and continued down to my encaged cock, resting her foot on top of the chastity device playing with the lock between her toes.

    She unlocked the CB2000 and pulled off the tube, revealing my throbbing engorged cock, it immediately stood to attention. Mistress ran her soft feet tenderly around my cock and then gently under my balls, she laughed heartily as she knew how a few firm strokes would have my cock explode at her feet, but I knew this tease would not be over quickly.

    “You may touch yourself to my feet, foot slave.”

    The magic words I had longed to hear, I gripped my hard cock and furiously began to jerk off to her feet, aimlessly Mistress caressed my balls with her toes.

    “Stop! That’s enough foot slave I think you’re having too much fun. Put your hands behind your back. Now worship my feet”

    Mistress knew I was on the verge of orgasm. She ensured this session was to last all day and all night, for hours on end she brought me to the brink over and over again, she would have me wank feverishly and then tell me to stop any time I looked like I was about to cum. Then as a further tease, once she had instructed me to stop wanking myself, she would raise her bare feet to my wanton tongue and allow me to worship her feet, frantically licking her soles and sucking her toes.

    After a full days tease and denial session at her feet, my cock and balls were beyond frustration. I couldn’t take much more. I was Mistress’s foot slave, I had given a whole week serving and tending to her feet, I begged and pleaded and finally Mistress obliged.

    “You may cum foot slave, pull your cock….harder…..harder foot slave, now kiss my soles, lick them, now cum, cum now to my feet slave, good boy, hmmmmmm”

    “Oh…Oh yes, Oh… Oh thank you so much foot mistress,”

    I had exploded into an unrivaled orgasm. The satisfying release felt truly amazing, spurting out on to the floor, her soles still planted on my lips as I panted. The pinnacle of what had been an overwhelming week, from start to finish. The feeling of ecstasy however was to be short lived. Mistress swiftly removed her bare feet from my face and threw the chastity cage down at my cock.

    “Put it back on foot slave”

    Feeling euphoric from orgasm and perplexed at the thought of further frustration I placed the plastic prison back on my cock. On hearing the lock snap loudly in place, Mistress looked down at her slave, kneeling naked at her feet and smiled.

    “This time foot slave it won’t be coming off for at least a month. Now kiss my toes!”
  7. That is a hard one to follow - GREAT story.

    But the old corner trick is punishment enough OR simply becoming an object - footstool, table, coat rack and then turn him loose for some hard earned fun Leanne.
  8. not paying attention to your partner.
    not talk with him
    do nothing with him
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  9. I alway thought the application of ointments like Firey Jack or other muscle ointments quite effective on the dangly bits :unsure:
  10. Try some pealed ginger in his bottom. Not very pleasant.
  11. 1 - collect his spunk and keep it in the freezer until there's a nice big spunk-pop to make him suck on (and swallow)
    2 - ditto with your pee especially that nice pungent first-of-the-day pee
    (With both of these you might want to use a good, sealed airtight container to keep in the freezer!)
    3 - Ruined orgasm is always a great punishment especially if you laugh while the spunk is dribbling out ...
    4 - Make him clean your bottom with his tongue (although, of course, he might like that!)
    5 - Post Orgasm Torture - see the current thread for ideas
    6 - Put him in a Birdlocked Pico, lube it up on the outside and then rub your pussy over the head of it so that he's fucking you while wearing it ... you get pleasure and he gets excruciating pain as the internal spikes dig in. I speak from experience!

    If you'd like more ideas, let me know the circumstances - quite often the punishment has to fit the crime!

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  12. I like the idea about the semen pop! I too like to save semen in the freezer. I use film cans, but there aren't many of those around these days. We put the film can in a glass of hot water, and in a few minutes you've got cum that is the exact temperature, smell and texture as fresh. I've never used it frozen, but I like the idea because it would last so long. Jamie wouldn't be able to swallow it all at once.

    I don't know if this qualifies as punishment, we did it more as a practical joke. I have a penis gag that I am very fond of using. My lover Frank drilled a small hole in it from the outside to the tip of the cock. We put a bunch of defrosted semen in a dental syringe, and inserted the tip in the outside hole. We tied Jamie in a chair at the foot of the bed as we usually do when we have sex, so he can watch. We told him we didn't want him to watch that night, so he would have to wear a blindfold, but he would still be able to hear everything. We put the blindfold on him, and then put on the penis gag with the syringe already in it. I knelt in front of Jamie to give Frank head as I usually do so Jamie has a good view. After a few minutes we started making noises like Frank was going to come, and when it reached a climax Frank shoved in the plunger of the syringe hard and fast. Jamie got the biggest load of cum he had ever had, just over 6 ounces.

    We removed the blindfold so Jamie could see the syringe sticking out of his gag. We had him tip his head back and suck the rest of the semen from the syringe through his penis gag. When he had finished I said, "Don't worry Tiny (Frank's nickname for Jamie) we'll make you some more right now. Then I did suck Frank to orgasm and spit his load through the syringe and gag into Jamie's mouth.

    We left him tied there while we went downstairs to have a drink and a snack while Frank recovered enough to give me a proper fucking.

    I'll try to post some actual punishment suggestions soon.

    Love to all,

    Mistress Angelique
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  13. the most intense punishment, is a good old fashioned ball beating. the amount or pain inflicted depends on how the Mistress strikes and what the sub can take. i will allow slave a few minutes to recover if i hit fairly hard. it is also good because he does not have to be unlocked. my fav is him tied on the horse, legs spread, those beautiful blue orbs awaiting my "kiss".
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  14. I know have experienced that device .. Not yet in full blast.. However in my opinion it is not only excellent for amusing the woman holding the remote ... It also is capable of making a lasting impression ..
    I am very happy to have talked
    Miss K into using this device..
  15. Mistress B

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    United Kingdom
    All these gadgets may amuse the male subbies but a good old fashioned beating on a bare bottom can do wonders.
  16. Oh, so true!
  17. Joroincharge

    Joroincharge Lock em up - 24/7/365!!
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    And obedience guaranteed!
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  18. E
  19. Once I happened to misbehave with my KH wife
    So she punished me
    She handcuffed both my hands behind my back pretending a foreplay
    Then she tied a steel chain to my cage
    And tied the other end of the chain to the cupboard so tight that I had to remain in standing position
    I could not even sit or move
    She made me spend the whole night in this position and went off to sleep
    The most horrible night I have ever spent
  20. Princess is still coming into her own, not yet realizing the full power she has over me. I continue to try and prove to her I will do anything she commands that are not outside out 2 ground rules. (No cuck or 3rd person involved an no degrading either) outside of that I am hers to serve.

    The dog trainer... Strap it on... Deny me total access only watching her cum .. Ok.
  21. all good ideas, but as Mistress B said, just beat em!
  22. This is exactly my KH wife is doing for the past one week
    I am terribly upset
    Reading her mind is practically impossible
    Don't know what to do

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