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Only one ejaculation after long denial

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by edgedontcum, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Recently, i ejaculated after 55 days of denial. In the past, i have normally been allowed to ejaculate 2 times before denial is back in place. Usually twice on the same day. And normally, the second orgasm is more intense than the first one. Not sure if others have that same opinion or not. This time, however, i was only allowed the one orgasm, and am back in denial. And now i am hornier than ever. I think i attribute it to only being allowed one ejaculation this time...any opinions on that?
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  2. I once experienced what you are talking about. I went several months before I had an orgasm, then locked up right away afterward. Within less than an hour I was very horny.
  3. I have to lock up after I ejaculate. It puts me back into the space I was in before my orgasm, much sooner. We tried giving me a free day and I masturbated 4 times. So now I have to lock up after my orgasm or after sex for that matter.
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  4. I asked my Wife about this recently after another thread talked about whether a second orgasm was stronger than the first. She just laughed at me when I suggested she let me have a second orgasm so we could find out.
  5. Hello @edgedontcum@edgedontcum I am usually allowed a full orgasm every 3 months , then re locked straight after , on the rare occasions my mistress allows a second orgasm before re locking I always find it stronger and more pleasurable , when just 1 orgasm is allowed and I am re locked just after within a very short time I feel hornier than ever , I nearly always beg for a second release which is sometimes given but most often will earn me several hard hits from her wooden paddle ,
  6. When I am allowed an orgasm I am immediately locked up and back in the zone.
    I hate being unlocked for an amount of time as I find I have mood swings and cannot settle.
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  7. I'm often allowed more than one O when the cage is removed. Mostly for Her benifit though. While stamina has never been an issue under normal circumstances, after a long (for us) time in the cage, the first one can come faster than she would like. So she'll leave me out so when I'm "recharged" she can have me again and it will last as long as she likes. In those cases especially, the second one is usually better. She likes me to time in to coincide with hers - so just a moment after she pops I'll let mine go, and she really loves that. But that amount of control usually doesn't come back till we've gotten that first one out of the way

    One thing is thing is certain though, the routine where she's free me for sex and allow me to remain free till the next morning is a thing of the past. Every so often she'll give me a couple hours, but thr routine is that once she's satisfied I go back in.
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  8. Guessing the first O is weaker because of the urgency due to denial. The second takes more stimulation and build up so the finale is more grand.

    I love this topic, now I'll have to try it... in November when I get out.
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