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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. This seems as though it could become a regular occurrence which I am sure you will enjoy , but how will you handle not knowing who these ladies are , I think it might in time drive me nuts constantly thinking who I had served and who knew , or maybe that's part of the plan ?
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  2. Very Very well spoken @sissybitch@sissybitch You took the words right out of my mouth. I Agree with Every Word, but one " im 54"
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  3. The second massage was with the same lady, but you do raise a good point about this being a plan and who knew. I guess time will tell.
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  4. Being "pimped out" is a turn on anyway, even if they are not my type. Will quite likely be a vanilla professional massage.

    Anyway, tell us more about round two?
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  5. Wednesday night It was 7:20 and I was ready. I had cleaned myself and inserted the but plug. The massage table was ready with a warm sheet to be placed on the table when I heard her arrive. At 7:35 my client arrived. I quickly put the warm sheet on the table put on my blindfold and stood by the head of the table I was ready to give this lovely lady, her money's worth
    She entered the room and set something on the floor near the door than instead of getting on the table she came right beside me and slid her hand up my thigh to my white lace panties and pulled them off. " you won't be needing these " my cage started to tighten as she climbed on to the bed and told me to begin. I was now totally nude in front of this lady except for my cage.
    I applied a generous amount of oil to her back and proceeded to give her a massage to remember. I worked every muscle of her back and legs. I was going to remove all of the tension that she had in her body. When I came to her tight bottom I didn't just brush over it I gave it all the attention it deserved ( being the largest muscle in her body). When my fingers contacted her anus I allowed them to go in ever so gently to massage even that muscle. All this time she just lay there totally relaxed with the odd soft sigh escaping her lips. After completing her back I returned to the head of the table and waited.
    I waited. Than she turned over. I again applied a generous amount of oil to her body. I massaged every muscle in her arms, hands shoulder working my way towards her chest. I caressed her breasts not just casually brushing over them as before. I gently caressed and massaged them feeling every part of her firm breasts in my hands. She overhead no resistance only soft moans of pleasure. I moved down to her abs and hips running my hands over the smoothness of her pubic area. Perfectly smooth her hair had been removed but not by shaving. I massaged between her legs allowing my fingers to enter her wetness, giving her womanhood the same care and attention as the rest of her body. When ever my hands passed over her pubic area I would allow a finger or two to enter her wetness.she offered no resistance only sighs.I moved down to her calves and feet giving her feet a very good massage until I was finished.
    I covered her with another warm sheet and blanked and returned to the head of the table. My arms and hands where sore, my cage was ready to break ,wetness dripping off the end. I had done my best. She layed there totally relaxed I just stood at the head of the table with my hands behind my back, not making a sound not moving my job was done. I waited, waited for this lovely lady to make the next move.
  6. And then...????

    You're killing us with suspense....:D:D
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  7. she let out a big sigh of relief and got off the table. She came to where I was standing and gently touched the blindfold with her right hand while cupping my testicals with her left hand. And said. " Thank You very much that was Fantastic."

    Yes!!!! She was pleased I hadn't upset her and had made her very happy. I felt some moisture escape my caged manhood and drip onto her hand.

    Than she said to me. For your information my name is Terrie, and we have met before I'm Carla's niece. She has been telling me about you and your wife for along time. So I asked your wife if you could give me a massage. You have Very Talented Hands. The blindfold was my idea, I may have you give me another massage but you will Never Never see me naked. As she was saying this she was squeezing my testicals and digging her nails into the tender flesh.

    She than whispered in my ear " bend over the table so I can give you your tip"

    I bent over the table as she went and did something with what she had dropped by the door. She came up behind me a poured some oil on my back and massaged it with one hand
  8. (Damn fat fingers , sorry)

    She came up behind me and poured some oil on my back and massaged me with one hand while pressing on the But Plug with her other hand. She pulled on the plug almost removing it before she would push it back in. My erection was trying its hardest to break my cage and I could feel my juices dripping against my leg.

    She continued working the plug in and out until suddenly she removed it entirely. It felt good to finally have it removed. The feeling was short lived as she replaced the plug with the strapon she was wearing. She pushed into me in one motion until her hips contacted my backside I let out a load moan of pleasure.

    Over and over again she pumped into me. I was in Heaven the pleasure was incredible. It had been a few months since my wife had pegged me but she had never givin me the pleasure that Terrie was giving to me now. I could feel that I was about to cum. I was going to have an Orgasm without even touching my penise. It felt So good. Than she stopped. She withdrew the strapon from my anus and stepped back so I couldn't even feel and part of it. I pushed back with my backside trying to get her to penetrate me again but I felt nothing. I was so close to cumming and now nothing.

    She rubbed her hands over my back that was wet with oil and my sweat and said " maybe next time". She than took my hand and led me to the washroom told me to get into the shower. She left the washroom and closed the door. I showered as instructed to and when I came out of the shower she was gone all that she left behind was a note that said.

    You have made me very happy I can't wait until we can do this again. Thank You
  9. My apologies I had to go do something.
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  10. I just received a text from my Wife / Mistress ( she stayed in the city after her meeting, probably had to much wine ) the text said

    I hope you enjoyed the Massage I can't wait till I get home tonight so you can tell me all about it. Luv Ya
  11. You lucky lucky man you :) ,
    So pleased for you mate
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  12. Fantastic!
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  13. amazing adventure
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  14. Mash this is turning out to be some adventure , and to be taken like that by this young lady must have been an awesome experience for you , you have me hooked now I just can not wait to hear how this unfolds and wear it takes you , so good luck ,eagerly awaiting the next update
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  15. Thanks for taking the time to read it. I appreciate it. When she told me to bend over I thought maybe she was going to spank me, but when she started playing with the But plug I thought that maybe she was going to peg me but was it approved by my wife first. The feeling was incredible partly because I don't really know her. I have no idea where I'm going, my wife keeps giving me that evil smile like she's planning something. im trying to be extra nice to her to keep her happy. You know how it goes. "Happy Mistress Happy Life " Thanks again for your support @sissybitch@sissybitch
  16. My pleasure , I always like to hear other peoples experiences , yours does seem to be leading to something more , and it does sound as if your wife has some sort of plan , all you can do is go with it and see what happens . and you are spot on about the happy mistress part , if they are happy it makes for a nice life , anyway good luck and keep us posted
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  17. The anticipation has to be keeping you on edge. This is awesome. Glad to hear such a great experience
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  18. My Mistress came home later than I expected. Being gone from her office for a day causes some backlog. I was waiting up for her. The house was all neet and tide as usually. After she slipped into something more comfortable she sat down in her favourite chair. I brought her a refreshment at melt at her feet and started giving them a good massaging, she really enjoys this after working all day. I asked her how her meeting was and how her night out with the girls went. She said very little about it than asked me to tell about my massage.

    I told her Everything, I wasn't leaving anything out this time. I told her all the details of massaging her breasts and genitals and about Terrie bending me over the table to peg me. I even told her that Terrie had gotten me to the very edge of an orgasm and than stopped.

    She asked me why I didn't use the stop word " Time ". I told her that I didn't think she new about that so it would have meant nothing to her. My Mistress ran fear fingers through my hair and said to me. " at least you didn't have an Orgasm because I would have been very upset if you had ".

    She than got up and went to get ready for bed. I was sitting on the couch when she came back into the living room with the key and unlocked my cage. My erection rose instantly, it felt so good to have the cage off. She just looked at me sitting there with an erection and Smiled. "you have 5 minutes of play time starting now"
  19. Did you give this lady an orgasm during the massage, or just a sensual tease?

    I was trying out a few new techniques when massaging my wife last night - need to practice using my hands on her lady bits more, rather than taking the easy route and using a vibe or wand.
  20. Just a sensual tease. I think that was going far enough. Do what I did a few years ago. YouTube, massage techniques. Good luck. It's much better when you use your hands
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  21. I've been looking up some videos to improve my "unprofessional" massage technique. Some of the better videos are from Hegre Art, whilst still staged porn, the techniques certainly seem to work!
    I'm trained at performing Swedish and Remedial Massage, so no issues with the "professional" bit of the massage.
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  22. May long weekend. To most people here in Canada it kind of marks the end of Winter and the first weekend that you go camping. We don't camp but it is when we start having backyard barbecues and a fire in the fire pit. So when I came home I wasn't surprised to see that my wife had friends over and a fire burning. What surprised me was who wa here. Carla, Terrie and two other couples. Mother other couples are friends of ours so it was normal for them to be there. But Carla hadn't bee at our place since the time I was spanked I front of her almost 10 months ago. Terrie has never been to our place for a social visit. So I was a little nervous what was going on. The evening went along quietly until I went into the house and Terrie followed me I was standing in the Kitchen when she came up behind me and told me to "Pull your pants Down" ( we were the only ones in the house.) she than said. "If you don't I'll make a scene ". I dropped my pants and she took the wooden spoon to my back side several times.

    I just had my pants pulled back up before getting caught when one of our friends came into the house to use the bathroom. The rest of the evening was unadventful until Carla and Terrie were leaving and Terrie patted me on the back side and said. " Next Weekend". My wife just looked at us with a sly smile on her face and said. " When your done cleaning up I'll be waiting for you in bed for you to Orally service me " we said goodbye to our company and I started cleaning up, while my wife went to bed.
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  23. What a splendid training!
  24. Another amazing adventure :)
  25. Do you get this good in massaging from only watching those vids in youtube or do you have have some background/trained in some way before?
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