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Making It Through The Night - My Experience

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by chasteta, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Well, I think I've finally found my setup for making it through the night. I bought some nice compression shorts from a sporting goods store. I highly recommend giving that a shot if you're having issues sleeping all night. I pull them up pretty far and they do an amazing job of keeping my cage snug against my body. No more ball-breaking nighttime erections from getting erect in your sleep after the cage has manged to work itself 1/3 down your shaft. I know it's one of the classic problems people bump into when transitioning to long term wear, and I'm happy that I seem to have made progress solving it; wanted to share.

    My KH has been very supportive and encouraging in my journey to get to 24/7 wear. She's expressed her desire for me to sleep in my cage, but I can wake her up and use our safeword to get unlocked if I'm in physical distress. I've had to do this on a few occasions and have on other times simply requested to be unlocked before bed, without an attempt to sleep caged.

    I told her tonight that I wanted to try sleeping caged and she was pleased. We had a big Sunday dinner and turned in fairly early. An erection woke me up around 11:30 or so. It was a fairly uncomfortable nocturnal erection but a far cry from the level I've gotten to in past nights. This was discomfort, not pain. Sitting on the toilet, counting to 100 and back down again, and having a pee made it subside nicely. I'm really excited about this; if I don't unlock before 9 or so this evening I will have broken my previous record for continuous wear ~36 hours! That was truly a struggle and fairly unpleasant, this is closer to a rewarding journey.

    There always seems to be something, though. Our bodies and minds aren't designed for the easy accommodation of a chastity device. I lay in bed for hours after that but simply could not fall back asleep. I'm going on day 7 from my last orgasm, and my thoughts are inundated with fantasies and the dichotomy of the urge for any sort of release against the desire to remain locked longer. Queue erections. Count to 100, back down again. Sit on the toilet. Repeat. After about 3 hours I gave up on sleep for the time being. It's almost 2:30 here. True to my word I will not wake up my KH and ask for an unlock unless I am genuinely in too much distress to continue. I'm happy to have found a way to mitigate those nasty nocturnal erections but I am frustrated with my inability to fall asleep. I'm perfectly fine with a night punctuated by toilet trips to subside a raging erection with an hour or two of sleep between, but I have to fall asleep in the first place to have that. I fear I may have some long nights ahead of me as my body continues to adjust.
  2. Update: Whew, made it. I think I probably got 2-3 collective hours of sleep last night. Feeling surprisingly not tired, but coffee helps. This is really exciting. First time I've done a whole night without excruciating pain. Personally I'm convinced that chastity won't feel 100% "real" to me until I know that my KH will never have to take off my cage unless she explicitly desires it. One step closer. :)

    Question for those of you who have gone through this process. Did you have any swelling at first after a night of your cock fighting the cage? It's not bruised or anything but even when I'm soft it seems like the skin is poking out a bit more. I looked up edema but it's nothing near that bad. No discoloration or anything. It doesn't hurt. Just seems like the skin is a little... "puffier". It also seems to have gone down in the hours since I woke up for good. KH is on standby to give me an emergency key if it gets worse.
  3. Good on you for your efforts. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that transitioned pretty easy. I wake up almost every night with an erection, but I sit and pee and mainly go back to sleep. Sometimes the thoughts that you mention get the better of me. I do remember my first night I was pretty wound up and worried based on all I had read about wearing it overnight. I also didn't sleep well, though more from nerves than pain. I would suggest you make sure to try again tonight. I think you'll find you'll be excessively tired due to last nights poor sleep and will find it easier to sleep tonight because of that. At least that was my experience. Once past the second night I think you'll be fine. Once I did two nights I went straight to a week caged. Good luck.
  4. I'm definitely going to give it a shot again tonight. I feel the same way, like I'll get over a hump and then it won't be a huge struggle anymore.

    Did you ever notice any swelling the morning of? My skin seems a little puffy but it doesn't hurt and isn't bruised.
  5. My first device was a soft silicone version of the CB devices. I did have issues with skin getting a little roughed up. This has gotten much less noticeable with the jailbird as I breathe so much better. That being said some wear and tear is to be expected. I don't think you should expect otherwise.
  6. The compression shorts are a great idea :)
  7. I use a brand of underwear called Stud. They’re pretty cute, and they hold the package really tight.
    And I like the name of the Brand for a locked up man... sweet Irony!

    You’re talking about swollen skin... are you uncircumcised? What device do you use? If you go past a few days, it can become a problem.
  8. Swollen is correct but I think it really overstates it. More like a bit puffy. It was gone by noon or so. I think it was just from my cock fighting really hard all night with the cage. Like an 8 hour tease session. Hopefully it'll lessen with time as it adjusts
  9. the swelling is from multiple attempted erections at night which is completely normal. There is no stopping that. Afterwards the edema should go away like you said, by noon or so. No need to worry unless the edema doesn't go away. For me it was hit or miss. sometimes swelling sometimes nothing. But I don't think it will ever go away completely. Your skin will just get used to the device an not hurt as much. Thats my experience anyways.
  10. Thanks glad to hear it happens to others! Well not glad but it's great to hear I'm not out of the ordinary.

    Unfortunately I did not end up sleeping in it again last night. I have some chafing from the entire ring. Really sucks because I thought I had the fit down it was perfect until I spent a night and then bam, chafing. Going to take a break for a couple days while it heals. I actually had already ordered a DBR in this size. I might give it a shot but ultimately may have to go up a half size and see how that feels.
  11. I'm new here but I've been active in the Fetlife Chastity forums. I'm not sure what cage you're using but I've never had a problem sleeping in a metal cage. All of the plastic ones are extremely uncomfortable and I can see why you'd have issues in those. It's unfortunate but the cage that most people start out with, the CB6000 or a generic version of that device, is probably the most uncomfortable of all. I'm afraid that many people end up getting turned off to the idea of long-term 24/7 chastity due to their experiences with that device.

    I always sleep nude and I don't usually get erections while I'm in a device. I'm not sure I can get a full erection even if I wanted to. Being in a cage now just kind of feels natural and the only time I really give it any thought is when I have to urinate.