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Looking for new things to try

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Lovers ruby121, Nov 14, 2017 at 10:12 PM.

  1. Hi everyone I'm new here and not really sure where to start. Me and my husband @Lockeduplover121@Lockeduplover121 have been together for a long time and we just recently got into this. We have done a lot of things in our sexual relationship and am looking for new things to try. Please keep in mind that I don't like pain/punishment type of things but other than that I feel like we have tried everything lol any ideas will be appreciated
  2. Welcome! The goal is to ensure you enjoy yourself. That means ensuring you receive from him the utmost service, superior treatment and dedicated devotion you deserve. Chastity (the kind he would not be able to cheat so easily--having him wear the Neosteel Arch would be a good start) is the vehicle that may help you in achieving these objectives. But, you will still need to engage in some conditional training, enforce his submission to you, and demand obedience. We wish you all the best and keep us posted!
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  3. I feel limited since 47 years were spent in BDSM (mostly S&M) activities but we tried just about everything else. Here are a few things we tried and liked most:

    Threesomes. So much more you can do with one extra person in bed. Sex with someone new is always more exciting. Try sharing an escort on vacation so it is totally safe as no one will be seeing the third person again.

    Along the same lines, wife swapping, swinging or soft swinging. Foursomes are fun too.

    - Sex in public places which are mostly safe but three is a chance to be seen.
    - Nude or topless beaches
    - Rent a limo to take you someplace far away and have sex in the back. Keep in mind that although the driver can not see, he can hear. We found out the hard way.
    - Watersports. Urine is sterile and oh so taboo to pee in front of or on others.
    - Skype or whatever else is out there where no faces are shown but you two have sex while others watch. You can also masturbate to others without revealing your identities.
    - Go to a club and have the wife sit at a bar dressed very sexily and the husband watches as guys flirt and hit on her. Upon a prearranged signal you scoop in and show up to take her home apologizing for being so late.
    - Skinny dip in a hotel pool late at night when no one is around. Got to a hotel hot tub naked. We met other naked people in some of them.
    - We threw parties and did things like have wives swap dancing partners, play sex themed games but not step across any lines. Just enough so everyone went home horny.
    - Pegging
    - Bound and teased
    - We have soundproof headphones, a blindfold and some restraints and it is exciting to be teased when you cannot hear or see anything.
    - Phone sex from within your own home. Sometimes my wife has me listen to her mastubate when I am locked up.
    - Massages. Take lessons first.
    - Bathe each other but no lingering at the naughty bits. Save that for later.
    - Arrange finger foods and eat them in bed naked. Try eating some off of each other. Plenty of wine and then desert afterwards. No utensils, just fingers and you can feed each other too.
    - Have hubby masturbate into the same condom a few times. Then when half full or more, the wife lets it dribble on her body wherever she wants him to lick it off or vice versa.
    - Rent a hotel room with floor to ceiling windows. Wait for it to get dark and then turn on all the lights and have sex against the window so anyone outside can see.
    - Once in awhile my wife would walk naked out of the bathroom in our hotel room while room service was setting up a table for our breakfast or dinner.

    I can go on and on. Notice that a lot takes place away from home. We tend to not want our neighbors to see our kinky side or do things in public in our own neighborhoods. I belonged to two private clubs which were mostly for people like us. Not sex clubs but since they were private, a girl taking off a top to dance, feeling up, etc., was not a big deal. My wife and our girlfriend often put on a show while dancing with each other. We also were comped two rooms a week at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City and we visited Las Vegas 4 times a year and about two tropical islands. Mostly went where there were topless pools and nude beaches and once in awhile we disregarded the rules. I have been known to do that.

    When away you can be anyone you want. Once my wife dressed solely in clothes bought at Frederick's of Hollywood when we were visiting Hollywood. Then we flew out to Las Vegas and dressed like a hooker or escort, depending on mood, for the few days we were there. We would negotiate price in a crowded elevator and just mess around with people. We liked to mess with people especially when our girlfriend was with us. With no one around who you will ever see again, there are no inhibitions to do things. So what if someone sees you and who cares what strangers you will never see again think. Dress sex at night. Rent a limo so you can go club hopping and drink all you want. Have the wife not wear panties or a bra. All I can say is that our sex life never got boring until we hit our sixties. I am in chastity and if my wife asked me if I would like an orgams right now, I would tell her no thank you. :) Use it before you lose it and who cares what others think.
  4. Wow mine feel pretty tame now!

    I was thinking of some things that were more tease related. Tying him up while u get yourself off, told to edge x amount of times and then recaging, threats like you won’t have another orgasm until u learn to cum from anal, or time limits. Like he has x amount of time to cum or he doesn’t get to, or he has to last x amount of minutes or x happens. You could bring it up to your friends in a social setting and watch him react, like have you heard what is gaining popularity? Women that lock their husbands in chastity devices. Then watch him squirm when everyone talks about it. New rules always seem to spice things up.

    The more you know about his particular turn ons and fears, the easier it is to keep him on edge.

    Good luck
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