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Keyholder and locked up: our journey

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by TheKeyIsMine12, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Spot on. We struggled, tried to find solutions, but were unable to avoid the same pitfalls over and over again. The difference is that we came up with some rules. If one of us shares his/her emotions we try to avoid to take it personally. We are playing a game, I'm happy with A and unhappy with B. I'm not blaming you for B, nor am I interested in excuses, but can we try to avoid that situation the next time. Similarly, but a little more dangerous: If you do this, it makes me happy, if you do that, it hurts me. At this level it's harder to avoid taking it personally, but we try hard and the first results are positive.

    We're both aware that our current situation makes us happy, appears to have a promising future, but it is a fragile situation. She refers to the situation when she refused to unlock me which resulted in awesome sex as I took over control and tried to satisfy her in every possible way. Two happy people.
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  2. this thread is called a journey, and thats exactly what it is. It is trial and error, not knowing where exactly we will arrive, but somehow we - the two of us- know that the joy of the journey will be as good (and maybe sometimes tough) as the destination.
    So allow me and Pietje 12 to make you part of our doubt and maybe sometime contradictive feelings, but as the femdecided rightly says it is all about focusing on the positive. Looking forward and not looking back, is the most constructive to my opinion.
    I think that Chastity works for us because it gives him freedom, and me too. And it brings back joy and playfulness in our relationship.
  3. My thread is also about the path. It’s called “the evolution of mistress Amante”.

    It was named that because it is dynamic. It is in constant motion and evolves as we do. We are nowhere near where we started, and I suspect, no where near an end of the changes.

    Some of the rantings are about problems, anxieties, and questions. Some are about sexual adventures, new activities, desires, and state of mind.

    Sharing here is something that helps us both. She gets first hand knowledge of my feelings, and a sexy recount from my point of view. I get a venue to share easily all my feelings without the need to keep bringing it up.

    Very nice to read others journey and see others way of doing things.
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  4. There is not a lot to tell about the past days. A city trip - kids in the same room - TSA => time to unlock. It felt strange at first. I missed the jail bird.
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    That's the way! Not to orry, it'll shrink eventually but will take time. The pin will do its job perfectly.
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  6. yeah its funny how you end up missing that thing tightly wrapped around you ;)
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  7. we are back home and the jailbird is back on again since yesterday evening. Back on track again..up for some new adventures later this week..
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  8. I couldn't agree more, but at some times common sense takes over. There is no fun in having your kids seeing you caged or try to outsmart security when they are around. I passed airport security once, and once is enough. I didn't chicken out, but it made me realise that some risks/challenges are just not worth it.
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