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    Thought for the day

    I will not devalue myself by adopting the present day standards of the patriarchy. As a woman I have a worldwide sisterhood that is ready to work for change. A world based on love, not fear, is our goal. Men are the traditional warriors and the world we currently live in defines their best efforts. We find ourselves in a world of plenty where most people live without; a world of fear when most want to love.l This world is divided and conquered for the benefit of the greedy few. When women step up and overthrow these flawed political beliefs, love will reign supreme. Women are not warriors, for we know the fallacy of war. Women do not withhold, for we know the gift of love. Women do no divide, for there is power and love in unity.

    Meditation for the day

    Today I consider my level of involvement with the flawed patriarchy. I ponder on my level of compliance to a failed system. Now and in the future, I will talk of change and challenge beliefs to work for a better world, a world fit for our most precious gifts; our children!

    Prayer for the day

    I pray for the boldness to challenge the sinful world that man has created. I will build my relationships with other like-minded women and continue our faithful assent to true power and a more peaceful loving world.

    Mantra for the day

    The future is female. The future is female. The future is female.

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