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Hi Everyone

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Obydntslave, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. I’m new to this and can’t believe I have now joined this site, I have been marred for more than 30 years, we have both been in the typical husband and wife relationship and have been happily living our life, we have never been kinky or done anything like we are now.

    It all started in March of this year (2017) it was a sudden change it was nothing I thought about or planed I just woke up on March 31st made the bed, graded the laundry went downstairs and started to do all the housework, something I would never have done in the past my wife questioned me serval time asking what’s up with me. Although I never looked at it like this before I felt sham that she was asking me what’s up with me doing the house work, why shouldn’t I do the house work and why should she even be surprised, why is it assumed it’s her job and not my job. From this time on my thought started changing I continued to do the house work, my wife constantly tried to get to it before me, saying she feels guilty it honestly was a real battle, why should she feel guilty she has been doing it way to long if anyone should feel guilt it’s me and I made sure to let her know this. About 3 months went by and I continued to do my best to do all the choirs before she could get to them, she was now starting to relax more and enjoy letting me do them, along with this I was now rubbing her feel at night making her tea and getting her whatever she wanted, she was now starting to expect and demand it. Somewhere along the way I started saying yes master when she would ask me to do something and she would get a little smirk when I said it, our relationship was changing she was speaking her mind much more and I was submitting to her never disagreeing or disputing. The more I submitted the more dominant she was becoming I had no idea she could be like this and I loved it. One day without discussion I ordered a chastity device CB-6000, I put it on and told her I’m her bitch, she quickly told me to take it off and throw it away as she dint like it and wanted nothing to do with it, OK I pitched it and was happy about it as that thing was very uncomfortable and pinched me. About a month went by and one day I talked back to her, she immediately told me to put my “cock lock” on, now I was confused did she want me to wear one or not? I told her I threw it away and that was the end of it until she mentioned it again telling me I should have a cock lock, when I asked her if she wants me in one she said no forget it, I told her I’m confused and she replied that she is confused to, she then told me to order one, this time I ordered a Hollytrainer, I put it on and wow very comfy, she asked to see it and replied it was too big for me, I order the small tub she was now happy with it and became very pleased with me wearing it she even put the key on a necklace she also had me order a metal one that has not come yet. Things have changed there is no question of who is the master and who is the bitch. I have completely opened up to her and will do whatever she demands this has also made her share things with me I never knew she felt, I have learn she love me in Chasity and loves slapping my face and spanking my bare butt and all around dominating me, even more I have learned she secretly masturbates and fantasies about woman but now that I’m her locked bitch she loves to have me licking her to orgasm even telling me I’m so much better than her fingers she also has me to lick her ass while she uses a vibrator after she is done she has me lick everything up and then has me get a warm facecloth to clean her telling me I’m a good bitch and then she goes to sleep. How things have changed I can only imagine what’s next it started with me pushing for this and her resisting it and now she is leading the way and really seems to love and be natural at it.
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  2. It seems that "miracles" can happen.....!!!
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    Welcome to the Mansion. Great to see you having so much fun with chastity.
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