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Hello Everyone

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by turtle74, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am 51 years old with a small cock 3.75” erect. I like to say I am "Small & Proud". I enjoy wearing lingerie. I purchased a cb6000s so I could try wearing it and I an wearing it right now. Friday night I put it on for a few hours & yesterday I wore it for about 12 hours. I was surprised how good it felt. I did not sleep in it. I think I will wait a few days before I try 24 hours. I plan on wearing it to work tomorrow. I have lots of questions and probably will post them.

    My first question is:
    1)How to keep it clean while wearing it? (Any suggestions will be appreciated)

    I also am curious about emlalock. Giving someone I don’t know the power over my little guy is very erotic.
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    @turtle74@turtle74 Welcome to the Mansion. I'm afraid that the cb6000s like many plastic devices needs frequent cleaning. Whilst some claim that they can clean them without removal, I doubt whether they are odour free. They are an excellent choice as a starter cage but I would recommend that you change to a metal cage if you decide to continue with 24/7 chastity.
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  3. @Mistress B@Mistress B Thank you, the odour was the reason I took it off. I really like the way it feels just wish it was a little shorter.

    If I decide to 24/7 does anyone make custom fit devices?
  4. There are a number of places that make custom devices, usually metal, some are 3D printed. Most customs can be quite costly but if you are committed to this, it can be one of best experiences.
  5. What @mistressB@mistressB said. I am a cleanliness nut. After 5 years of constant lockup, I never had a problem except at the beginning because I tried to wear my CB6000 too long, too fast. It took me about 3 weeks to wear it all day and 3 months to wear it 24/7.

    Go here https://keptforher.com/product-category/accessories/cleaning-supplies/ This is what I started with for my cleaning kit when I had a CB6000. In fact I still use it but buy the swaps online in bulk. Much cheaper that way. I have a hand held shower head which helped but the CB still smelled by the end of the day. As already stated, a metal cage like the Jailbird, the one I wear, is the way to go for long term use. When I had my CB I was unlocked for a shower. I am not an uncontrollable monkey who is going to grab his penis for the 2-3 minutes I am unlocked. Chastity. If your cannot exercise a modicum of self restraint, chastity is not going to work for you. You need to be practical. The world does not come to an end if you unlock. Too many focus on their device when not masturbating is the goal, not being locked up.

    I found the Holy Trainer V.2 to be the most comfortable and men into your fetish tend to like the pink one. It is pretty. I think the CB is the best starter device but the HT is the most comfortable and easier to put on and take off. However, all the closed tube devices will smell and create a hothouse effect in the tube. That is why I went with the Jailbird. Its open design works much better. Good luck.
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  6. I wanted to post an update.

    I am wearing my cb6000s every day. I wear it to work & when I go out shopping. I have not been able to sleep in it yet but I am working toward that. One day I wore it for 16 hours :) (I was so proud of myself that day) but my average is about 8. I must admit I like being in the cage.
  7. The CB closed design is a good cage to start with but the smell issue becomes a problem. People who get serious about being locked for longer and longer times go to a more open design made of steel. Be Patient it takes time to find the cage that works best for you so that you can sleep with it on and wear it for days , weeks ,or months without having to remove it.
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