He gives her what I can not

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    She rode him expertly, as a mature woman knows how to do, grinding down on him, reaching back to hold his balls as he came. Tom groaned quietly as he pumped his semen into my wife.

    I had been watching from my chair in the corner. Before Becca had mounted him, he had already demonstrated what a man 20 years my junior could offer my wonderful wife, taking her from behind, penetrating her deeper and lasting longer than I could have, making her orgasm in that position, something I had never done. He had paced himself though. He knew Becca was not done. She got on top and rode Tom to her second orgasm. Soon after, it was his turn. She looked my way as if to ask permission to let him come in her. I nodded yes as I always do. She knows I will. This is a bit of a ritual for us, as is my undressing her and presenting her to Tom each time he visits us. When they had finished and Tom had gone, Becca came to me, she kissed me deeply, knelt down and unlocked my chastity cage. This was the first time I had been caged for one of Becca’s fuckings. It had been at my request. I enjoy masturbating while I’m being cuckolded. Maybe too much. On Tom’s last visit I jerked off too enthusiastically while watching and had come long before the two of them were done with their coupling. It seems a cuckold husband must also learn to pace himself.

    I moved to our bed while Becca went to her dresser and found the red silk slip, I had bought her for our anniversary. She never wears it for Tom, only for me. My wife laid down next to me and pointed at her dripping vagina. “Next!” she said with a smile. She was offering me sloppy seconds, and though Tom is a hard act to follow, I tried to rise to the task. Becca got my old cock reasonably hard as she gave me another deep kiss and fondled my parts. She said, “So let’s give it a go”. As often happens when she fucks Tom, her vagina was loose, and she was leaking cups of his semen. Though I was horny as hell, there was not enough friction and I couldn’t quite stay hard enough for Becca to reach her third orgasm. I kept popping out. She kept putting me back in. We abandoned the attempt. But our love doesn’t really require intercourse anymore. Becca finished me with her mouth. After I climaxed, I received another deep kiss from my darling. I could taste my cum. It had been a fine night.
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