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Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by Lockupthewolf, Jul 28, 2019.

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    As I posted in other thread, I was locked since valentines with my GF as my keyholder, she wanted to leave me locked up permanently but after a serious talk we agreed on a very interesting system. She likes being submissive and I like being the dominant one (beside the chastity), but she was never satisfied with my punishments for her, she thought I wasn't, well, "cruel" enough when she deserved it, so she told me she was going to keep me locked up until I make her, force her to unlock me. Basically, her unlocking me replaced the safeword. This was given much thought to, to make everything safe. The deal is, I am to punish her for keeping me denied and make her unlock me, when she agrees to unlock me I am to be free for a week during which time I can do literally whatever I want with her, whenever I want and however many times I want. So... that what was happening for the last week when I finally managed to get her to unlock me, I had a major problems with that as she is extremely resilient and I didn't want to hurt her, I was really holding back even though I was in a horniness-hell - I mean she is a perfect submissive, except for the chastity belt, and she did everything she could to keep me burning with lust.

    I can't count how many times we had sex this past week and how many blowjobs she has given me, there were some quite mild fantasies realised (like Netflix&chill&blowjob), the sex was, well, brutal, we had one evening when I held back and we had a slow romantic night, which was something we both wanted. But, at first I had a problem with getting it fully hard, for like an hour I was like 75% hard but when I was 100% I couldn't cum, I was expecting to shoot in seconds but I just couldn't get over the edge for a long time but... when I finally came it was an explosion which she really felt inside her and it actually hurt me. Don't get me wrong, that was probably the best orgasm I ever had and a huge relief, but my dick and especially my balls just hurt after that for like a half hour.

    Yesterday, I was having sex with her and the midnight was coming, she told me to remember the deal and get out of her, I was close but she pushed me away and went to the kitchen, returned with Ice and perfectly at midnight she turned the key. Now, after that and after such a week, I think I'm even hornier and more frustrated that before she unlocked me.

    Good news is, I can get her to unlock me, but it will take a lot of time before that happens again...
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