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FLR, Chastity and weight loss

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by young88, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Hello to all.

    Our dynamic has been a chastity journey for more than 10 years. The result being kept denied and locked 24/7/365 (current stint now is somewhere close to 5 years) . We have both enjoyed this experience and love each other more so for how close this has brought us.
    D started a discussion about taking my fitness and weight to a new level in the last 3 weeks. her suggestion was that I was to loose the final 15 kg to get to what would be a perfect weight for my physique. ( I had lost 40 kg from the time we first started out journey). I am a competitive paddler and weight in these craft is crucial. the lighter and stronger you are, the faster you can propel these craft.
    In recent times D has instituted a bi-weekly fun session, where the Loris was never removed in accordance with her wishes, and added a whipping session prior to her enjoyment of as many orgasms as is required. Always found her to be very excited after the whipping was finished.
    The new idea was that I was to loose 1 kg each and every week, if I had not lost the require 2 kg by the morning of our session, for each and every 0.1 of a kg over the target, I was to receive a punishment stroke with whatever implement chosen. If it was the flogger I could certainly take that, but if it was the riding crop or her long tail, I could see myself in real trouble and that sent shivers through me.
    Within the first week I had lost the required 1 kg, but the following week was filled with entertainment, dinners and lunches out with friends and on Monday morning this week, with 3 days left before official weigh in, I was mortified, not only had I put on the 1 kg lost, but added another 2.4 kg. Yes 3.4 kg above the target.
    Well I have never been so motivated to get off my ass, I added serious workouts and evaluated my diet. This morning the weigh in was conducted and thank goodness I was only 0.1 kg over the target. A total loss in 3 days of 3.3 kg. D noted the result and then advised, "well thats a disappointment for me, now isn't it". "You do know I have never given you a full blown stroke yet and was really looking forward to the experience". Oh dear, what have I created, ringing in my ears was the chastity moto, "Be careful what you wish for".
    So later on today at the allotted time of 12:00 I am to have all the wrist and ankle cuffs fitted, the ropes tied to the bed, her whips, flogger, riding crop, posture collar, bit gag with tongue depressor and blind fold all laid out ready for her to secure me to the bed for what I wished for. Thank goodness its only going to be one full blown stroke!!!
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  2. Help, how do I introduce myself?
  3. @young88@young88 please be sure to post how the one full stroke felt compared to the others. Looking forward to hearing about it. I've often wondered if my wife would really unwind on me how it would feel.

    @rebeccacd404@rebeccacd404 I suggest you post an introduction in the foyer section of the site.
  4. Thanks I have done that
  5. Mistress monitors my weight and controls my diet right along with the other aspects of our FLR. I must log everything I eat and am permitted only 50 grams of carbs per day and I have continually lost weight for the 8 months that I have been on Her program. I've lost >40 lbs and have reversed my diabetes condition and no longer have to take any diabetes meds. I am so thankful to Mistress for requiring this of me.

    In conjunction with the diet, She has also laced me up tightly into a corset on several occasions - to diminish my appetite. (You just don't feel like eating when your stomach is all scrunched up tightly and you can barely breathe). Of course, the corset also has a positive effect on my feminine posture, etc as well as my feelings of submissiveness. This is my "reward" for eating more than my allotted 50 grams of carbs, so I have ability to control how often I have to wear it. (I have to admit that sometimes the thought of wearing the corset has me intentionally eating more than 50 g, just to get "rewarded"!)
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  6. My wife / Mistress has been reshaping my body
    She's made me lose 45 lbs and has been reshaping my body
    Slimming my waist and shaping my hips and ass
    So I can have more of
    Feminine shape
    SHE'S me doing lots of victoria's Secret workout on YouTube dally
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  7. Some good suggestions. I would love to lose a few pounds. Some kind of "reward" plan with my Mistress might help motivate me. She wants to gain some weight and I want to lose it. I cook a lot for her, but then I eat it too, which isn't so good for me.
  8. So this is not such an uncommon issue with FLR.

    I cannot see anything wrong with it. I know I feel much healthier and fitter, and enjoy my activities more.

    Yesterdays session, was very interesting.

    Once being secured to the bed ass up and standing at the foot. D advised that I would be whipped as normal to her desire, but would not announce when the single full power stroke would come or with what implement. D changes them constantly throughout and I have no idea what is about to come next.

    After about 15 minutes which is longer than normal, and the power level was certainly a little higher, there was a pregnant pause and then it hit, I heard the whooshing though the air and then searing and burning on my backside. the sound it made and the intense pain could be nothing other than her riding crop, which is my least favourite. D then said yes that was it, and warned me that she doubted if I could take more than 1. A very obvious threat of not meeting her goals.

    I can assure all that I will be very careful of my diet in the next 2 weeks and monitor my weight every day. Water will replace ever other drink no matter what the occasion and carbs will be reduced to the 30 g level to make sure.

    The paddling squad session later in the afternoon was clearly my best, with PB speeds set even with a sore and stingy bottom.

    D did say that when you shower in the change room, be sure to wear your swimmers as other would definitely notice the very red stripe.
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  9. My wife is a great cook and has me under 50 grams of carbs a day. I've lost 45 lbs and my A1C level dropped from 6.6 to 5.3 and my blood pressure is under control. Life is good.
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  10. Congratulations, Cincy! That is a major accomplishment and,obviously, a wonderful side benefit of your submission! I'm sure that losing those pounds really helped you feel happier in your relationship, too!
  11. i think that's a very good idea i do and it will make anybody have to not get fat by knowing that if they do they will be smacked hard.
  12. Under my wife's absolute control I have lost 30 lbs. since the spring with another 50 to go. I feel wonderful and it has helped the feminizing process dramatically.
  13. LOL-we are pretty much the opposite. My wife/KH is a fabulous chef, she prefers that I be a little heavy. As a result, I've gone from 6'1" and 190 lbs when we got married to about 225lbs today. She frequently tells me she would like to see me carrying another 25 lbs.
  14. Does she say why? How would you feel about that?
  15. A couple of reasons, I think-one involving chastity, and the other being just cultural. She comes from a (Eastern European) family of good cooks, hearty eaters and big men. It's a bit of badge of honor among the women of the family to have big husbands. It's expected. From my point of view, worse things could happen than to be able to eat gourmet cooking all the time.......

    Second, she really has gotten into the chastity/denial/teasing concept since we started a few months ago. She (and I) have realized for a long time that my cock looks considerably smaller with my extra weight. (although I'm actually bigger than average when erect) So, now that I'm locked, (and it looks even smaller) she can make fun of my "mini-cock." All in fun-part of the whole chastity package. My favorite line of hers: "That thing gave me 6 babies, (we have 6 kids) and now I couldn't even feel it inside me." Gets me aroused every time.
  16. Same in my case. When I was 280 lbs. my penis looked tiny. Now that I've lost 30 lbs. it appears larger but since my wife has forbidden me to touch it (even to pee), it's irrelevant.