Exobelt X1 - $110 shipped

Discussion in 'For sale/wanted' started by stealth, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Exobelt X1 for sale. Lightly used and in good condition. Includes:

    All three original split rings (1.5", 1.75", 2")
    Two home-made solid rings made from UMHW plastic, same material as the split rings, in approximately 2" and 1.75".
    It will also include both original brass locks assuming Mistress hasn't misplaced the keys.

    It's a nice total-enclosure device. It may be a struggle to get large balls into the device. The only real problem I have with it is the fact that I have large balls, so it's a tight squeeze. Using plenty of lube or moisturizing cream helps everything slip into place. Also having a third or fourth hand helps considerably in the beginning.

    I've sanded the bottom of the tube a bit to make the gap a little wider between the bottom of the tube and the back of the cage. Based on the photos at the web site, it looks like they might have shortened the tube a little bit because that's about what the gap looks like now.

    Terms: Pay by paypal (you pay the credit card fee if you want to use a credit card), ship to US only via priority mail. If you want insurance, add that to the total. I might consider shipping outside the US, but I haven't ever shipped anything overseas before, so we'd need to talk further about about both price and logistics.

    PM me if you're interested, have questions, or want some photos.

    Edit: These are $199+shipping new.
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