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Disciplinary action ahead …

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by c-w, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Oh, my. I can see quite some regret in the future.

    I'll begin a bit earlier. Mylady and me are not living together. Usually it's common, when I'm home alone unlocked and no opposing orders or assignments are in force, I'm free to play with myself whatever I want. On the other hand, when she's in I have to specify my “arousal plans” beforehand and ask for permission. Often I get it, often the plans are altered to her wishes and approved, and sometimes I'm just denied it. So far for the rules.

    Last night she was here, we went to bed and I woke up way too early and wasn't able to fall asleep again, so I killed time surfing the internet and – what will happen will happen – I finally slipped into pornsurfing and I mindlessly started fondling my little but not staying so friend. Of course you guess it who showed up in the doorframe wondering why I got lost from the bed.

    She fumed at this rule violation, I caught a couple of faceslaps right away and she announced a severe (cite) “discipline session based on heavy pain so you will internalize rules” as soon as she would be in the next time which wasn't and isn't scheduled yet. Needless to say my dick went into confinement immediately, then she got dressed up and left for the day, not without announcing “You won't enjoy it. Good bye.” with absolutely no smile.

    Gosh. I'm nervous like never before. We don't do much pain play and I'm not very used to it. Most likely that means whatever will happen is really going to work and will have a serious learning effect.

    I guess I deserved it …

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  2. Yes you are going to get it.

    If you have made an arrangement with your lady that you have to ask permission, than go and Mastarbate behind her back you should be Diciplined and Have your penise Locked up. A good hard strapping should help to teach you a lesson in respect.
  3. @c-w@c-w , you deserve whatever She has in store for you. Just take it like a good sub - with your mouth shut!
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  4. The incident concluded as follows.

    Later that evening she returned. I hurried towards her, only to be "greeted" with "Don't say a word! Into the living room, strip, kneel, hands behind head!". I didn't dare to hesitate to obey. Little later she followed and buckled up a biting gag. "You're going to need this."

    And that was so true. I received nipple clamps on both sides and not those with soft springs. These then being pulled, tugged and twisted increased the pain tremendously. What came was even nastier: Taking them off (as you surely know, taking off nipple clamps is a pain experience for its own) and putting them back again - turned by 90 degrees! That gave even more a pain climax and nevertheless the same pulling, tugging and twisting followed. And when I thought I was finished after the second clamp release - not a bit of it. The fingernail pinching began, various directions, intensities, angles. It was hell and though doing to the bite gag what it was made for, it didn't muffle too much.

    Finally that was over. And then I got to stick out my bottom and I received ten full blown unbridled hits with the heavy cane on each arse bun. I was desperate, my breath almost caught. After that it was finally over. Blood, sweat and tears - not spoken figuratively.

    She waited a moment until I slightly recovered and removed the gag. "You're allowed to speak. I'm listening?"

    I didn't hesitate to ask for forgiveness and to assure as forcefully and authentic as possible that rules will be taken very, very seriously in the future. She nodded and closed with "We'll see. You might guess that today's experience can easily be worsened, I supposed you learned your lesson. Ah, and your dick stays locked until further notice, of course."

    I murmured a thank you and was allowed to leave. Yes, lesson learned.

  5. Yes Lesson Learned. Sometimes We Need To be Disciplined. Be Thankful that you have someone that cares enough about you to Discipline you as Required.
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  6. Yesterday evening brought some news for future obedience and discipline training outlines. Mylady ordered me to kneel and listen to the results of her thoughts that were initiated by this incident. Base line is revoking some of my freedoms until further notice and introducing a handful of new rules underlining my duty to obedience and respect towards orders.

    As said, when alone and unlocked, I was free to act to my pleasure. Besides the mentioned rules regarding when to ask for certain permissions and a fundamental claim for undelayed obedience upon any expressed wishes and given orders and commands there largely were no other fixed principles, especially not regarding when coming to and leaving each other's place. This has been amended by the following:

    • Cock cage stays on until further notice. There will be releases for cleaning opportunities and, in case of skin problems, longer phases of freedom. In contrast to the older rule even then there's no playing around allowed, no matter whether alone or not.
    • When I'm at my place and she enters without prevoius notice, I'll interrupt whatever I'm doing (if reasonably possible) and welcome her by approaching her, kneeling down, kiss and lick her boots or shoes clean, help her getting them off and putting them aside tidily, then wait for continuing orders.
    • If interruption wasn't doable, I'll get to her, explain and do the welcome ritual as soon as possible and worship her feet, then cleaning up and awaiting orders.
    • When I'm home and she announces a particular time for showing up, I'll wait for her kneeling at the door and do my duties upon entering.
    • When I'm going to her place (after preceding notification and confirmation) and she opens the door, I immediately do the salutation ritual, then await next orders.
    • When leaving, any dismissal ends with my kiss on both boot or shoe tips (or on bare toes).
    • Failure in any of the rules will involve disciplinary action to her will (of cause). She hasn't decided yet if this will carried out immediately or if a penalty point system will be applied. Or a mixture of both.

    Hmmm, obviously we're going formal. Hope I get used to it fast enough and after the latest experience I'm obviously quite nervous regarding the punishments.

    This journey and experience thing is exciting I have to admit. I'll try to continue my reports here.
  7. The latest disciplinary, worship and obedience rules and exercises are becoming routine fast. The instant greeting and worship ritual has been executed several times without incidents and corrections. Only once I wasn't available immediately when occupied handling a business phone call. After hangup I explained, apologized and did the duties to her satisfaction.

    Today obedience training was given a little edge when the heavy dog collar (see profile pic) was put on while kneeling and awaiting orders after the greeting. It also was locked and a leash was snapped in and we did a little bit heel walking up and down the room and fooling around with dog commands. Both of us never got far into pet play so focus here was more along the lines of "don't think or ask, just obey without hesitation". Soon the leash came off and the collar still is on and locked.
  8. Your Mistress really has you under her control. I consider my self Lucky. My Mistress doesn't require me to be obedient to the level that yours does. I have one question. If you had a choice would you change you situation or are you where you want to be ?
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  9. I have been told to put my collar on as soon as I get home from work. It really makes me think about Mistress. I get home at 2 pm and she is not home till
    around 6:30 7:00. A lot of time to get in to trouble. If I just forget the collar I'll get about the same treatment. But when she arrives and dinner is ready,she walks
    through the door, I greet Her there and she pulls me close to Her and kisses me so gently it is all worth it. The training might be tough, but you will hopefully
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  10. Ah, this is a bit more relaxed than it might sound, especially after that punishment session. Usually we experience a lot of fun play and don't make too much of a lifestyle out of it, sometimes more, sometimes less intense and always experimenting with details and this is another form of it, although one of the stricter and more intense ones. Especially have I never been locked up so long before and this not-even-a-week-period might sound ridiculous to more serious chasteplayers but, as said, this is one aspect of our experimental field and in the moment it absolutely turns me on how with which naturalness she demands obedience and authority. And she knows that.

    Right now this is great, and I also know this will lead to more, other, interesting, hot and good experiments and experiences and this makes it even better.

  11. Today the entire punishment exercise got completed.

    First I was collared again and laid on bed, wrists chained to bedposts. Mylady lowered herself in 69 position on my face and I was ordered to lick which I obeyed of course immediately. During the tongue job she got considerably wet, came and revealed that this might be the preliminary end of the discipline phase - if I complete some last tasks to her satisfaction. I eagerly nodded and was gagged again. Then she continued: "You know I love feeling your dick inside, so you might have guessed this here wouldn't last for weeks. So the following will happen now. I'll release and ride it to my next orgasm. YOU instead will hold it back until I tell you otherwise! Or else."

    And so it happened. The cage was unlocked and my dick sprang to full size immediately (obviously the base ring was impossible to remove and so acted as an additional standard cockring strengthening the hard-on). Then she took the ride. A hell of a ride, but I managed to hold back until she came (which fortunately was fast because of the ongoing arousal). She dismounted, removed the gag and smiled at my dick. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally I understood - "Mylady - I again apologize for my recent behaviour. Please … I beg for permission to come." and continued begging. Finally she nodded and started teasing and rubbing my dick, edged me a couple of times and finally, eventually crossed the point of no return. And by stopping any stimulation right after that point made it a ruined one. The jizz splashed across my belly and with the usual convulsions even more trickled down my dick. She collected almost all of it and I had to swallow most, the rest smeared across my face.

    And then she repeated everything.

    Just put some lube on and started wanking me and my now hypersensitive dick again. You all know how uncomfortable this can feel right after jerking off but she didn't give a fuck about me moaning (at least I could avoid any complaining for that might have resulted in worsening the situation), re-hardened him finally and just did again the edging, delaying and edging again until the next release of jizz, just like before. Of course, I got the taste again. She smiled "Hmmm, let's try ..." and it followed a third round which turned into outright torment but was nevertheless gone through. When I saw in her face the curiousity I, close to tears, started intense begging for the end of it and she complied.

    I, still chained to the bed, was given some time to relax and let de-sensitize my sore crotch region. Finally, she cleaned a bit up with some kleenex, removed the cage base ring and then attached the heavy ball stretcher. (That, of course, doesn't prevent touching or arousal but by pulling back the balls quite far it makes erections rather uncomfortable or even painful, so it's maybe even worse than preventing erections completely. There's a pic of it in my devices-used-on-me-gallery.) After reasserting the current rules stated earlier I acknowledged again that I won't play with myself withour prior notice and permission and finally was unchained from the bedposts. I immediately went on my knees, kissed, licked and worshipped her boots, thanking her again for the release.

    I was prohibited to shower and have to spend the rest of the day with dried sperm in face and hair. Nice little humiliation in case we are going out later (it's a holiday in Germany today).