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    I don't know what I had done to deserve such frustration. It was intense, it was erotic, and it was frustrating.

    I loved our new house, and especially our new master bedroom. Our king-size four-poster didn't come close to filling it. Eve was able to decorate it to her tastes, which meant a few sumptuous deep rugs on the hardwood floors. I was now laying on one of those rugs, the one placed near the foot of the bed. I was face-up, my hands cuffed to my sides and my ankles cuffed to the foot posts on the bed

    Eve had started the gas fire, then knelt besides me. Her pretty face had a serene look to it, framed by her silky hair that partially covered her cheeks. Her oval eyes looked at me affectionately as she slid her fist slowly back and forth on my lubricated cock, not fast enough to make me cum but with enough effort to make me wish I could cum.

    "I love your cock," she said idly. "I love that you are so hard."

    "I'm ready to put it to good use," I smiled.

    "Oh, not yet," she replied with a mysterious smile. She squeezed my cock, and milked out a little precum. Then she wiped her hand on my stomach. She stood and slowly pulled off her panties. Her beautiful pussy was visible beneath her light downy pubic hairs. I watched her wordlessly as she wiped her pussy with her cotton panties. Already I could smell her fragrance. My sweet Eve was hot tonight!

    She knelt again, and looked down at me. "I love you," she whispered, before putting her lips to mine. It was a gentle kiss, arousing my soul more than my sexuality. I was lost in her world, her hair making a tent that excluded everything else. I wanted it to last.

    Instead, it ended, and too soon. She broke the kiss, and without any more words, stuffed her flavoured panties into my mouth. I probably could have ejected them with my tongue, but her flavour and my desire to see what else would happen distracted me.

    Eve went to our "toy drawer," and extracted her egg-shaped vibrator. I had been surprised when she restrained my wrists at my waist. Normally, we liked the physical ness of being spread-eagle, so waist restraints were uncommon. Now, though, I understood. Eve faced away from the bed, her knees outside my shoulders. In this position, I had a perfect view of her pussy. In a spread-eagle position, she would have been sitting on my arms, but now I was comfortably awaiting her next move.

    She used her fingers to massage her cunt, her index and ring fingers spreading her lips apart while her middle finger alternated between sinking inside and bumping her clit. Watching her flesh become a gorgeous healthy pink was a huge turn-on, but I was unable to touch myself.

    She turned on the vibrator, the steady hum reaching my ears. I could only watch as she ran the device over her sex. Sometimes she circled her clit, other times she pressed it between her lips. I saw her pussy wetting even more, droplets of excitement forming. She began to tease her opening, pressing a little way in and then beginning the cycle again. Little by little she pressed firmer, pushing more and more in. Finally, I saw it enter her, and listened to her gasp of surprised pleasure when it sank in. I expected her to pull it out right away, but her agenda was different. She kept it in, her pelvis rocking as if fucking air. Her pussy was now gushing, but that wasn't capturing my attention even though it looked like I would soon be dripped upon. My attention was on her blood red nails, which looked to be tickling and scratching her clit. I saw her flick a fingernail over the pink button, and then her thumb and index finger pinched it! I would never have been so rough, but I was learning. Her gasps were of pleasure, not pain.

    Soon, Eve shook in orgasm. To my surprise and excitement, she actually expelled the egg-shaped vibrator! It was followed by a gush of scalding liquid, which poured onto me. Only a little reached my lips, and I desperately wanted to clamp my mouth over her hole and suck. Instead, I was again frustrated.

    Eve rubbed her drenched pussy, making her naked pubic flesh shiny. Her lips are normally hidden, but in her excited state they flower like an orchid. Inwardly hating myself for being weak, I found myself begging her to lick her. I'd do anything, I said, for the chance to run my tongue through her lush valley.

    Instead, with that same knowing smile, she ran plunged her finger between her folds, then showed me the moisture coating it. Then, she ran it just below my nose, coating my upper lip with her scent. Oh God! She was going to let me smell it! I inhaled deeply, which was a mistake because it increased my desire while I was still powerless to satisfy it.

    Going back to the toy drawer, she rummaged around then pulled out our strap-on harness. Oh my! My mouth went suddenly dry and my moans and groans stopped immediately. Eve giggled merrily at me, knowing that I hated the instrument that would be attached. I hated how shamed I felt at the pleasure I endured. I hated that she was so good at it, and how I begged her to do me like a cheap tramp. Each time, I would protest, hoping to save my masculinity before submitting totally to the waves of pleasure that would rock me. The loss of control terrified me and yet fulfilled me like nothing else.

    Eve pulled out of the drawer a moderately sized supple jelly dildo, compatible with the cursed harness. She knelt beside me, and locked eyes with me. Then she slowly made oral love to the toy, her tongue and lips pleasing the toy exactly how I wished I could be pleased. If she did that to me, I would squirt within minutes.

    Instead, she pulled it out and offered it to me. I clamped my mouth shut around the panty gag, unwilling to be "that way" for her. "You no like?" she queried. I shook my head, and in response she smiled. "You will," she promised, "you will."

    Leaving the harness beside my face on the floor, Eve sat on the edge of the bed. She sat back, and began a most horrible torture. She began to please herself with the dildo, while giving me a perfect view! I watched as she teased her hole, and then filled it. I listened to her little cries and sighs, knowing she was finding satisfaction without me. I saw it plunge in and out, getting ridiculously wet and slippery.

    She stopped briefly, and retrieved the egg-shaped vibrator. She used this on her clit, while vigorously pumping in and out with the dildo. I saw, heard, smelt her get closer to orgasm. Once, she pulled it out and showed me her gaping opening, pulling her lips apart like butterfly wings. Then with a moan of satisfaction, she filled herself again. And again. It was awful.

    I was so engrossed in the display that I didn't hear the person enter our room. So I was shocked to hear, "well, that looks fun." I turned my head to try to see the person, nearly wrenching my neck. I couldn't, but I could recognize the voice that said "are you sure you wouldn't want me to help?"

    She stepped in then, into my view. Even with her Mardi Gras eye mask on, I knew it was Sarah. There was no mistaking that lilting, laughing voice, that wry smile, that cascade of red curls. Her body, even clothed, was recognizable. I even recognized the "fuck-me" shoes she wore. My poor addled brain couldn't decide between shock that she should see us in so intimate a situation, embarrassment that she could see the pool of oozing precum on my stomach, and extreme horniness that this sexy woman would offer to help my wife get off. I finally decided on the latter emotion, and wished I could stroke myself once so that I could get off. I felt the need to squirt the pent-up gallon of juice boiling inside my nuts.

    "MMMmmmm," Eve said, not at all surprised to see the intruder, "that sounds really nice". We had fantasized together about having someone join us, and clearly Eve has decided now was the time to try it. Of course, she had picked a time when I couldn't participate. Sexy frustration was another of our fantasies, and putting them together… Eve was too clever for my own good.

    Sarah squatted next to me, smirking at my predicament. "Looks like big boy here has a little problem." She took her red fingernail and ran it wide-wise through my pee-hole, capturing my precum in the underside. Oh My God it hurt and excited me at the same time. I let out a muffled groan, shaking with need.

    I watched as her tongue extended and swirled around in the precum. Sarah has a very pointy tongue, and I could see it dip into the ooze. She was watching my reaction, and gave me a sly smile as I stared, my eyes probably wild. She glanced away for a second, then turned back and watched as I followed her finger. It left her mouth and went slowly to Eve's cunt. Eve had resumed stuffing the dildo in deeply, and touched her hand. I saw Eve shake a little, now startled to be so close to her first "experience."

    Eve moved her hand away, and Sarah gripped it the toy. I didn't think I could breathe as I watched Sarah pump it a little, and then pull it out. Mesmerized, I could feel her eyes on mine when she slid the toy into her mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes from the picture of the slick dildo being sucked into Sarah's red-lipped mouth.

    I needed to cum, and bad.

    But it wasn't Eve's plan.

    "Does it taste good to you?" she asked sweetly, sitting up to watch.
    "Mmmmm, yeah baby," Sarah said. "It's like a pussy-sicle," she laughed.
    "Can I try a Sarah-sicle?" Eve asked. Oh My!

    "Are you sure?" Sarah asked. "Are you sure you want to taste my pussy?" I think she asked for my benefit.

    "Well," Eve smiled, "I can start with the Sarah-sicle and then lick your pussy, OK?"

    "How about the other way first? I think I want your tongue to loosen me up a bit."

    "Perfect," Eve agreed. She slid off the bed and knelt on the other side of me. She leaned over me and brushed Sarah's curls from her face, and cupped her cheeks. My precious wife then kissed Sarah, and passionately. Both girls giggled nervously, then kissed again. And again. Then for a long time. And all I could do was watch and ooze fluid and moan quietly.

    "Oh shit," Sarah complained, "I'm all sweaty."

    "Maybe you should take off some clothes?" Eve suggested. Silently, but smiling, Sarah stood up, and Eve followed. I think they were following a script, but if so it was the sexiest script I'd ever seen. Eve pulled off Sarah's clothes, kissing the revealed flesh. When Sarah's breasts were revealed, Eve showed she had a remarkable talent for sucking nipples. She worked Sarah's nipples up to red buds, hard but aching.

    Next of course was Sarah's skirt. They made a complete game of it, teasing me mercilessly and spending five minutes doing something that Sarah could have done solo in five seconds. Finally, I saw Sarah's pussy for the first time, and it was worth the wait. Her husband obviously enjoyed her quite often; I don't often use the term fuck-hole, but that is what she had. She had dangling lips, surrounding a well-used opening, which was now oozing girl-juice.

    "You like it?" she asked me in response to my needful groans. "Want to closer look, baby?" She squatted above my face, and then used her fingers to pull her pussy open. A syrupy strand dripped out, hitting the bridge of my nose. She looked down, saw the strand, and gave me a wicked smile. "Here," she said, "Have a good sniff." She settled herself, lowering onto my nose, so that my nose snuggled up and into her steaming pussy.

    With my mouth filled with Eve's panties, it was hard to breathe, but I hardly noticed. It was intensely erotic, the sort of thing that could make me cover my stomach with semen on a single touch. The problem was, I couldn’t touch myself. I could just lay there and let her define my world, let her hump my nose. Let her drown me in her hot steaming juices as they seeped through the panties.

    "He is so hard," I heard Sarah say as she ground against my face. "Can I touch him?"

    I could imagine Eve shaking her head, her long hair forming a tornado. "No, because he will cum and the fun will be over."

    "Mmmmm, then I have an idea," replied Sarah, lifting off my face. I saw Eve's eyes on my face, and I wished I could smile at her. Sarah knelt next to me and extended that long tongue to my nipple, gently pushing it back and forth. It was excruciatingly gentle, and I let out a deep guttural moan of need. I had been doing that increasingly frequently.

    "That is a good idea," said Eve. She went to the other side, still staring at my face. Instead of teasing my nipple, she began to slowly lick Sarah's juices from my face. I am normally pretty ticklish during face licking, but this was something else. I could see how much she was enjoying it… she was enjoying the flavour of another woman's pussy. Instead of squirming because I was ticklish, I began to convulsively pump my hips, wanting to explode.

    "I think you should beg," Eve said, staring deeply into my eyes. "Maybe soon I will let you cum." She pulled out her panties and I couldn't help the rush of pleading and begging I did. Oh God, I was so hot. I tried all the different ways I knew to convince her to let me cum, but she just got that mysterious smile again. "I don't think it is quite time, lover," she told me.

    Instead, she took advantage of my now-freed tongue. She sat over my face, and I pushed myself into her. Wow, she was sooooooo wet! I used the burning heat of her cunt to drive the feeling of Sarah's tit-torture from my mind. Almost. I felt Eve hump a little, and then a mouth-filling flood of her slime came out. It was so delicious, so rewarding, so frustrating in contrast to my own inability to cum.

    Instead of rewarding me, Eve heightened my frustration. She began working over my other nipple! Her technique was just as tender as Sarah's, at first. Then she began to nip, and tug at them. It was delightfully painful, my tips being so supersensitive.

    To make it worse, Sarah slid down to lay on her side next to me. I felt her knee slide on top of my body, covering me but remaining far away from my sore muscle. Her long tongue now went into my ear, swirling around and around and making me crazy. My begging became nothing more than pleads that interrupted my moans.

    "Do you know what I'm going to do next?" she asked me softly, so only I could hear.

    "No…." I murmured.

    "I am going to lay on the bed and spread my legs, and let your wide Eve eat her first girl."

    "Oh god," I managed to gasp.

    I could almost feel her smile on my ear. "Yes, and she will love doing it."
    I couldn't even reply. The long-standing image of Eve, eating another woman….

    Sarah, true to her word, stood up and then bent down to encourage Eve to stand too. I watched them kiss, and then Sarah got up onto the bed. I couldn't see her lay down, because she slid up out of sight. "C'mon honey, c'mon and eat this pussy of mine."

    I couldn't see! I could only see Eve carefully step over my legs, standing astride them as she leaned onto the bed. Then I could hear Sarah encouraging her, telling her she wanted to and then "Ah! Oh yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!" Eve was eating a pussy, finally. Out of sight. Fuck!

    From time to time I could see Sarah's feet as she raised her legs. And I could always hear their dialog ("oh yeah, suck it" and "is that right? Mmmmm you taste so good" and "you are sooooo wet"). But what was really capturing my attention was Eve's own pussy. It was dripping, literally dripping her honey, and it was a vivid pink with her petals blossoming. Eve loved her role as pussy eater, licking the sap from her good friend.

    I needed to cum!

    I heard Sarah build up to an orgasm and then blow right past it. She grunted and called out, and the bed squeaked as she thrashed. Eve was moaning and making loud smacking sounds as she encouraged her to keep cumming. And then, it began to decline a bit as Sarah's orgasm weakened.

    Eve stopped, and came off the bed. I saw her face, covered with Sarah's juices, and then her tongue was in my mouth. I tasted Sarah on her as she kissed me intensely. She let me lick her face, cleaning it of the juices. "Do you like?" she asked me.

    "Oh honey… I cannot even tell you how much…"

    "Good," she laughed, "Because I need more."

    Sarah was sitting up by now, looking at us. Her face was red with release, and she was grinning broadly. I couldn't see properly through the mask, but her eyes looked glazed. "C'mon Eve… I want you to sit on my face."
    With a final kiss, I watched my glorious wife climb aboard the bed again. She slid over, and knelt astride Sarah's mouth facing me. I could see her mouth form a wide "O" of pleasure, and then she grinned. "Mmmmm, that feels so nice," she murmured, giving a little shiver. After a few minutes, she started sliding her pussy back and forth, and the hidden Sarah tongued her closer to orgasm. I could see Eve's nipples hardening, her fingers pinching and pulling them, and her facial expressions. I couldn’t see much else.

    I was begging by now, begging to cum, begging to watch, begging for anything beyond the massive arousal I was feeling. I must have gotten to my bride, because when I thought she was about to cum, her eyes focused on mine and she gave me a kissing purse of her lips. But my hopes were dashed when she leaned down and pressed her tongue into Sarah. Her hair tumbled down until I saw only her part. I wasn't privy to the view, but could only hear Sarah's animal-like moans as Eve pleased her.

    Soon enough, the tumbled over and Sarah was on Eve's face. I could see her buttocks flex as she ground against her. My begging became moans, listening to Sarah again telling Eve that she was a good pussy eater. I listened as they each came

    "Oh stop, you guys… you are KILLING me!" I implored.

    "What?" Sarah panted, "You don't like watching two women going at it? I thought all guys liked that."

    "But I can't see anything," I whined.

    Eve slid out from beneath Sarah. "Oh honey, would you like a closer look?" she asked.

    "Oh God Yeah," I confirmed.

    Eve looked over at her lover, and smiled. "I think we can get closer…." She slid off the bed, gave me a quick pussy-flavoured kiss, and lay next to me. Then, Sarah knelt astride her and they went into a 69. To my horror, I realized Sarah's thighs blocked all views!

    They were just kidding, thankfully. After a minute of my hoarse pleading, the stopped. They sat up next to me, idly playing with my super-sensitive nipple. Eve looked to Sarah, got that wicked gleam, and asked, "So, are you ready to get fucked?"

    "Oooohh honey! That would be fantastic!"

    "I was hoping you'd say that," Eve replied.
    My exuberation was short-lived, because I realized that the "male" in the action would be Eve with her strap-on. Sarah laid on the bed, and put her ankles on Eve's shoulders. I couldn't even see when Sarah let out a long satisfied growl as the fat dildo went in.

    A man can only take so much. I had endured a lot of frustration, and my cock hurt from the long erection it had sustained. Eve fucked Sarah for a long time, and finally I just stopped caring. I even began to deflate. Eve eventually noticed and had to take steps. It was her goal to make me maximally frustrated, and having me flaccid just wouldn't do. She stopped then, and pulled out of Sarah to begin to torment me more directly. Either that, or she was tired.

    The dildo she now presented to me to suck on was attached like a cock. It was covered with Sarah's fuck juices, and it practically was steaming from heavy use. In short, when she put it against my lips and asked me to clean it, I did.

    "Oh my goodness," Sarah said in a highly mocking tone, "your hubby sure likes cock." She said this as I was sucking her juices off it, my lips wrapped around the head.

    "He'll be quite the slut, when motivated," Eve laughed. She pushed the toy in deeper, making me gag a little, and laughed again. She fucked my mouth, noting how hard I was getting again. "Come here and put this on."

    Sarah did, eagerly strapping on the harness. As she did, Eve knelt astride my face, letting me lick her. She was sopping wet, every lick bringing away a tongueful off honey. When Sarah had the strap-on affixed firmly, she shoved it into Eve, who was still over my face. I was able to suck at her even as the cock went in and out. I found myself moaning, but not as much as my bride. The stuffing she was getting from Sarah combined with my eager pleasuring led her to a quick and strong orgasm.

    It was amazing to watch from so close, and frustrating too. The idle vision of a another man fucking her in this way, cumming in her and pulling out to let me eat his cum from her (and--blush--him!) crossed my mind, and I felt a squirt of precum ooze from my penis slit. I had never before considered sharing her with a man, but from now on, I would.

    While Eve recovered from her orgasm, Sarah removed the strap-on. "This was fun," she said, "but I need the real thing."

    Eve smiled at her. "Would you like to have him cum in you and then be cleaned out?"

    "Oh God honey!" I exclaimed.

    "MMMmmmmm, that sounds perfect. He'll cum quick and then I'll cum being eaten."

    "Honey!" I exclaimed again. I didn't want her to offer something she'd regret. I'd never cheated on her, and I wasn't sure I wanted to.

    Eve stopped my protests by covering my mouth with hers. I felt Sarah carefully point my head up, even as Eve probed my mouth with her tongue. It let me ignore the intense pleasure I felt as Sarah settled onto me, her cunt swallowing my meat.

    I tried to remain distracted, tried to remain a calm stud as she humped me. Sarah seemed intent on making me cum quickly, her pussy muscles expertly milking my cock ad coaxing my seed out. I felt her fingers grip my nipples, pinching, pulling, and twisting, and I lost it. I let out a growl, ineffective with Eve frenching me, and stabbed into Sarah who whooped with excitement.
    In seconds I was cumming in a massive orgasm. I spasmed over and over, filling Sarah with my long-awaited ejaculate. It was so powerful and satisfying that I lost complete awareness. I entered into that foggy zone where everything is perfect. All I knew was that I was cumming, and finally I didn't even know that.

    When I snapped out of it, I was almost completely flaccid. Eve was still kissing me, but when she saw I was cogent again, she smiled that sly smile yet again. She lay on her back, and Sarah, now filled to overflowing with a gooey cream pie, pulled off my shrunken cork.

    She moved up & spread her pussy on my face, I began to guzzle down the cream pie! Again, I couldn't see, could only hear their combined purrs and gasps. Eve moaned about how sexy it was to eat a cream pie, and Sarah chimed in with encouragement ("oh yeah, eat that cum… eat it…").

    In a few minutes I was erect again, my orgasm insufficient to release all my need. Sarah leaned over and sucked me, cleaning my cock of the cream pie
    coating it. Eve, somehow aware I was ready for action, pushed off Sarah and quickly mounted me.

    This was a wonderful fuck, long and hot and wet. Sarah sat on my face, letting me complete the cleaning until she came again. I daresay she was worn out! Even exhausted, though, she had strength enough to release my feet, and then my hands. Unbound, I rolled on top of Eve and gave her a proper fucking.

    This was real lovemaking. It was emotional, every thrust expressing my love. Sarah watched for a while, and then collected her clothes and left, apparently feeling she was intruding on a sensitive moment.

    Our lovemaking was long-lasting; as was the tonguing I gave her pussy when I filled it with only my second orgasm of the night. That was a cream pie well worth waiting for.
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    Wow. I need a cold shower!
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