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Cheap Holytrainer - disappointing

Discussion in 'HolyTrainer' started by Rui Pinto, May 2, 2017.

  1. HI Guys.

    I follow this fórum at long ago, as i'm really interested on Chastity cages, and now i've buy my first one, which wasd a very

    After read a log about cages, take measures for almost 2 months (lol), i decided for the Holytrainer V2 which was the one i really like it for several reasons. Small cage perfect for me, any padlock dangling, but, as i read a lot about the rings, i decided to buy a cheaper option on Ebay just to confirm the right ring before buy the original (ir cost only 10€).

    I know the quality wasn't the same, but what i do not expect is, i can easily slip out the cage from the penis, even with the smallest ring! The testicules became really tight i and i can't take them off from the devidem but i can push to cage to the front and push back my pénis and release it from behind.

    Now, i already know the ring size for me, but i'm afraid to waste money on the holytrainer original, and happens the same.

    What's your advise guys?

    Try the anti-pull out first? Even the cheap models on ebay?
  2. Hi Rui Pinto

    I wouldn't like to advise you on any particular model as we are all different and one device which fits someone perfectly doesn't fit another person at all, especially when it comes to the cage itself!

    So i only give my thoughts on whats working for me if it helps at all. I have a small Holy trainer copy which the tube/cage is excellent but the rings are terrible and so i use the original Holy Trainer ring with the smaller knock off cage but if i'm lubed up i can pull out of the back of the tube as I don't have any piercings. I haven't tried the anti pull out for the HTv2 yet, As if i do slip out of the tube i still can't get my balls out and so when erect it causes discomfort to say the least! so I don;t let myself pull out if that makes sense as it hurts and i feel like i'm defeating the object of being locked up.

    I also have a couple of cheap Chinese metal cages which so far have been very secure and come with an anti pull out/punishment hoop which has three spikes to help avoid pull out. it took some sanding down of the tips which where like needles to avoid cutting myself but so far have proved quite effective in preventing any pull out escape.

    I hope you are able to find a working solution for yourself soon.

  3. I can pull out of all 4 of my devices, even my custom made Jailbird, but I do not. I asked for chastity. Do not want to cheat myself. Unless you are a long flaccid penis, you are going to pull out of all ball trap devices. The CB6000 has anti pullout Points of Intrigue but they just made my penis saw from rubbing against it all day. They may be OK for use during sex, but not for all day wear. Same with all the anti pullout devices. They will dig into your penis every time it tries to get hard which may sound great in fantasyland but not so great in day to day wear. Plus the anti pullout things cost a good amount of money and it seems that price is an object for you. You would have to buy the CB6000, perhaps the smaller cage of the CB6000s and then buy the points of intrigue separately.
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  4. "In case you are a long flaccid Penis"? Did I just call the OP a dick? I meant to say in case you have a long flaccid penis. Or did I? :)
  5. I've made several experiencies during yesterday with the rings. As i'm at work, i'v try the 36mm. 40mm and the 45mm.

    Seems the better is 40mm and it was strange as on afternoon, as the tetsicules are more hangling, the strap works a little bit better. Seems, the strap fix better between the scrotum and the belly and leave less space to remove the pénis.

    My pénis, flaccid is about 3,5cm, and the cage have about 4,8cm, but the flaccid state it is not permanente. Can shrink much more, or stay bigger and full the cage without any erection. The problema seems when "he" shrink too much.

    On all options, i've find that i simply can't take my "balls" from the device without remove the cage. The point is, who can i have the cage close to me enough to "not cheat my self"?

    Another question. On my work, i use to be seat many hours and i find that i have to walk around from tiem to time, to relief the pressure on balls, because, if i stay steat to much time, i start to feel a burning sensation on the base of the ball. If i just move and walk a bit, the sensations stop. Anyone have try this too?
  6. Should this thread be in the HT2 forum, as it is a fake HT2 and not the real one?
  7. The holy trainer is a flawed device, their customer service I found poor and the quality not great either the plastic round the lock sheared in a matter of weeks. To top it all off I received a £50 bill from DHL for import duties on top of everything else.
    I think price a device high and people will aspire to it. I doubt your copy is too inferior to the real thing. It may suit some people and others it wont. I wouldnt deviate from a steel device now for hygiene reasons.
  8. As i can understand, (after read several apointments from others users), the security is poor as this kind of device which works with the ball trap,but on top, most of the users can pull-out the pénis when flaccid.

    So, the only option is have a reall tight ring, but that's no healthy. Seems to me, the security of those devices (as Holytrainer too) should center on the top of the cage, on the place where the cage contact with the base of the pénis. There's the point of the security. There's any kind of ideas/options to improve this?

    Yes, i by a cheap model because is my first experience, and as i really don't know what to expect, i prefer to buy a cheap model with all rings to be my base to understand all my concerns before choose the right one (original). For exemple, after read the site of holytrainer, i expect the 45mm ring was the better for me, but i was completely surprise when i receive it and find the 36mm was much better... for now. With the 45mm, most of the times, the penis slip-out without any help.

    One question (maybe dumb question), from a novice. The testicules tend to increase slightly in size over time, pushing the cage further back, toward the torso or is mere fantasy?

    There is some kernel of truth, think/imagine, that the longer is locked, the harder it is to remove it without the key?
  9. Reading above internet, about ways to increase the security of the cages, i found this idea:

    "I think I know a way to make the Holytrainer 99% secure, assuming do not need to break any piece. What is required is a cock ring that you put on before putting on the Holytrainer to prevent from reaching the flaccid penis and drag it out from behind. The main problema with trapped ball devices is that we can drag them out from the body. This creates a gap where we can push the penis out of the cage through the peehole. With a gap filling penis ring like this, you can’t reach it in with fingers, and there will not be enough space for the penis to escape."

    Have you thought about this idea before? I was wondering if anyone already try it. I think the ricg It should be quite wide to not squeeze this sensitive part of the pénis and fill most of the gap, and it should be somewhat flexible to, perhaps silicone.

    But it shouldn’t be so flexible that it can be stretched over the Holytrainer.
  10. Hi.

    After a few day trying and using, i find the place where the cage connect to the ring are a little bit loose.

    I get what i pay... i know that, but i wnat to believe this do not happens on a original HT. Anyone have notice this situation?

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  11. would be difficult to pull out, and impossible to get back in with one of those with a cage.
    Being fairly constrictive it might not be suitable for long term use, definitely check frequently when first using.