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CFNM Islands - gynocracies with public male nudity, chastity, "milking" competitions

Discussion in 'Work of Others' started by Casual_Reader, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Several authors have been playing around with the same basic setting: an island nation, ruled by women, that have turned the male populace into second class citizens (or enslaved entirely). They don't necessarily agree on the place's name, but its clear that they're working with similar ideas - its even possible that some of them are the same person, working under different pen names. The details vary from author to author, but many have mandatory (cock) leash laws, encourage women to tease and deny the men, and have turned masturbation into a competitive sport.

    Of the stories in this setting, the oldest stories (that I've found) belong to MisterStarkers, and are set in the United Republic, an island nation that has confiscated all male clothing, requiring all men within its territorial claims to go around completely nude 24/7. Women are encouraged to use cock leashes, chaperone their boyfriends in the locker room, and pretty much sexually harass any unmarried man they want.

    Julie is a four part story about a (female) high school senior visiting a college in the United Republic. Her friend shows her around the campus, introduces her to some cute boys, and then takes her home to see what every day life is like in the United Republic

    Some parts of Julia have been reposted around the web under slightly different names, but (with one exception, its always the same story.

    Julie's Visit to University - Part One
    Julie's Date with Bart - Part Two
    Joe's Trouble - Part Three
    Walking the Boys Around - Part Four

    There a longer story, about a Hispanic family moving to the United Republic:

    A New Family Comes to Capitol Hill
    Part One
    Part Two - First Day at North Bay High
    Part Three - Diego Joins the Team: "Soccer Plus"
    Part Four - Diego Meets Bart
    Part Five - Diego at the Barbecue
    Part Six - Dad Arrives in Capitol Hill
    Part Seven - Soccer Team Visits
    Part Eight - At Bayside Park

    He also wrote The Board Meeting, a one shot story about a company in the United Republic, where the board tries to decide on a new "uniform" policy for its male employees:

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  2. At some point, an unknown author (possibly MisterStarkers himself) took the setting even farther with the Isle of Peternia. Peternia's been lost, found, lost again, and reposted once more . . . so a lot of the details about when and where the story came from are lost.

    The story itself is an excuse to show off the island nation of Peternia. Focusing on a 18 year old guy, his single mother, and younger sister, the story bounces them from event to event, in an effort to show off home life, school life, dating, and vacations in a country slowly turning into a gynocracy.

    The story also features a girl from northern Peternia, a region with relatively "backwards" attitudes towards men (they even let men have privacy!), in order to better show the changes to the society. But most of the action occurs in central Peternia, where women rule the roost, and (most of) the men go through some fairly serious teasing and denial:

    About halfway through, a number of the characters go on vacation to southern Peternia, which has pretty much enslaved its men:

    Needless to say, Neal (the male lead) doesn't have a very . . . relaxing time on his "vacation":

    And, of course, he finds himself locked in a cock cage before long:

    And that's just the first day of their trip . . .
  3. At one point in Isle of Peternia, the characters witness a handjob competition, with one woman threatening to sign Neal up for the next round. However, nothing ever comes of it. But in his Femdom Island series, JackBro took that idea, and ran with it:

    Femdom Island
    Part One - the Milking Chamber
    Part Two - the Next Day
    Part Three - the Museum of Men
    Part Four - the Shopping Trip
    Part Five - the Pick-Up Bar
    Part Six - Lori Finds a Date

    The later parts of the story start to lose focus - John & Lori's mysterious mission is never really explained, for example. But there are a lot of interesting tease-and-denial scenes, and a fair amount of bondage:

    And Francis_Nye rewrote the first chapter, turning it into his spy thriller Isla Mujeres - if you absolutely have to have a reason for outsiders to come to the island, and participate in such a competition
  4. More recently, AaronHenry17 decided to throw a wedding in the CFNM Republic, his take on the setting:

    Its very similar to the MisterStarkers pieces, and to Peternia. But its not bad . . . and for a first work, its very impressive

    A CFNM Wedding
    Part One - Mark gets married in the CFNM Republic.
    Part Two - Office Chastity
    Part Three - Uncle Ryan and family arrive from Mexico
    Part Four - The big day finally arrives
  5. Oddly enough, body piercing doesn't seem to show up in many of the "cfnm island-nation" stories. However, the idea of a mandatory (Prince Albert) piercing has inspired at least one work-in-progress, forcedtobenaked's Tom & Natasha:

    It'll be interesting to see what happens with the story, assuming the author finishes, of course
  6. Oh, and there's a bit more of MisterStarkers "United Republic". The author originally developed the setting through a series of faux-journalistic pieces. Unfortunately, those pieces no longer seem to be online . . . however, I have a copy:

  8. The story of this here must be reality,as I wish it.
  9. ForcedToBeNaked's moved over to Literotica (https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=1553231&page=submissions), where he (?) has recently posted a fourth chapter to the story:

  10. A fan of the original story, Ardor, is writing a sequel. Focusing on Jessica and Neal's time at Southern Peternia University, it picks up the action several months after their vacation:

    Its being posted in chunks, with the first piece available both at Ardor's site, as well as the in the original thread over on Orgasm Denial
  11. Obviously a powerful male fantasy ........ I wonder how women might develop this theme?

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