BREAST PRINTS @ MILK & COOKIES Art Show Oct 13th San Francisco

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    BREAST PRINTS @ MILK & COOKIES Art Show Closing Reception

    “ Come customize a piece of unique art with Mistress AliceInBondageLand & SanFranciscoTeat”

    Date & Time: Saturday, October 13, 2018 · 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

    Wicked Grounds
    289 8th Street San Francisco, CA

    Cost: Please buy our art. Support Wicked Grounds by purchasing food.

    Dress code: Whatever you feel comfortable in but your feet & genitals must be covered (food law!).


    Join us for the daring closing reception of the Milk & Cookies Art Show at Wicked Grounds. Inspired by our theme, Mistress AliceInBondageland is offering collaborative BREAST PRINTS!!!

    Choose from one of her pre-painted canvas, then customize your creation with the help of Mistress AliceInBondageLand and her breasts! She will guide you in painting her body to create sexy unique abstract art pieces embellished with objects, textured paint and fun!

    Thankfully, Wicked Grounds is 18+ and open minded when it comes to topless women (we promise to clean up our mess). This is a special opportunity to experiment with body prints in a supportive kinky environment.

    Come join the creative process, share in some refreshments and celebrate a successful art show! Join us in a closing toast at 8pm.

    We have a limited number of original art pieces for sale to a good home, come answer the call of inspiration and support your local artists!

    . . .

    Artist Statements:

    Mistress AliceInBondageLand -

    I invite you to dare to make wishes, believe in magic, ask for what you want and SAY YES when the world tries to offer it to you on a silver platter... because IT WILL!!!

    Fortune cookie fortunes are one of the few ways that we allow magic into our daily lives. These small messages of advice, hope or insight are broad enough to carry universal insights but specific enough to address our unique personal circumstances serendipitously.

    As a full time digital artist, working in the physical world is an exciting challenge. Adding texture and three dimensionality to paint excites me. I want to CARVE the paint, shape it and incorporate objects into it. Paint as sculpture, culture as painting. These juxtapositions thrill me.

    I asked Roxanna/sanfranciscoteat to partner with me in this art show because her work inspires me and our mixed media creations seem to come from a similar universe.

    . . .

    Roxanna/sanfranciscoteat -

    I am an explorer. Making art allows me to explore on many levels: the physical, intellectual, emotional, sensual.

    Lifelong passions for art and symbolism inform my mixed media pieces. I favor used materials, especially discarded and quotidian items. Sometimes I create with intention and choose images to illustrate a theme. Often I work intuitively, using elements that coalesce into a serendipitous whole. Mistakes are absorbed into the design of a piece and often unexpected patterns emerge in the final composition. Aesthetically, I value visual depth, layers, and texture. Opposites attract in my art: found and bought materials, disparate images, either a deliberate or instinctive approach, dichotomous themes, something from nothing.

    Most of the pieces in the Milk & Cookies show were made after Mistress AliceInBondageLand suggested we exhibit our art together. Focusing on sexual, sensual, and kinky themes was an easy decision based on our intersecting involvement in the kink community and resulting friendship, plus choice of venue. This show marks the public integration of my kink and vanilla selves.
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    Interesting event, if I would be in the US I think I would visit it. I am wondering how the creations will look at the end.
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