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Balls too close to body?

Discussion in 'Medical fetishes' started by mikeybound, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. I tried chastity with my partner yesterday, and their ballsack is really close to their body. It was a complete disaster. We could only get one ball through the ring, and nothing else.

    Any tips for this issue?
  2. Before going to bed have the cage ready, Then first thing in the morning put it on, You could do it under the covers while everything is warm and loose.
    Then he should keep a small tube of hand cream and apply to the base ring from time to time for lubrication and skin repair.

    The base ring could be a few mm too small or it could be just right.

  3. Well first I'd go to Tandy leather craft store , and they sell rings like the one on the cock cages. ,.
    They are about $2 each , get a ring a size bigger so you know its not going to be to small,or get several.

    Anyway , when a guys is out working in the hot sun his ball lower themselves from his body ,this is so the sperm remains at a constant temperature.
    When cold the ball sack shrinks and pulls up to our body for warmth.
    So much for that.
    I have found several times my balls are pulled up inside my body, but by reaching upward with a sort of claw grip I can pull them down ,and by pulling the ball sack through the ring , I get one through. ,next by making a V between your thumb and the rest of your hand and laying the hand flat and starting on a thigh and sliding up in the V formation you can trap the balls from retreating back upward. .
    From there ,and one ball being through already ,you can maneuver the second ball up and through .

    Sometimes to get the second ball through the ring I first stretch the sack by pulling it through and I pull it hard and far threw ,when releasing it the sack stays loose for a while . .
    Are you first working with only one ball, then when getting the second one through , and by pulling the skin over the penis head and then pushing the penis back inside the body , pushing downward to below the top of the ring ,your penis will now emerge inside the ring ..
    The penis is ignored while getting the balls in the ring .
    Hope this helps you lock your man up.
    My opinion is it would be much easier to have him do all the maneuvering because your dealing with a delicate area , and he alone will know when a sensitive area is being close to being in pain or even damaged .
  4. good advice from nikkel,
    if it's still difficult, try putting it on after sitting a warm bath for a few minutes.

    otherwise you may have to take the option of a device that has a hinged ring or a ring that comes in sections (connected by pins)