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    I was laying in bed, unable to move a bit. I was blindfolded, naked and gagged with panties. And not just any panties, but used panties. But not just any used panties, panties from my wifes last date, where she fucked Casey, her new lover with a 9 inch cock. Also, my cock was trapped in a chastity belt, so I was just going crazy. My cock has been trapped in the belt for 3 weeks now and I see no sign of release.

    Just then, I hear the door open and someone walks in the room. I hear her start to laugh and I knew it was Mistress Andrea. She removed my blindfold for me and I got to bask in her beautiful site. She had shoulder length black hair, average looks, slim body with nice C cup breasts. She was wearing a low cut white shirt with my chastity belt key dangling between her breasts. She had on a longer black skirt and nice high heels.

    She laid down beside me and starting running her hands on my thighs, driving me wild with desire. She informed me that she was indeed out being fucked by Casey and that he did cum inside of her 3 times and that there was loads of cum waiting to be cleaned up. She kept stroking my leg and asking me if I wanted to get out of the belt at least while I cleaned her up and she would tell me all about her night with Casey. After much begging and pleading, she finally decided to let my cock out.

    She then proceeded to untie me and made me stand up and undress her, at least down to her bra and underwear. I removed her shirt and undid her skirt to reveal her beautiful body, wearing just nylons, a black lacy thong and a black bra. She told me to go fetch her cigarettes and hurry back. So I went and got them for her and kneeled at her feet with them. She told me to stand up and light one for her, which I did and got back on my knees. I was instructed to lick and kiss ass while she smoked so that she could use me as an ashtray. I licked away as she verbally humiliated me for licking her ass and not fucking her like a real man should. She said Casey would never lick my ass to get my attention, but with a cock like mine, I need to do anything she says in order for her to keep me around.

    After she finished with her cigarette, she made me take off her thong and told me to lay on the bed at the headboard. She climbed on my face with backwards, with her pussy on my mouth and her asshole right at my nose. She made sure to press down hard and was rocking back and forth, grinding her soiled pussy and ass on my face. She made me lick her over and over until I got all of her lovers cum out and until she had a nice orgasm. After she had cum all over my face, she moved up and made me lick her asshole as well. While licking her ass, she was playing with my rock hard, barely 5 inch cock that just was begging for release. Her soft touch was driving me crazy and I could barely hold it in. She just kept warning me that I had better not cum and I managed to hold it in, barely.

    She then dismounted from my face and asked me how much I wanted to cum. I was begging over and over to just be allowed to cum, but instead she walked over and grabbed her panties and shoved them in my mouth after saying she was tired of me talking. She then told me she had a surprise for me and she need to go get it. She placed the blindfold back on me and walked out of the room. I laid there waiting patiently, hoping it wasnt too bad.

    She then came back and sat on my chest. I didnt realize that she was first putting the chastity belt back on my cock, so I guess no release for me tonight, again. She then said to me that she was going to let me have a choice tonight. She asked me if I wanted her special surprise or if I wanted to get fucked in the ass tonight. So, if I chose the surprise, there would be no ass fucking tonight, which would be nice too. I decided to make her happy and myself happy by choosing her special surprise. She removed the panties from my mouth and I told her I wanted the surprise, and she then proceeded to dump 2 condoms full of cum down my throat, saying that his last load was the one he left in my pussy while laughing. She called me a fucking pathetic cum guzzler and she took the blindfold off of me. She made me dress her for bed and then told me to get under the covers and lick her until she told me to stop, which wouldnt be for a very long time
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