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May 6, 2013 at 1:38 AM
Feb 19, 2009
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Oct 10, 1955 (Age: 62)


Owned by Mistress Michelle, 62

me too Mistress me too Aug 8, 2011

Rachel was last seen:
May 6, 2013
    1. Marisacs
    2. NicolaMary
      New to chastity, luv being locked
    3. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL :) We love you
    4. Rachel
      me too Mistress me too
    5. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      Ok rachel....I am hopeful this idea of you coming back for good this time is going to work.
    6. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      Its hard to look back to two years ago and then flash forward to whats happened to us now..at least for Me
    7. Rachel
      Not the reason. i changed it because i don't know where i stand with You. i changed it when i changed my profile. i just don't know what to do or think w/o You. You have my password put up whichever one YOU like.
    8. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      I HATE this fucking picture of you rachel and I am quite sure you put it up just to fucking PISS ME OFF, Mission Accomplished!
      Rachael_ likes this.
    9. Mr Gee
      Mr Gee
      Rachel...I've been putting this off....how are things in the old reality ball park...job, older male, not quite the world's cup of tea dept.
      ps took this from my last 5 year's experience.... would like to hear from you....Mr Gee
    10. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      Happy Aniversary angel :)
    11. Rachel
      is back but not home
      1. susie q
        susie q
        Not yet sweetie just not yet ,hugsssss
        Jan 24, 2011
    12. Rachel
      is being teased and denied daily. she likes/hates this experience. Thank You Mistress, i think.
      1. susie q
        susie q
        Whats to think about my dear?
        Jan 14, 2011
    13. Rachel
      Feeling very peaceful today from yesterdays news. Thank You Mistress
    14. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      GOOD girl rachel, you win that prize!!! ;)
    15. Rachel
      my mood,female slut at heart OWNED by Mistress Michelle, catialize OWNED. my interests, added sissy to occupation,changed the word submissive to sissy in whats on my mind. my about me page. Deleted one album. Just so You know Mistress i like it much better now whether i found them all or not.
    16. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      I have edited your profile, see if you can find all the changes, if so, you may win a prize next week when I see you ;)
    17. FancyPants
      Thanks for your kind comment.
    18. maid katrin
      maid katrin
      Just want to let you know how much i like the new ticker in your sig. The picture of MM and you is just adorable ... kisses, katrin
    19. Rachel
      says i promise to work diligently to improve my sissy attitude for Mistress Michelle
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      2. Rachel
        lol Katrin i actually wanted to quite at 80 some it got really difficult after that
        Nov 22, 2010
      3. maid katrin
        maid katrin
        LOL .. we both know, that's where real dedication starts ... everything before that point is just playing. Kisses, Katrin
        Nov 22, 2010
      4. sissyrandi
        thanx for stopping by my profile! Yours is awesome, love your journal,too!
        Jan 10, 2011
    20. Rachel
      says guess i am just a baseball fan now. The mighty Howard has struck out.
    21. Rachel
      says i am a Phillies fan but tonight i just gotta love those Texas Rangers
    22. Rachel
      as the Gathering time draws near the wait to be with Mistress the wait seems longer
      1. Mistress Michelle
        Mistress Michelle
        Yes, and the work lists get longer! LOL I miss you sissy girl
        Oct 22, 2010
      2. Goddess Jen
        Goddess Jen
        I soooo know what you mean, Rachel! This week has gone SO very slow! UGH! I hate waiting for anything, and this is torturous. I want what I want when I want it!!! ;)
        Oct 22, 2010
    23. Goddess Jen
      Goddess Jen
      Happy Happy Birthday, my dear Rachel! xoxo
    24. roanokebdsm
      Happy Birthday
    25. Rachel
      doesn't think November 1st is ever gonna get here
      1. Goddess Jen
        Goddess Jen
        Neither will the 25th of October!! Come on...time needs to go FASTER!!
        Oct 10, 2010
      2. Ritabir
        Okay...fess up..what the hell you doing in VA NOW???
        Oct 15, 2010
      3. Rachel
        Ms Rob i came to apply for a job and didn't know i was making this trip when i posted the above. Mistress was surprised as She didn't know i was coming
        Oct 15, 2010
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    Oct 10, 1955 (Age: 62)
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    Mature Metal Jailbird and Locked
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    Forever lol


    :character0182:The idea of life is to slide into the grave with your gas tank empty, your tires bald and your brakes on :jumping0039: fire