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FLR male chastity couple, from Uk

FLR couple, looking for advice and to speak to like minded people. Oct 27, 2020

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    1. Queen-J-and-slave
      FLR couple, looking for advice and to speak to like minded people.
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    (Update. This account is a joint account by Queen J has said slave will be the main contributor to the profile but will come on here now and again. Just wanted everyone to know especially with her name 1st on here as it should be, just so there isn't any confusion, she will sign the end of anything she posts. The rest below was written before Queen J decided this, it is still all the same and nothing has changed apart from this. Thank you. )

    We are a couple in a FLR from the UK. We have been together 14 years and married for 10.
    Queen J is naturally dominant and slave is a natural submissive and are now ready to expand and develop this side of our life.

    We started male chastity on the 29th September 2019 but have the flr dynamic for most of our 14 year relationship but in a less strict way.

    Since chastity started slaves domestic duties have became routine but our play time is limited and Queen J often loses the motivation for play time because it has developed to the point of Queen J being very unsatisfied with our sex live with slave being on the extremly small side and we have been talking about the possibility of cuckolding slave. We love each other immensely but any sort of sex leaves Queen J very frustrated due to this.

    We have joined here for advice, to speak to like minded people and for research.

    The problem we are having is Queen J feels cuckolding and sleeping with someone else is not being loyal to our marriage but he idea is slaves and he is desperate and craves for her happiness and satisfaction in all ways.

    Queen J is a bit more reserved about our relationship style but slave is more open. Even though we have been in this style of relationship for a while we are still relatively new and had slow start, so we are learning as go still.

    Any comments or posts we make we will put either QJ or S on the end so people know who has posted.

    ( This is written by slave from the prospective of an onlooker explaining our marriage and relationship to hopefully paint a better picture of us and so it is not a one sided bio. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We look forward to meeting people on here )


    Queen J and slave
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