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Nov 13, 2023
Oct 14, 2019 at 4:42 PM
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UK, Sussex

Sussex UK Sissy Cuck

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Nov 13, 2023
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    Home Page:
    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    UK, Sussex
    My key is held by:
    My wife (not "queen", "mistress" or "goddess". We actually *do* this, its not a fantasy!)
    Locked since:
    intermittent. Usually 1-2 week periods. Locktober though. :)
    Your chastity role:
    • Submissive
    • Sissy
    • Cuckold
    Chastity devices:
    Holy Trainer v2
    Chastity resume:
    We use intermittent chastity to intensify our cuckold/hotwife activity. Though each lock period seems to be longer than the last...
    We use chastity intermittently as a mean to intensify other play. Periods of 1-2 weeks are typical.

    My first Locktober. Been a wild ride. Almost there.

    We engage in cuckold play occasionally. Not as often as we'd like. We use chastity to intensify it.

    She has one regular guy, but as he lives a fair distance we are aiming for a 2nd guy as well. Our only rule is that I must be present to watch and serve/enable in various ways. Finding *suitable* guys is quite hard work. (too many are "shy" at being watched, poor little lambs).

    I also cross-dress. She knows and supports/encourages me. Typically, cross-dressing for me involves occasional 100% femme presentation wig, makeup etc. I do go out i public like this a few times a month with other trans friends to mainly mainstream bars/clubs/restaurants. Being trans (gender-fluid specifically) has its challenges, but is also a lot of fun.

    I'm very submissive sexually, moreso than my wife, but I make the effort to be the man when she needs that in the bedroom and when she has no other lover present.

    Wearing a chastity cage in the few days up to and during a meet. ups my submissiveness to the point where I would probably be willing to do anything, to and for either my wife and possibly her bulls.

    Her bulls know nothing of my cross-dressing (yet?). Though increasingly I would like them to fuck her while I am dressed in something sexy, all helping to get that sub head-rush. Maybe I could fluff and clean him, as I do her (oddly, as I'm not attracted to guys at all). Maybe it all just helps to feed my gender cravings.

    I suspect that submissiveness, chastity, cuckoldry and cross-dressing all have some common root, which may be one of the four or something else common to each. But they do seem to so often go hand in hand.


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