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Aug 24, 1972 (Age: 48)


Chaste In Berkshire, 48

I don't want to get ahead off myself... But I might have just found a keyholder. I'm very excited... Jul 31, 2020

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Jan 25, 2021 at 11:10 PM
    1. paulsavin1701
      I don't want to get ahead off myself... But I might have just found a keyholder. I'm very excited...
    2. paulsavin1701
      Lost my wife recently. Feel as though feminisationay make me feel closer
      1. SoumisCH
        Sorry for your loss. Hang out there...
        Dec 19, 2019
    3. paulsavin1701
    4. paulsavin1701
      I've just bought a VICE chastity. Feels good. Lets see how it feels after an hour/day/week ....
    5. paulsavin1701
      I'm so excited. My wife has just old me that she's about to order a strapon.. Any advice for a newby?
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      1. Rubenchained
        my advice: enjoy it !
        Sep 20, 2016
      2. Rita
        lube, lube and more lube; you can never use too much
        Sep 20, 2016
        Rubenchained likes this.
      3. Mash2214
        Relax and let it happen
        Sep 7, 2017
    6. paulsavin1701
      very excited - just bought a Holy Trainer 2014 model - can't wait for it to arrive!
    7. paulsavin1701
      Very excited. Just waiting delivery on my first 24/7 steel butt plug from worx.
    8. paulsavin1701
      Decided to re-introduce chastity to my wife. She hasn't been feeling well and knows I'm horny - so I locked myself back up.
    9. rubberboy
      Hi cb6000 great :-)
    10. paulsavin1701
      Incredibly excited. After 6 months of no CB a new shiny cb6000 is arriving tomorrow... AS ORDERED BY THE WIFE.
    11. paulsavin1701
      Wife gone off on business for a few days. Put the key in her purse. Locked myself up as soon as she left the house.... Sweet, sweet denial.
    12. paulsavin1701
      The wife has gone out for the day. Before she went I put the keys in the car.. and then locked myself up... Hmm delicious!
      1. Strict Sir
        Strict Sir
        Oh you clever boy! Good thinking. She doesn't know what she's missing.
        Dec 14, 2011
    13. SoumisCH
      hi Paul,
      Where are you with your wife's KH introduction ?
    14. paulsavin1701
      In my CB6000s for a change. Tight, constricted and horny.
    15. paulsavin1701
      A week without the wife-however she's left me with the key. I expect to send my keys by 2nd class post to myself tomorrow. Hopefully it will take a while for them to find their way home!
      1. BeDazzled
        When my wife left for a week, and was leaving the keys behind, i dropped the keys in a pocket of her suitcase before taking her to the airport! It was a fun delightful week!
        Jul 26, 2010
    16. paulsavin1701
      Back from Glastonbury and looking forward to being locked back up - after A MAMOTH sex session (I hope)
    17. paulsavin1701
      No profile comments? Well here I am!
    18. paulsavin1701
      A "mere" 5 days locked.Each night wifey promises sex yet we end up with telly-however I will perservere! I will "EXPLODE" tomorrow-unless I unlock myself first!
    19. paulsavin1701
      I am in my CB6000, the wife is out, I have the key (I wish I didn't) and I'm trying to stop myself ripping it off coz i'm so Horny.
      1. BeDazzled
        ...and you are certain her leaving the key was not part of a test... LOL
        Jun 12, 2010
      2. paulsavin1701
        I wish it was a test - she wont hold or hide the key.
        Jun 15, 2010
    20. paulsavin1701
      Been on Holiday. Wanting the wife to let me wear my CB6000 tonight.
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    Aug 24, 1972 (Age: 48)
    Chastity devices:
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    As much as possible but I am KH
    Always fantasied about &quot;love bondage&quot; and was an early adopter of the internet. Found my first references to &quot;non-medieval&quot; chastity belts around 1990. Hooked ever since.<br /><br />Been in a loving (non-bdsm) relationship and want to introduce chastity as a way of honouring my partner with 100% of my soul.<br /><br />Update 05/01/2009 - Just slept my first night in chastity under my wife's supervision, although I did have the key.<br /><br />Update 01/01/2010 - My wife knows that I own a CB6000s, has seen it, but hasn't seen it worn.<br /><br />Update 01/04/2010 - I've been wearing it on and off for past few months and I love the feel of my cock inside it's little tube, however I feel my CB6000s is a little too small - however the seem in the device broke and the lovely fantastic &quot;princess&quot; (ebay) at eo_2007 - was<br />lovely and replaced my CB6000s cage for a CB6000 cage Free of charge. Much more comfy.<br /><br />Although my wife gets turned on when she knows I'm wearing it, she refuses to &quot;deny&quot; me and let me honour her completely without release because she loves me to come inside her.<br /><br />She also refuses to hold the key. Also when I go away for a night she refuses - still really shy about asking to put it on.<br /><br />Update 01/06/2010 - I dont like it when I dont wear it.<br />I'm still working on getting the wife to hold the key and I'm going to show her the benefits of a combination lock - which she can set - who knows - she might allow (or MAKE) me wear it when I'm away on business!....<br /><br />Update 15/06/2010 - In a moment of madness I updated my Profile pic - THIS IS NOW ACTUALLY ME!<br /><br />Update 29/08/2012 - After 6 months of no chastity use and losing the chastity device my wife DEMANDED to order a new one. I am SO excited.


    Sadly recently widowed. My wife was slowly getting into the idea of Chastity before she died.

    * She liked me wearing the device
    * She was interested in my "denial"
    * She was happy for me to wear it as much as I like
    * She had only once let me wear it to service her and then leave me wanting.
    * She hadn't agreed to hold the key
    * Now self locked - I have a key in a lock box with a timer.
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