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Waiting for warm weather Jan 28, 2019

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Sep 19, 2023
    1. Kali
      Waiting for warm weather
    2. Kali
      1. AlanThom
        Oct 15, 2016
    3. Kali
      Unlocked physically, but never mentally
    4. Kali
      Dazed, confused, horny...
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    5. Kali
      Slipping easily back into the right state of mind
    6. Kali
      Once more into the ...
    7. Kali
      Even after 3 years I still get nervous when my wife is out of town for a week with the key.
    8. Kali
      And so it goes
    9. Kali
      Locked back up Sunday. Next unlock (other than cleaning) no sooner than 1/1/2013. It should be an interesting year.
    10. Kali
      Madam just asked me to commit to being locked up for all of 2012 and to take her decision to keep me feminized more public.
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    11. Kali
      Madam is out on a date with a new guy and I'm completely at loose ends. No housework to do, laundry done, no dinner to make, etc. Helped Madam dress and sent her on her way. Now I can just relax and it feels really strange to have no tasks at hand.
    12. Kali
      Just dropped Madam at the airport. I always get a little nervous when she (and the key) are thousands of miles away for a week or more.
      1. Missy Tanya
        Missy Tanya
        Thats got to be thrilling, and scary at the same time!!
        Nov 13, 2011
      2. Kali
        It happens three to ten days a month because of her business schedule, but those longer trips always seeem a little more nerve wracking.
        Nov 14, 2011
      3. Strict Sir
        Strict Sir
        I can understand that you miss Madam. But there's really no reason for the key to be there if she isn't.
        Dec 2, 2011
    13. Kali
      Reality isn't as much fun, sometimes.
      1. christyp
        Kali you are right but other times can be great
        Oct 7, 2011
    14. Kali
      Sitting and working, shift my position and I hear a "pop" sound from tne CB. Sure enough the ring has broken again. This is ring #6 Clearly there is a significant design flaw here. I am not amused. <img src='http://www.chastitymansion.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />
      1. muzzledman
        time for the feel of steel
        Mar 17, 2011
      2. Amoroso
        Mar 25, 2011
    15. alecia_ts
      Where in the US are you? i'm in the midwest :)
    16. alecia_ts
      i envy you your relationship! Very nice profile, and the "About me" section is also well done!
    17. Kali
      Ring on CB snapped agaiin. That makes number 4. We really do need to order from MM.
    18. Kali
      Happy dance! Before Madam left to spend the day with her female sub she gave me my key, told to to make sure that I was all cleaned up and dressed pretty by the time she came home, and directed that a small toybag be placed in the bedroom. She said for me to expect to be treated as her girlfriend with a little some thing extra! With a planned girlie shopping day tomorrow it looks like a wonderful weekend ahead.
    19. Kali
      Madam came home yesterday and gave me an engagement ring! It's nothing like what I got her when we were formally engaged last year, but it's so cute and femmy that I almost cried.
      1. cynthia_deville
        congratulations sweety i am very happy for you
        Jul 7, 2010
      2. Goddess Jen
        Goddess Jen
        That is so sweet! Congrats to you and your Madam :)
        Jul 7, 2010
    20. Kali
      Three weeks in and the damn cage split on the CB6K again! On the plus side I was dreaming about sex with MAdam when it happened. :)
    21. Kali
      Shaved Madam's legs this morning, helped her wash her hair, assisted her in dressing and sent her off to a first date (lunch) with a new potential lover. Me? I have housekeeping to finish before she gets back this evening.
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  • About

    Chastity devices:
    Now in a tiny 3d printed cage.
    Open marriage. No D/S games in any other aspect of our lives.

    We play a lot, rarely together, both have active lives as a couple and individuals.Active in the BDSM world, both as dominants, and both active in the swinging community, primarily as individuals

    My profile, as it appears on various sites:

    Looking For:
    First thing I'm looking for are people that read the entire profile. Really folks, is it that tough? And it saves a lot of pointless communication with clueless men who can't get past the pictures. That being said...

    Just looking for what every girl wants; someone hung, insatiable, who likes to share with his friends, and prefers an NSA connection.

    Not a sissy
    Not submissive
    Not going to top you
    Not going to dress you
    Strictly a bottom with men.
    No online play, real life only.
    Not a CD; I live 24/7 as a woman

    Yes, all the pictures in this profile are me.

    Tall, BBW, full-time tgirl who is fun to be with and very eager to please. Not a waif thin tumblr TG or Brazilian porn star, just an average looking (if tall) BBW MtF (transwoman) who really enjoys sex.

    Bottom only with men, with women all bets are off ;)

    Fantasies and / or real experiences:
    Not looking for hugging, kissing, or romance from men, just good hard NSA fun. I admit I almost never get naked to play. Lots of body issues that I have to deal with when naked and it stops me from having fun. That doesn't stop me from making what I have available.

    If you are looking for BDSM play I have over 30 years experience as a dominant. However at this time I am only interested in submissive females, submissive couples with both members present and actually submissive, and petite tgirls who are pain sluts.

    Drug, Disease, and Drama Free. You should be too

    Additional comments and things to do, see, hear or learn about:
    Would be nice to find a few regular FWBs. I have a flexible schedule; days and evenings are possible, weekends are a little tougher. Can't host. Please understand what TS and TG mean. It's embarrassing for you otherwise.
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