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    1. Strict Sir
      Strict Sir
      Good set of rules, and like you say, she can change anything at any time. It must all keep you on your toes, ever aware of your status. Not much autonomy at all, you must feel humble and loved.
    2. skD
      I like this rule you shared, "- I am to wear a wrist band to symbolize my submission to her. I am always aware of the band. When asked about it by a woman, I must answer truthfully." My KH just surprised me with a wrist bracelet that she intends to engrave. It is to symbolize my servitude to her...we had not discussed answering truthfully if a woman were to ask me....
    3. Trey Jones
      Trey Jones
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    May 5, 1975 (Age: 45)
    My key is held by:
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    • Submissive
    • Slave
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    Holy Trainer
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    I need to be controlled.
    I have noticed that some KHs have prepared detailed rules for their subs. Miss has not given me a list of rules but has, over time, told me what I must do. The other day I forgot one thing and suffered for it. I have decided, for my benefit, to list the "rules". She does change these

    - I am to be in chastity as this is a tool to enhance my submissiveness and ensure her control over me. I will be unlocked for cleaning, masturbation or if I have problems.

    - When not locked, I am to avoid erections and report any to Miss

    - Masturbation is a selfish act, I may only masturbate in the presence of another person

    - Miss shall control my body. I am required to pee once every 4 hours when awake. This ensures that I must plan my day to be near a washroom at the proper time and that I always am aware of her control. Usually during the last hour, bladder pressure becomes unbearable.

    - I am required to drink a glass of water. This is to help remove toxins and fats. It also affect Pee Control. Every hour I must think of her.

    - I am to wear a wrist band to symbolize my submission to her. I am always aware of the band. When asked about it by a woman, I must answer truthfully.

    - I am on diet which reduces fat, sugar and eliminates alcohol. I must record everything I eat in an app which she can view.

    - I must walk for 30 minutes each day. I am not to have a phone, money, watch, anything with me to distract. I must ask a woman for the time at the end of my walk. This will help overcome my natural shyness and bring me to the attention of dominant women.

    - I must engage socially. Currently involved with a CFNM group.

    - I must record all my activities in an app so she can adjust my activities

    - I have given control of my computer and phone through teamviewer and other apps

    - I must complete tasks as assigned.

    - I am being feminized.
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