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May 21, 2023
Jan 20, 2015 at 12:47 PM
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Long term member, from California

Out for a few hours today for a full body waxing appointment. ..But I am now re-locked, and the key is back in my time-safe Sep 19, 2021

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May 21, 2023
    1. Alana
      Out for a few hours today for a full body waxing appointment. ..But I am now re-locked, and the key is back in my time-safe
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    2. bknd90
      Just wanted to say you are very beautiful and thanks again for the welcome!
      1. Alana
        Aww, thanks for the compliment
        Aug 17, 2021
    3. Alana
      Just re-locked my time-safe for another 10 days
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      1. servingwife
        Jul 30, 2021
    4. Alana
      It's not impossible to get an erection in my mousetrap, ...but the small size of the tube ensures that it doesn't last very long :-)
      1. MiaLockedup
        Love your photos. May I ask what the size of your mousetrap is? Length, diameter. Thank you
        Jul 29, 2021
      2. Alana
        The ID is 1 1/8", the length is 2 1/2" PA setback is 0.55"
        Jul 29, 2021
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      3. MiaLockedup
        Thank you for the information. I will definitely look into this one.
        Jul 29, 2021
    5. Alana
      I am finally able to wear my mousetrap! I'll post a picture soon
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    6. Alana
      Finally stretched to 4ga, but my piercer recommends waiting an additional 3 weeks before wearing my shaft only cage
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    7. Alana
      I made an appointment to stretch to 4ga, didn't even occur to me to ask if they had any 4ga jewelry in stock. ...Awkward
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    8. Alana
      I had a mishap with my Jewelry falling out, I had to get my Piercers help to put it back in, ...But I had closed up a bit so I am now at 8ga
      1. servingwife
        my oh my. thats a real bummer.
        Dec 19, 2020
    9. Alana
      Healing from a new PA, hopefully I will be sufficiently healed to buy a new cage for Christmas
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      1. TinyPrincess
        Wow that’s sounds so exhilarating! Where does one go to have this done? Does it hurt? Congratulations I am so excited for you. Please keep us posted on this :)
        Sep 20, 2020
    10. Alana
      I have booked a PA piercing, I am both excited and terrified ,,,wish me luck
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      1. MiaLockedup
        Good luck sweetie
        Sep 12, 2020
      2. servingwife
        Good luck, dear. Just breathe calmly :)
        Sep 12, 2020
      3. celia sissy slave
        celia sissy slave
        Don't be terrified. it really was not that painful. and when they were done and i looked down for the first time and saw a small stainless steel padlock locked thru the piercing was the single most erotic moment of my life.
        Sep 19, 2020
    11. Alana
      It's been over 120 days since my last O! 1/3 of a year! ...Made possible by encouragement from THIS community. Thank You All
      1. tegelad
        Congratulations I just met my record of 15 (sans cage), and yeah I am a mental mess ....
        Aug 27, 2020
    12. Alana
      My timesafe unlocked this morning. I added another 10 days without opening it. This makes my next possible unlock date March 2nd.
      1. Guest 8311
        Guest 8311
        Keep it going!
        Feb 21, 2020
    13. Alana
      I'm now at 90 days without an O. My previous record was 60. I think I will try another 30 for a total of 120 days without an O
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      1. Guest 3992
        Guest 3992
        Wow...that is an achievement.
        Jan 31, 2020
    14. Alana
      Queens keep is back, I put it on and slept like a baby last night. Time will tell, but I may finally have a perfect fit.
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    15. Alana
      Queens Keep came back yesterday, I put it on and slept like a baby all night.
    16. Alana
      Sent my Queens Keep back for an adjustment, ...I feel naked
    17. Alana
      Freshly Waxed, and back in my cage
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    18. Alana
      Blissfully Frustrated
    19. Alana
      I've been gone a long time, this place looks a little different, and yet still feels like home
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    20. MissyVivian
      U have beautiful eyes
    21. Alana
      Queens Keep has arrived. I'm impressed so far, will review after wearing it for a while.
    22. Alana
      Queen's Keep is on it's way!
    23. Alana
      It has not been a continuous lockup , ...but It has been 1 month since my last O. Longest abstinence since puberty. ...And I'm loving it.
    24. Alana
      I Ordered my Queens Keep on Friday the 13th. I can't wait. I'm trying to decide what to do with my cb6ks once my QK arrives.
      1. permanentslave
        GREAT choice. MM is awesome and as far as the CB6k goes . . . plastic melts in a nice fire.
        Feb 14, 2015
    25. Alana
      Ordered sizing rings from Mature Metal. While it was an important first step in exploring chastity, I can't wait to kiss the cb6ks goodbye!
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    I love to be locked. I sometimes find cages uncomfortable (some more than others). But being locked up becomes pleasurable for me after a while. ...and yet I know it could be better. Even though I use a timesafe, I know when I can next get out. I'm missing the blissful denial, the cruelly intimate touch, and the creative tease of a Mistress/Key Holder

    The problem is, I am a divorced shy submissive, and I'm not very good at approaching people I'm attracted to, If my heart decides I'm attracted to someone, my tongue forgets how to talk. In spite of this, I'm Hoping to find a Dominant Woman who loves to touch and tease who might find me worthy enough to hold my key.

    If you are trying to be subtle with me, please don't be surprised or take offense if I don't pick up on it right away. Sometimes I just need a smack upside the head to get my attention. The direct method is usually best with me.
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