Comments on photo id Better than any other ring ;-) in the album "Mobile Uploads" created by chris82

  1. Rita
    I'll bet the 2nd ring will be more of a reminder to him!
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  2. Sunny
    The third one - eternal and in entirety!
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  3. filltee
    Is that type of cage really secure? They don't look it.
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  4. chris82
    Yeah mine is a great fit and although I could possibly get out after a long struggle it would hurt, I'd also still have it hanging off my balls which would be agony and I know if I got out that I couldn't get it back in
  5. Mash2214
    Wearing a wedding ring doesn't have to be on your finger. Very Nice
    chris82 likes this.
  6. filltee
    chris82 I was meaning that to us the cage allows too much access.
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