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  1. Sissy6016
    Im locked up feeling so loved by my gorgeous KH thank you muah.
  2. limsub
    limsub UKdomF
    Hello and welcome to the Mansion Ma'am. Hope you are finding it useful
  3. Tim Briles
    Tim Briles
    Not locked but iso help
  4. slimswitch
    Today I'm not feeling shame at my tiny cage, or gratitude at being locked (much) or wild mood swings. Just overwhelming sexual frustration!
  5. Junebug15
    Junebug15 Mist_inf
    Nice to see you on here
  6. jvabox
    update 98 days locked 24/7, Wife / Goddess taking to FLR well for being so vanilla, latest new task kissing her naked sweet ass at tuck in
  7. oudeis
  8. CrabbyVanSkeggy
    Woke up my girlfriend too early this morning by dry humping her in my cage, now I got an extra day of no release
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  9. medfet878
    medfet878 lrnck345
    On day 23 of being in chastity land and wondering how the adventure is gonna go.
  10. Locked4wifey
    I'm free.... For now.
  11. oudeis
    One of those sleepless nights
  12. Jaimy
  13. Coyotie
    Coyotie UKdomF
    In answer to your question i would be self locking, I dont have a key holder. I must admit to trying bondage with a previous partner unfortunately it didnt last (the relationship) so it was only a brief dalliance , but i did find it quite stimulating, unable to control what was going to happen and someone else being in control, it is a huge turn on.
  14. oudeis
    oudeis CaramelMochaBoss
    Welcome to Chastity Mansion. I hope you enjoy your stay. I know I do already since the art in your gallery is fantastic. :)
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  15. slimswitch
    Now the longest I've ever been locked (9 days). Going up the wall with frustration. No release until at least 2020-06-07.
  16. Coyotie
    Enjoying the lovely weather........
  17. Orallover
    A new cage, better sleeps, 4 days in now and up for a good spanking tonight...
  18. Coyotie
    Coyotie UKdomF
    Ive been practicing chastity for a year or so now the longest i gone is a week. It gets uncomfortable in a morning but i manage. As its an under garment, its not visible and if i say, it can be a turn on as i know but people around me dont. Im currently unlocked but that could change by the end of the week.
    1. UKdomF
      That sounds exciting. Will you be self locking or having someone to force that upon you?
      From your other comment, I dont see it as punishment either. I enjoy bondage and restraints of various kinds and chastity is the ultimate. A massive turn on for me is that you can be locked up and still go about your normal life, just with a consent reminder of who is in charge :)
      Jun 2, 2020 at 9:33 PM
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  19. jackburden
    Apparently it's been shipped and in the mail ... :-)
  20. Disciplined Boyfriend
    Disciplined Boyfriend
    I love my Mistress
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  21. Coyotie
    Coyotie UKdomF
    Hi ukdomf.
    It can be a little overwhelming getting all this information all at ounce. I can only give you my thoughts. For me being locked is a form of restraint not punishment, im looking for someone willing to control when i am allowed to ejaculate .
    Being single its far to easy to cheat without a key holder. Then there is the teasing side of it which I have yet to experiance.
  22. Rawrliana
    Hello everyone ‍♀️ I’m Liana,I’m a 34yo trans woman from Colorado. I’ve been fascinated with chastity for a few years now.
  23. Hairybear
    New!! Please say hi and be gentle
  24. Coyotie
    Coyotie UKdomF
    Hello and welcome, I am new here myself. I have been experimenting with a cage and looking for either active participation or remote key holder. Would love to hear back on your thoughts. I'm in the Uk Midlands based. Hope everything works our for you.
    1. UKdomF
      Hi, there is so much to take in, I'm like a kid in a sweet shop. Are you locked up now? How long have you worn for?
      Jun 1, 2020 at 11:22 PM
  25. chastesoon
    I love the feeling of my cock in it’s cage, it feels so right!
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