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Chastity Contracts

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Mistress Watchful, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Here is one I like for a female led marriage. It provides what I think of as a reasonable basis for changes in the contract and control while still maintaining her in a superior position.

    Contract of Service

    This Contract of Service (Contract or Agreement) is entered into voluntarily by both parties without duress of any kind. This Agreement is by and between ______________ (Wife) and _____________ (Husband).

    Article I Recitals

    1.1 Whereas, Husband acknowledges his deep need for loving female authority, and guidance.

    1.2 Whereas, it is in the interest of both parties to have a strong and loving marriage.

    1.3 Therefor, Husband, desiring to improve himself and the marital relationship, has wisely concluded that he should agree to a Contract of Service for the benefit of Wife, in which substantially all control of the relationship is in her hands. Wife, in exchange, offers to fulfill Husbands need for loving female authority under this Agreement.

    Article II Definitions

    2.01 Abrogate the Contract The rejection by the Husband of the Contract, leaving the marriage without any terms other than the original marriage vows. Permitted at only one time a year.

    2.02 Chastity Device A locking device for preventing both erection and Orgasm, but allowing for urination and reasonable hygiene. Currently the CB2000.

    2.03 Orgasm (male) An ejaculatory release of semen.

    2.04 Prostate Milking The massage of the prostate gland in such a manner as to release ejaculate and/or other accumulated fluids without an Orgasm.

    2.05 Punishment Period of Denial A period of time in which Husband is denied an Orgasm for punishment, as opposed to ordinary periods of denial.

    2.06 Regular Duties A list of chores, duties and responsibilities and their frequency of performance.

    2.07 Review A regular meeting in which performance under this Agreement is evaluated. This is also the time when Husband should make any confessions of infractions of the Rules. Husband will be offered an opportunity to express comments, concerns and thoughts for the Wifes consideration.

    2.08 Rules In general, this Agreement in its entirety, as well as any Special Duties, Programs, Rules or requirements Wife may impose at any time.

    2.09 Special Duties A list, though it may not be in writing, of tasks, chores, duties, actions and responsibilities to be performed, typically of a limited or non-recurring nature.

    2.10 Special Programs Actions to accomplish a specific goal, e.g. weight loss, stop smoking, eat healthier, etc.

    2.11 Unauthorized Orgasm Any Orgasm Husband has by any means that occurs without Wifes specific permission.

    2.12 Unauthorized Sexual Contact Any contact with Husbands genitals, by anyone without Wifes specific permission, regardless of whether an Orgasm occurs or not.

    Article III General Terms

    3.01 Husband will always treat Wife with the utmost respect and affection in and outside the home.

    3.02 Husband agrees to cheerfully and without complaint immediately comply with all of Wifes requests.

    3.03 Husband agrees, if after full discussion no consensus is reached, to defer to her decisions in all matters.

    3.04 Husband agrees to accept without complaint or argument her evaluation of his performance under this Contract.

    3.05 Husband agrees to accept any punishments she may decide to impose for breaches of the Rules or this Contract.

    3.06 Husband agrees to perform Regular Duties to the best of his abilities as detailed in Exhibit A.

    3.07 Husband agrees to perform Special Duties as Wife may require of him from time to time.

    3.08 Husband agrees to take all necessary steps and follow direction to accomplish the goals Wife sets out in Special Programs.

    3.09 Husband agrees to promptly and completely confess all infractions of the Rules or terms of this Contract.

    3.10 Husband agrees to provide sexual services to Wife at any time, in any manner and under any conditions she desires. Including, but not limited to, providing her with as many orgasms as she desires regardless of whether or not he is permitted one.

    3.11 Husband agrees to accept without complaint, both verbal or through physical demeanor or facial expression, Wifes decisions regarding any sexual contact he may have with her.

    3.12 Husband agrees that even during sexual relations with Wife, he must seek permission for his Orgasm before it is inevitable.

    Article IV Chastity

    4.01 Husband surrenders complete control of his Orgasm to Wife. She alone has the power to permit him an Orgasm.

    4.02 Husband shall not seek, nor permit, any unauthorized sexual contact, as defined in 2.12.

    4.03 Wife has graciously decided that Husband will not be kept in a Chastity Device permanently.

    4.04 Wife has generously decided that Husband will not be punished for an Unauthorized Orgasm, provided that it:
    is confessed to her no later that the first Review following its occurrence,
    has been at least 30 days since the last Unauthorized Orgasm,
    did not occur during a Punishment Period of Denial, and
    did not occur during a period in which his performance of Regular and Special Duties was less than acceptable.

    4.05 Wife decides the method, manner and severity of punishments for Unauthorized Orgasm.

    4.06 Wife may choose to conclude that an Unauthorized Orgasm has occurred solely on the basis of slipping performance of Regular and Special Duties. In this event, she will pick the date from within the last Review period to be deemed the date of the Unauthorized Orgasm.

    4.07 Notwithstanding other punishments that she may impose, Wife has determined the minimum punishment for an Unauthorized Orgasm to be:
    confinement in a Chastity Device for a period of not less than 30 days,
    a Punishment Period of Denial of 30 days to run concurrently with Chastity Device confinement, and
    30 spanks on the bare buttocks with the implement of her choice.

    4.08 Wife acknowledges that for the general health of Husband, if he has not been permitted an Orgasm for 28 days or more, including during Punishment Periods of Denial, that his prostate will be milked no later than 35 days from his last Orgasm or Prostate Milking.

    4.09 During periods of enforced chastity, Husband will be allowed out of the Chastity Device for routine cleanings and teasings, at times and under conditions to be determined by Wife.

    4.10 While confined in a Chastity Device, Husband will always have access to an emergency key, which will be in tamper evident packaging. The unopened package must be shown to Wife upon her request, and returned following the end of his period of enforced chastity.

    4.11 Unauthorized removal of the Chastity Device is a punishable offense. In addition, there will be an immediate presumption that an Unauthorized Orgasm occurred. Furthermore, the provisions of 4.04, exempting certain Unauthorized Orgasms from punishment, will not apply in this case.

    Article V Punishments

    5.01 Husband surrenders to Wife the complete discretion to determine the manner, form and severity of punishments.

    5.02 Punishments may include but are not limited to:
    extra duties or chores,
    denial of other forms of affection for a specified period of time,
    extending the period of Orgasm denial, such extension known as a Punishment Period of Denial,
    confinement in a Chastity Device for a specified period of time, and
    spankings, strappings and canings.

    5.03 Wife, in her sole discretion, may offer Husband a choice between two or more punishments.

    Article VI Privileges

    Wife, in her kindness and wisdom, grants the following privileges to Husband:

    6.01 Husband may masturbate to the edge of Orgasm as often as he desires, when not confined in the Chastity Device. Privilege to masturbate is not approval for Orgasm, and Husband assumes the full risk and responsibility for even an unintentional Orgasms, which will be treated as Unauthorized.

    6.02 Husband may initiate a request for sex with Wife at any time, and cheerfully accept her answer, or her terms under which it will occur.

    6.03 Husband will not be required to disclose the contents of this Agreement to anyone.

    6.04 Husband will not be required to wear the Chastity Device for medical checkups or procedures, or in other circumstances where exposure is unavoidable. Husband may agree to wear the device in such circumstances.

    6.05 Husband may offer ideas and suggestions, especially in anticipation of her needs, on any matter that may arise between them.

    6.06 Husband will not be humiliated or belittled personally or in front of others in any fashion.

    6.07 Every Sunday at a time of Wifes convenience, a Review will be held. This will cover the following items:
    Husbands performance for the week
    Husbands confessions of infractions of the Rules
    Husbands comments, concerns and thoughts are offered for her consideration. Husband must not state these as requests, merely express his desires and feelings. Wife, being the fair and loving person she is, will take these under consideration. Her decisions about his comments will be final. Inasmuch as these are not requests, she is under no obligation to respond to them at the time of the Review.

    Article VII Amendment and Renewal

    7.01 The term of this Agreement is a calendar year, January 1 through December 31. The Agreement may be extended and renewed indefinitely.

    7.02 Wife has the full authority to amend this Agreement at any time, not only in the addition to Regular and Special Duties, but also in any other aspect.

    7.03 Wife expresses the opinion that more restrictive is not necessarily better, that her objective is not to merely increase rigidity or severity of control; but rather to improve the marital relationship. Therefore, Wife has generously decided of her own accord that such amendments during the course of the calendar year will not materially increase the restrictiveness of the terms of service. Wife has the sole discretion to determine whether or not such changes constitute material increase in severity.

    7.04 With the exception of the first Review of the new calendar year, Husband will graciously be permitted to propose changes to this Contract and his reasons on the first Review of a calendar quarter. In order to preserve the final authority of Wife, this is not a negotiation, Wife has final authority to accept all, some or none of the changes proposed by Husband.

    7.05 The first Review following the start of the calendar year, is special as it sets up the renewal of the Contract of Service. It is the one time when Husband has the most freedom, essentially to accept or Abrogate the Contract. Husband must do one of the following:
    Accept the then current Contract (with changes made during the course of the year, including those which may have been made specifically for the new calendar year),
    Accept With Concerns that certain provisions may be so restrictive that he fears he may Abrogate the Contract, or
    Abrogate the Contract in its entirety.

    7.06 Abrogation of the Contract does not mean the end of the marriage, but such decision should be viewed as of similar magnitude. Husband pledges not to attempt to use this privilege as a negotiating ploy, but to do so only in the most extreme situation.

    7.07 In the event that Husband Accepts With Concerns, the Contract as currently amended by Wife is renewed for a period of one month. On the first Review of February, Husband must select either to renew the then current Contract for the balance of the year, or to Abrogate the Contract in its entirety. Wife may, of her own decision, choose to amend the Contract he is presented on the first Review of February as the one to be completely Accepted or Abrogated. The Contract he is presented in February has only two options for Husband; Accept or Abrogate.

    Agreed to this date _________________________

    Husband: _________________________________

    Wife: ____________________________________

    Exhibit A Regular Duties

    Husbands Regular Duties are as follows, subject to amendment without notice:

    <fill in what you need>

    Exhibit B Rules

    In addition to the entire Contract, Regular and Special Duties, and Special Programs, the following Rules are prescribed:

    <fill in what you need>
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    I do not have a contract as such, as I am currently without keyholder. However, being a general mad fucker and a masochist and a chastity, orgasm denial and humiliation slut, I rather like the idea of a permananet chastity arrangement:


    Definition of Permanent Chastity and Denial – the state of being kept in chastity and denial in perpetuity, with permission for release explicitly and permanently forbidden.

    The chastity device stays on 24/7. NO releases. Perpetual chastity, perpetual orgasm denial. The only reason for removing the device would be (a) a genuine medical emergency or urgent personal hygiene / cleaning need, (b) to replace it if it becomes damaged, or (c) to replace it with a better quality device. Other than those stipulations, the device stays on perpetually.

    In chastity, perpetuity!
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    This is the contract that me & my wife both agreed to sign up too


    This Contract is between Husband Mr M***** & Wife Mrs M*****

    I)The key holder in this contract will be Mrs M***** who will be referred to as Mrs M.

    II)The chaste in this contract will be Mr M****** who will be referred to as Mr M.

    III)Chastity device is the instrument that confines by locking mechanism the male genitalia and prevents erections, masturbation, and orgasm.
    IV)Confinement is the period in which Mr M is locked into the chastity device.
    V)Schedule is the period of time determined by Mrs M between releases.
    Purpose of Contract:
    The main objective of this contract is to break Mr M of his negative attitude & behaviour towards Mrs M and to reaffirm the love and commitment made under marriage by means of a Chastity device.
    It is further understood between the parties that Mr M, by entering said contract, forfeits all rights and privileges to his manhood as well as his sexual freedom and that he will only be able to utilize said appendage following approval from Mrs M.
    It is further agreed that Mrs M as the key holder has the absolute power and authority to make any and all rules regarding the usage of Mr M's appendage and Mrs M can change, modify, or alter those rules for any reason at any time.
    Terms & conditions
    I) Mr M will not touch, fondle, or masturbate said appendage at any time unless permission is granted by Mrs M.
    II) Mr M will be confined in the male chastity device at all time's, for any length of time as dictated by Mrs M.
    III) Mrs M as the key holder may or may not determine a schedule for release.
    IV) Mrs M as the key holder can withhold the privilege of release for any reason, justified or not.
    V) Mr M will show complete commitment & devotion to Mrs M throughout the duration of this contract.
    VI) Mr M to administer pleasurable acts on Mrs M that are required for her Own satisfaction.
    VII) Performing acts stated in VI does NOT guarantee release, This decision remains with Mrs M.
    VIII) Mr M to quit smoking within 6 mths of commencing date.

    Breach of contract:
    I) harass or Badgers Mrs M for early release at any time.
    II) Upsets or causes distress to Mrs M in ANY WAY.
    III) Failure to adhere to any and all terms and conditions.
    Consequences of Breach:
    Any violation of above is deemed a serious breach and therefore Mrs M, without limitation, may or may not do any of the following:
    1) Extended period of confinement without release.
    2) Complete denial of release.
    3) Alter previous schedule.
    4) Employ disciplinary measures to be determined at the time of punishment
    5) Cease to be the key holder.
    Length of Contract:
    Length of said contract to be solely determined by Mrs M without reservation by Mr M.
    Both parties enter into this contract voluntarily, consensually and of their own free will and agree to all terms and conditions without reservation.
    Therefore let it be known by this agreement that Mr M has now and until this contract is terminated, forfeited all rights to his sexual freedom, as well as use of his appendage and this contract when signed is binding on both parties.


    Date: ______ November 2009
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    Set of Rules

    Rather than a contract we used a set of rules, as we decided that KH wasn't actually committing to do anything - hope someone finds it useful:

    Rules XXX has to follow after giving KH The Key.

    These rules start immediately and continue indefinitely


    1. XXX never asks KH to unlock him. If he does it will be ignored and XXX accepts that KH would have every right to be very angry and impose punishments of her choosing as it is denying her control. The only exception is for medical reasons (chafing or pinching or anything else not healthy).
    2. XXX lets KH (and KH alone) decide when to unlock him. There are no time limits.
    3. Even if KH unlocks him, XXX still needs permission to orgasm, which may or may not be granted. XXX has given KH control of his orgasms completely and indefinitely.
    4. XXX accepts that KH may request and immediately receive any sensual or sexual gratification wherever and as often as she likes from XXX in any form that takes her fancy, obviously including, but not limited to, normal intercourse, with or without XXX achieving release.
    5. XXX accepts he will be immediately re-locked after release with no arguments if KH decides that is what she wants.
    6. XXX must make a point of paying a lot of extra attention to Hygiene to avoid health problems and must tell KH immediately if he thinks there are problems. KH will decide if these are serious enough to warrant unlocking. If lock period is for an extended period, weekly cleaning is needed.
    7. XXX will have access to a back-up key for extreme medical emergencies, but sealed and signed by KH and will only use it for genuine emergencies and with her permission.

    For KH NO RULES, but XXX humbly requests that:

    1. KH doesnt tell XXX in advance when she will unlock him, or if she does, he accepts that she can always change her mind without telling him in advance.

    2. KH keeps the key safe and secure but XXX does not know where.

    3. KH will continually flirt with and tease XXX without mercy, and delay his releases for so many days or even weeks that he will regret signing this, but any protestations or pleas will be not only be ignored but may lead to even more teasing or longer periods of lock-up.


    KH can make whatever unreasonable demands she wants whenever she likes. She has complete freedom. If she thinks it would be fun to do so, she may change or add to these rules at will, and XXX agrees to abide by any changes or additions she chooses to make without argument.

    By signing below, XXX acknowledges that he is probably the luckiest man alive, is married to the most gorgeous woman on the face of this earth and undertakes to love her, cherish her and adore her accordingly - forever and without limit.

    Signed:________________________ Date:__________________________
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    Contract for TerrysBoi


    THIS CHASTITY AGREEMENT ("AGREEMENT") entered into on this ____th day of
    __________, _________ by and between _________________ ("HUSBAND") and
    _________________ ("WIFE").

    WHEREAS, each party desires to enter into an agreement defining behaviors to enhance the
    relationship between HUSBAND and WIFE.

    NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

    1. Definitions.
    "Chastity" is defined as being deprived of the ability to receive physical sexual
    gratification through touching, rubbing or otherwise physically contacting the genitalia.

    "Chastity device" is any physical device that enforces chastity upon a person.

    2. HUSBAND's Covenants. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement,
    HUSBAND agrees to:

    a) Be bound in chastity by a chastity device ("DEVICE") at all times during the
    effective period of this agreement.
    b) Surrender all keys or other devices or methods for removing DEVICE to WIFE.
    c) Diligently, to the best of his ability, perform any task or duty assigned by WIFE
    regardless of the sexual or non-sexual nature of the task.
    d) Accept any discipline that WIFE may impose.
    e) Be immediately available to WIFE during all non-working hours of WIFE except
    as permitted in writing or directed by WIFE.
    f) Offer affection in the form of stroking, petting, kissing, massages, baths, or
    other pleasant actions above and beyond the basic needs and wants of WIFE
    without the request of WIFE on a regular basis.

    3. WIFE's Covenants. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, WIFE
    agrees to:

    a) Bind HUSBAND in chastity by a chastity device ("DEVICE") at all times
    during the effective period of this agreement.
    b) Maintain all keys or other devices or methods for removing DEVICE such that
    HUSBAND cannot access keys or devices except with the explicit permission of
    c) Release HUSBAND from device for health reasons, doctor appointments, and
    supervised periods of exercise.
    d) Closely supervise HUSBAND during periods of release from DEVICE to
    enforce HUSBAND's chastity.
    e) Deny HUSBAND, to the best of her ability, any form of sexual release.
    f) Be affectionate and loving to HUSBAND such that HUSBAND is kept in a state
    of sexual arousal a large percentage of the time.
    g) Direct HUSBAND to satisfy all sexual desires except in the case where
    HUSBAND is physically unavailable. This includes desires that would have
    been satisfied by masterbation prior to this agreement.

    4. Jurisdiction.
    This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the
    State of _________, except its rules as to choice of laws. The parties agree that any
    claims or other actions arising out of this Agreement shall be litigated in the Federal or
    State courts in ____________ County, ________ and each party consents to the
    jurisdiction of such courts.

    5. Termination.
    WIFE may terminate this agreement in writing at any time. HUSBAND has no right of
    termination. This agreement will be terminated immediately upon any legal action of
    either party to terminate the marriage between HUSBAND and WIFE.

    6. Modifications.
    No modifications of this Agreement or waiver of any of its terms will be effective
    unless set forth in a writing signed by the parties. Failure by any party to require the
    other to perform any of the terms of this Agreement, or waiver by any party of any
    breach of this Agreement by the other shall not prevent subsequent enforcement of
    such term or be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach thereof.

    7. Miscellaneous.
    This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and
    not to their respective successors and assigns. Neither party may transfer or assign its
    interests in this Agreement, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the

    Each provision of this Agreement shall be valid and enforced to the fullest extent
    permitted by law. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement
    shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision.

    This Agreement constitutes the complete understanding between the parties of each
    party's obligations to the other relating chastity. All prior negotiations, representations,
    discussions, contracts or agreements concerning chastity by the parties hereto are
    cancelled and merged herein.

    The headings are for reference purposes only and shall not affect the interpretation of
    any provision of this Agreement

    Copies or faxcimiles of this document shall not be valid or binding unless the copy
    contains the original signatures of both parties.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties understand this Agreement and execute this Agreement as
    of the date first set forth above.

    __________________________ ____________________________
    Name: __________________________ Name: ____________________________
    Date: __________________________ Date: ____________________________
  6. rrjones

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    Here is the one my wife/kh drew up for me

    Once your signature has been placed on this paper, you will adhere to all of the rules, and be in agreement to, all of the punishments for breaking those rules.
    Understand that there may come a time these rules and punishments have to be revisited and revised.
    No amount of pouting or tantrums will be tolerated. Because I love you so deeply, I feel a real need to guide you in the best ways possible. Your tendency to be guided by your libido has not served you well in this marriage. My first objective is to reign you in so that I have no need of worry when you are not in my presence. You will lovingly wear your chastity cage as a constant reminder of your shame for infidelity and renewed devotion to your family.
    No time limits will be set for each infraction, as I will determine the severity of the infraction on a case by case basis and decide the amount of time encased.
    1. I will decide how often you wear this. No matter how much you may not want to wear it, you will agree without argument. I will take health issues into accountbut not a little discomfort. Sores or infections are health issues. When I say it is time to put it back on, whether you or I do it, it will be done. NO ARGUMENT!
    2. You will begin reading The Love Dare and The Five Love Languages with not only me, but your entire family in mind. When you express attitudes and actions that I feel are destructive, I will give you a warning cough. That will be your signal to stop whatever that is without making you feel belittled in front of our children. (We can discuss, in a calm, loving manner, what I didnt agree with and come to an agreeable solution later on, but not in front of our children.)
    3. You will not spend your weekends home lying on the couch and sleeping all day unless I agree because I see that you truly need the rest. Im tired, too. We will work together to clean house and do yard work. You must do a job to my standards.
    4. Lying is an infraction. If the lie is in anyway tied to thoughts or actions of infidelity, punishment will be doubly severe.
    5. If you belittle, call names, or insult anyone in our family you will gain time for each offense. I am the deciding factor on what is offensive, whether you agree or not. With each day, you will no longer have to guess at what bad behavior is.
    6. Openly flirting with or leering at ANY female in my presence (to include my friends) is unacceptable. This behavior when you are away from me is also unacceptable.
    7. Clearing your internet or phone history without my permission is unacceptable.
    8. Whatever request I make of you, you will humbly agree and put your ego or dislike aside. Any arguing or belligerence will add more time to your confinement.
    9. No matter how unsatisfied or neglected you may feel, you will work hard to please me in any way I deem necessary for my own emotional or physical health and wellbeing. You will do what I request with love and humility. (This may include, but is not limited to: massages, baths, foot rubs and pedicures, satisfying me sexually, playing games, taking care of our children, running errands, etc.)
    10. I can and probably will add to this as time goes along.
    KH____________________________________________ Date______________________________
    Chaste__________________________________________ Date______________________________
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    Wow, some of these are so long and detailed. I mean, I think I'd probably end up poring over one, looking for loopholes.
  8. Kmilla1984

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    Great Thread!

    This thread serves as a great guidline to my future contract. Thank Y/you all for making this thread possible!!
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    University Student Chastity Contact

    This is my contract that I one day (before September) hope to god to present a Keyholder and sign it with her, and begin the ultimate desire for me at this time in my life.... :)

    its just a starting point for a contract... not the final one

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    University Chastity
    Chastity Agreement between a Keyholder/Mistress and a slave

    This chastity contract is designed to be used for a male slave who will be going to a University or higher education facility for three years. It is designed to create extreme distress and discomfort during a time of sexual exploration, a party atmosphere and a period of self-discovery. The slave understands that to have a Keyholder during this tempting time is an honour and a privilege.
    Ideally, the slave would have had experience with chastity and the cleaning routines that come with it, as this contract will plunge the slave into the deep end of chastity.

    Period of Chastity
    The length of the contract, which date it comes into effect and which date the contract is no longer valid.

    Start Date​
    1st September 2010 = The slave visits the Keyholder. The CB6000s device is cleaned, fitted, made sure that it isnt pinching or hurting anywhere, and then locked. The lock can be whatever the Keyholder sees fit. The lock can be modified in anyway to make it harder to tamper with. But, the modification mustnt make the unlocking of the device impossible. The front of the device mustnt be obstructed to allow urination and cleaning. The Keyholder may or may not let the slave orgasm before the device is locked.

    End Date ​
    30th June 2013 = This will be the end of the slaves last university term and therefore the official end of university so the slave is to be unlocked. The lock will come off and the device will be given back to the student. The Keyholder may or may not want the slave to orgasm in her presence. She can dismiss him as soon as he is unlocked or talk about the experience with him.

    Keyholder Intiated Extension​
    1st July 2013 = The Keyholder has the option on the 30th June to extend the chastity period from the end of the university year to the end of a full three years. This would mean that the chastity will be in place till the 31st August 2013. The Keyholder can engage this extension only at the end of the definitive end date of the 30th of June. The slave has no say over the extension.

    Agreed Extension​
    1st September 2013 = The Keyholder and slave may both agree together that they wish to continue their chastity lifestyle with each other. This period can be from as small as a 1month chastity period, to a permanent chastity period with no release. This can only be enforced if both the Keyholder and the slave agree to this. If not, then chastity must not ensue.

    Sexual Releases
    This can involve orgasms, ruined orgasms, anal stimulation, anal or oral sex or use of sex toys on the slave by either the Keyholder of the slave itself.

    The Keyholder is allowed to give the slave 9 orgasms throughout the three years of chastity in university. These dont need to be
    spread out evenly through the years. The Keyholder doesnt have to administer the 9 orgasms as this is the maximum number the slave must receive. The slave many not receive any orgasms.

    Ruined Orgasms​
    Orgasm where the sensation is ruined through techniques that are of the Keyholders choosing may be used. They are allowed in an unlimited amount, it is up to the Keyholder to decide.

    Anal Stimulation​
    The slave is allow to use buttplugs, dildos and other anal objects to stimulate his anus. This may be for pleasure or for prostate milking. The Keyholder can set guidelines but the slave doesnt need to
    adhere to them. The Keyholder may punish the slave for not following her guide lines.

    Anal or Oral Sex​
    This is entirely prohibited for the slave, unless the Keyholder is present and is administering it or she has given her expressed wish that you may partake in these activities.

    Sex Toys​
    Sex toys can be used, but only with permission obtained before hand by the Keyholder. She may choose to confiscate all sex toys from the slave before or during the chastity period. She must give them back after the chastity period is over.

    Permission from the Keyholder is needed to view pornography of any kind. The Keyholder may restrict certain genres of porn and may force the to watch porn as a way of undermining the slave and torturing him.

    These fall into three catagories of seriousness from no offence, to mild offences to extreme offences.

    No Offence​
    This is where the slave has done nothing wrong but the Keyholder fills like she wants to punish the slave for her own amusement. If there is a request for this, the slave must be given 24 hours notice so he can make travel arrangements, etc. The slave cannot stay long term at the Keyholders premises (max of three days). Punishment can range from verbal abuse, up to and including medium corporal punishment.

    Mild Offences​
    This is where the slave has done something slightly wrong. This could be looking at porn without permission, using sex toys without permission or other slight offences. 24 hours notice has to be given by the Keyholder so the slave can make travel arrangements. The slave maximum stay at the Keyholders premises would increase to 7 days maximum. Punishment can range from bondage and medium corporal punishment and up to but not including body modification.

    Extreme Offences​
    The second most extreme offence is talking to other Keyholders or Mistresses. This is a sign of disrespect at the ability of the Keyholder and the Keyholder can punish the slave with no notice, so he must immediately go to the Keyholder. The punishment that can be given is anything between verbal up to body modification. The slave must accept any punishment given or face an additional year on his chastity period.

    Orgasm without permission is the most serious offence that a slave can commit. Whether or not they own up to it, the Keyholder can impose permanent chastity on the slave. The slave has no say other this and must accept the punishment. If not, the Keyholder may result to using other punishment methods until he accepts. Long term bondage can be used as a punishment also, with no limit on the amount of time that can be spent in it (but need consideration for the slaves university studies). The Keyholder may also dismiss the slave, and can keep the chastity device if she wishes.

    Check Ups
    This is to ensure that the slaves cock is in good condition and there are no serious health problems

    Webcam Checking​
    This has to be done a minimum of twice a month. This Keyholder can ask for more random checks but she must do at least two a month. If not, the contract is void and the slave may leave chastity. The checks can be done at anytime and the slave must show evidence within the hour of being asked.

    Real Time Check​
    Real time checks should be done at least once every two months, but ideally more. It allows the Keyholder to not only get a detailed look of the condition of the cock but also to tease the slave. These real time checks should be used for cleaning, but the Keyholder doesnt need to clean the cage out if she doesnt want to. The slave should need to touch his cock throughout this period of release for cleaning.


    Get Out Clause​
    The slave can get out of his university chastity at anytime throughout the three years. He will need to tell the Keyholder of his intentions. He will then need to wait 4 days to make sure that he really does want out. If after the 4 day period of comtemplation he still wants out, he is released. But only if he agrees to pay compensation to the Keyholder. He has to give the Keyholder 4% of his earning after tax for 6 years when his is earning more then 26,000 per year. Here, the Keyholder may result to collecting information to use as leverage when trying to get a payment out of him. If the slave wants out of chastity because he has found another Keyholder and a girlfriend, then he will be required to give 12% of his earnings for 6 years when he is earning more then 26,000 per year. This is to compensate for the humiliation of being rejected for another Keyholder. There is no get out clause for permenant chastity.

    No finance should be involved when the slave is in the contract under his own means and hasnt done anything wrong. Money should be exchanged when he intiates his Get Out Clause

    Cooling Off​
    He has two months from the 1st September to the 1st of November in which the slave can pull out of the contract with no reprucussions. This cooling off period is designed to make sure the slave is going to gain from the experience and the Keyholder can get pleasure from the experience also. The same cooling off period applies when the slave and Keyholder have agreed to permenant chastity.

    University work comes before chastity and the Keyholders desires. This means that she must realise his work and study is extremely important and needs to be done to the best his ability. This doesnt mean he can neglect the needs of the Keyholder.


    I, the Keyholder (_____________________) agree to these terms and conditions within this contract and agree to be the Keyholder for the slave for this agreed period of time.

    I, the slave (__________________________) agree to these terms and conditions and agree that i want to be placed into chastity for the duration of my further education.

    Sign: Keyholder_____________________________

    Sign: slave_______________________________

  10. onlinebritishsub

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    wow!! what a great idea.. now I must find someone.. hihi
  11. elkies

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    Kelkel's and mine


    1. Definitions:

    Throughout this contract, these terms are used with following definitions.

    Chastity: Prevention of all kinds of sexual behavior, including sexual intercourse and masturbation.

    Chastity Device: Any lockable, wearable device designed to keep user's chastity and to prevent touching user's genitals by wearing and locking-up.

    User: The individual who will wear the device according to this contract, and who is to keep ones own chastity. By definition the user has granted control of his sexual organs and services to the keyholder.

    Key-holder: The individual who will lock the device up and will hold the key according to this contract. By definition the keyholder has absolute say in the use of the users sexual organs.

    Name of the Keyholder: Kelly

    Name of the User: Tom

    2. User's obligation:

    By signing this contract User indemnifies Keyholder from any damage occurring based on any actions meeting the terms of this contract.

    User is under the following obligations:

    a. User wears the device at all times except when granted release by Keyholder

    b. User is prohibited to engage in any sexual activity without the Keyholder's permission.

    c. User is prohibited to masturbate or ejaculate without the Keyholder's permission. User shall immediately report to Keyholder any instances of unauthorized ejaculation, be they intentional or unintentional

    d. Making efforts to remove the device by User is forbidden.

    e. It is the responsibility of User to maintain the device cleanliness.

    f. User is prohibited seeking permission in removing the device to Keyholder for the sake of User's sexual satisfaction.

    g. User shall provide chastity device, lock, and plastic serialized tags to Keyholder.

    h. User shall notify Keyholder at least 1 week in advance of any medical appointments requiring removal of chastity device.

    i. User shall notify Keyholder as far as reasonably possible of any need to pass through metal detectors requiring replacement of padlock with serialized plastic tag.

    3. Keyholder's obligation:

    Keyholder is under following obligation:

    a. The main key will always be under the supervision of Keyholder.

    b. Keyholder will make one emergency key available to User for use in medical emergency, doctor appointments, and any other situation in which necessitates the devices removal.

    c. Keyholder has the obligation to pay attention to User's health condition and arrange necessary suitable treatment, when any disorders are identified on the user's body.

    d. Keyholder will permit at least one removal of device in a seven-day period for cleaning and shaving.

    e. Keyholder shall be discreet, never disclosing the fact that she controls User's sex in any manner that would affect family or work obligations.

    f. Keyholder shall remove chastity device for medical appointments, supervising if desired.

    g. Keyholder shall provide for periodic seminal release for User at the frequency and method of her choosing.

    4. Maintenance:

    User will receive monthly maintenance sessions, during which time, he shall wear the Pico device instead of the daily device. The Pico device will be put on immediately before the first maintenance session and will be removed after the final maintenance session that day, unless Keyholder elects to have User remove it at her discretion.

    5. Pico Device:

    Keyholder has the right to require User to wear the Pico device at any time in lieu of the daily device, at her discretion. The maximum amount of time the Pico device will be left on is 48 hours.

    6. Duration of the contract:

    There is no determination on the duration of this contract. It means that this contract is valid for an indefinite period.

    7. Cancellation of the contract:

    User never requests the cancellation of the contract except the following cases.

    a. The relationship between User and Keyholder ends.

    b. Either User or Keyholder is unable to execute ones obligation due to long-term illness or some other reasons.

    c. It becomes obvious that wearing the chastity device results in serious health problems for User.

    Both User and Keyholder agreed on all the above with free will.

    Keyholder Signature:

    User Signature:
  12. 117

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    117 agreement

    Chastity belt agreement
    this is what i have signed CHASTITY BELT - RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENT

    To insure a successful marriage, the cuckold husband will agree to the following regarding the penis which will now be called the marital penis:

    The Wife will have complete ownership and control of the marital penis.

    The husband has no right of privacy during the periods of time set forth in the husband's dress code below. Therefore, bathroom doors must remain open when the marital penis is urinating so that the Wife may inspect the marital penis at any time.

    The Wife will decide if and when the marital penis will be allowed to ejaculate.

    The Wife will decide the method used to cause the marital penis to ejaculate. She may, for example, have the cuckold husband masturbate or She may choose Her preferred method applied by Her or Her designee.

    The husband is not permitted to ask for any sexual favors, such as rubbing of the marital penis, insertion into any animate or inanimate objects (except as described below), licking or sucking unless directed or initiated by the Wife.

    The husband is not permitted to touch the marital penis without permission.

    The cuckold husband will wear a chastity belt whenever required by his Wife. Wearing the chastity belt symbolizes the Wife's absolute domination and control of the marital penis.

    To insure a successful chastity marriage, the Wife has the following rights:

    The Wife has complete ownership and control of the marital penis and She and only She will decide when it will touched, rubbed, sucked or placed into or on any object whether animate or inanimate and when or if it may ejaculate.

    The Wife may require the husband to wear a chastity device on the marital penis that may eliminate engorgement of the marital penis, touching of the marital penis or scrotum, hiding the marital penis from the husbands view and/or controls ejaculation.

    When the marital penis is allowed to ejaculate, the Wife has the rights to the ejaculate.

    The Wife has the right to demand sexual pleasure from the cuckold husband at any time without any reciprocal duties, which may include but not be limited to cunnilingus, fornication and body worship.

    To insure a successful chastity marriage, the husband's dress code is as follows:

    The Wife sets the rules that dictate what her husband shall wear. For example:

    The husband may be required to remove all clothes after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.

    The husband may be required to wear clothes that allow him to be exposed after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.

    Sexual devices such as butt plugs, chastity devices, rope binding, handcuffs, etc. are considered clothing.

    To insure a successful marriage, the Wife may punish the husband for the following infractions as follows. This is a guide only and does not limit the Wife to decide to punish for other infractions:

    Not following instructions

    Not satisfying his Wife when directed to do so

    Not following the dress code.

    Touching his penis.

    Ejaculating without permission.

    To insure a successful chastity marriage, the Wife may punish the cuckold husband as follows. This is a guide only and does not limit the Wife's choice of punishment which is only limited by the Wife's imagination:



    Binding him to the bed or other object for extended periods of time. During this time #1 & #2 may be applied to the husband's body. The penis or balls may be bound and/or stretched with any device the Wife chooses. This will possibly increase the size of the substandard puny marital penis.

    Restraining him with ropes, belts, chains or handcuffs.

    Prolonging the husband's chastity period.

    Applying pressure to the husband's balls to create discomfort. Since the husband does not own the marital penis and balls, the level of pressure exerted on the balls is entirely up to the Wife's discretion.

    Instructing the husband to wear clothes only suitable for women or sissified men. This may include under clothes such as panties or bra or over clothes such as a dress or skirt.

    To insure a successful chastity marriage, the cuckold husband acknowledges that the following are privileges, not punishments:

    Satisfying his Wife whenever She demands.

    Dress code including chastity devices.

    To insure a successful chastity marriage:

    The husband does not have the right to change any conditions under this contract without the prior written permission of the Wife.

    The husband must be completely naked when signing this binding document and the Wife must be fully clothed so that the new power relationship is clear and established.

    Husband's signature Wife's signature
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    Quid pro Quo otherwise known as Consideration

    A couple of the contracts posted here came close to what is missing in all of them. An EXCHANGE between the parties of something of value. In contract law we call it "consideration."

    This means that you'll have to show (if these types of contracts were to ever be enforceable, which i doubt) that BOTH parties are getting something of value and giving up something of value. Without that...fuggetaboudit - no contract.

    So, i think you should include some language at the beginning such as:

    Whereas Mistress desires to have and control (whatever) sissy Husband (hereinafter referred to as " ")(define that in definition section) and is prepared to dedicate sufficient amounts of her time and energy of time to keep, train and use said sissy, and

    Whereas Sissy desires to be completely controlled, kept and used by Mistress and is prepared to totally submit himself to the domination of Mistress

    Wherefore the parties do hereby agree....etc...

    something like that...it's really rough and, hey, i ain't getting paid for this, so....

    Note: One-way consideration from Sissy to Mistress does not a contract make.

    Note: Promises to do what is already the legal responsibility of the parties (like promise of husband/wife to sexually satisfy the other) are not the proper subject of consideration...consideration must be something that is not already legally required of the parties to the contract.

    but fun...
  14. CumLess

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    Here's the Agreement I made with my wife with very specific objectives in mind as described in clause 1. This is our first experiment with chastity and we'll see how it goes. We can adjust the frequency of my orgasms if that seems like a good idea when we come to renew the Agreement. We are not using a chastity device, which I guess makes it harder for me but simpler for her (she hates any restriction on spontaneity). I could also add that she was initially reluctant to consider such an agreement (a draft which did use a device was rejected) so we are taking it one step at a time.


    This Agreement is voluntarily entered into by …………………………. born on XX August 1947 and ……………………………. (his wife) born on YY September 1947 on the date shown below.


    A ……………………………………… is a Randy Old Degenerate (hereinafter “ROD”) whose libido is ridiculously high for his age, and

    B ……………………………………… is the Party Of Lesser Libidinous Yearnings (hereinafter “POLLY”), and

    C ROD currently pesters POLLY nightly for sex, and

    D ROD often encounters difficulty in reaching orgasm on nights when he has sex, and

    E ROD is keen to experiment with orgasm restriction for the purposes set out in this Agreement, and

    F POLLY wishes to be relieved of any feelings of guilt on nights when she does not want sex.

    The parties therefore enter into this Agreement upon the terms and conditions set out.


    1 Purpose

    The purpose of this Agreement is to

    i) - relieve POLLY of any feelings of guilt on occasions when she refuses sex, since sex will no longer usually result in an orgasm for ROD, and

    ii) - enhance the power and eroticism of those orgasms that ROD is granted, thereby making him more devoted and loving to POLLY, and

    iii) - make it easier for ROD to achieve those orgasms he is granted.

    This Agreement shall in no way restrict POLLY’s sexual pleasure. Through this Agreement POLLY shall be enabled to have as much sexual activity as she desires, and not be pressured into having more.

    It is not intended that this Agreement should be legally enforceable.

    2 Term of the Agreement

    This Agreement enters into force upon signature by the parties. The agreement shall run for an initial trial period of four (4) weeks after which it may be renewed for three (3) month periods by mutual agreement.

    3 Sexual Conduct

    3.1 ROD shall continue to invite sex every night. If POLLY rejects ROD’s advances he shall accept this without any form of negativity. ROD accepts that his advances are purely to enable POLLY to decide if she wants sex. Furthermore POLLY is free to initiate sex at any time.

    3.2 Whenever POLLY desires sex, ROD shall use his best endeavours to provide a satisfying and enjoyable experience for POLLY and will provide as many orgasms as she desires at that time. If ROD penetrates her, he shall do so solely for the purpose of providing pleasure and not for the purpose of achieving an orgasm himself. After POLLY has climaxed ROD shall gracefully withdraw.

    3.3 If during such penetration ROD is in danger of having an orgasm he shall immediately stop any thrusting and inform POLLY of his failure. POLLY shall decide how ROD is to proceed on that occasion and ROD shall be obligated to obtain without delay the means for avoiding a recurrence of the problem (be it desensitizing creams and/or condoms) on future such occasions.

    3.4 POLLY can at any time stimulate ROD’s body in any manner she chooses either for the purpose of generating additional frustration (an activity that is encouraged) or for providing ROD with an orgasm. ROD may only obtain an orgasm when POLLY has explicitly informed him of her permission to do so. In the absence of such permission he shall always warn POLLY if he is about to have an orgasm in which case she can choose to stop or to continue. If ROD expresses frustration when he is denied an orgasm after stimulation this shall not be considered a punishable offence. POLLY shall she be under no obligation to inform ROD in advance of when he might next get an orgasm.

    3.5 POLLY can impose periods of abstinence for punitive reasons (“Punitive Periods”) if ROD breaches the Agreement in any way. Such Punitive Periods may last between 1 and 4 weeks as decided by POLLY. Examples of breaches are:

    - an unauthorised orgasm

    - a negative reaction when POLLY does not agree to sex

    - failure to invite sex when going to bed

    - failure to take measures to avoid orgasm during penetration

    - non acceptance of a decision by POLLY as provided in clause 5.

    3.6 For every 2 week period outside of Punitive Periods POLLY guarantees to grant ROD a minimum of one orgasm and a maximum of 3 orgasms at her discretion. All of ROD’s orgasms may be by any means POLLY determines. However, at least 50% of ROD’s orgasms in the initial term or in any subsequent three month period will be during sexual intercourse.

    3.7 ROD is responsible for advising POLLY in the event that she is about to breach clause 3.6 by failing to meet the minimum or maximum orgasm limit or of not meeting the 50% rule. Failure to so advise POLLY shall absolve POLLY of any liability for such a breach but shall not be considered a punishable breach by ROD.

    4 Termination

    4.1 This Agreement shall automatically terminate at the end of the initial trial period or any 3 month extension thereof unless both parties agree to a further extension.

    4.2 This Agreement may be terminated with immediate effect by mutual agreement.

    5 Jurisdiction

    ROD explicitly renouncing any jurisdiction that may otherwise apply to him shall for the resolution of any dispute regarding the interpretation or operation of this Agreement submit absolutely to the decision of POLLY. ROD is free to argue and put forward his view on any such matter without risk of punishment but once a definitive decision is made further appeal may result in the award of a Punitive Period.

    To which the parties put their hands this day of , 2010.
  15. subklik

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    (i seem to start a lot of posts with that word...)

    This stuff is HOT!!!

    Mistress and i have just entered into a contract of sorts, really it is a list of fifty promises and things that i have to do. She has promised nothing and is already taking full advantage.

    Again i say Wow!

    Maybe we could use a contract...hmmmm....

  16. slavejonathan2

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    Once we agreed to follow this path, my Wife instructed me to draft the broadest possible Agreement, as She didn't want to be bothered with non-essential detail. In 2007, She and i entered into the following contract, now in effect permanently, meaning i've been locked in a chastity device now for 3 years, during which time She has allowed me to cum maybe 10 times. My Wife is very loving, and very strict, and we are very happy with our arrangement. Lurking in the background, btw, is a post-nuptial contract drafted by my Wife, an expert in family law, that She says would be enforceable but that i know would be financially ruinous to me. Nowhere does our Agreement mention this, if only because to do so might invite unwanted scrutiny of the basis and purpose of the post-nup, which my Wife was careful to try to avoid. If ever i needed a further incentive to obey--and i don't--the post-nup would serve the purpose. Here's our Agreement:

    (here's hoping it's attached, as this is my 1st post)

    Attached Files:

  17. Jimi123

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    Maybe this is all just "fun" but - Who thinks up this crap? Slavery violates a number of laws and frankly is totally insulting to read. Have we sunk so low that this goes without anyone saying anything?

    Why get "Married?" Just clamp on some leg irons and brand him. Sheesh. Ok, having said that I'm worried someone will think "Hey! Good idea!"

  18. Joroincharge

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    You've plenty to choose from or adapt...but two things to bear in mind.

    1. Don't even TRY to make it legally binding or enforceable. it can't be done in those terms.

    2. To give it a fair wind, set it out for starters as a fixed period, and as an expression of consent, but within those terms: the basis is if you can legally consent to anything that's the only limit!!

    My draft was on that basis, but there are plenty of others...


  19. slut d

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    Thanks to all for sharing, and a special thanks to xcitex2, as Goddess B and I used the bulk of your contract (modifying it only slightly to meet our needs) for our own. Detailed enough to have meaning but open-ended enough to leave room for her interpretation! She was even so cruel as to put on some red lipstick and plant a kiss on the signature page of our contract! [​IMG]
  20. subklik

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    Hi Joro:

    Just to have a time out for those who take this too seriously we Mistress and I are really well grounded. We also have a house full of kids, so it really isn;t practical or in any way realistic to think that we could live this way full time.
    Sure we jhave stuff like branks (scolds bridle) all the chains and cuffs you could want.
    I even write about our adventures in "the vault". But reality for us is that I am essentially in charge and in reality She likes it better this way. Our adventures no matter how extreme they get (WOW) they are fantasy coming to lifethats all. These things are for those who want to engage in it and fantasy for everyone is on a different level. I sincerely hope that no one would even want to do anything against their partners will or to hurt them. But I don't think that hurting our partners is in the spirit of these "contracts". I think it would be very embarrasing to even TRY to enforce these things that anyone might try to is laughable. I really hope that most of us are mature enough to know fanasy from reality.

    Honestly if I feel particularly submissive (it's called "subspace") I would sign any of these contracts BECAUSE, I know my Wife loves me and will never harm me in any way. This is all fantasy folks! Thats all. SOme of us are just lucky enough to be able to extend our fantasy plays longer than others.
    If we ever get all these kids out of the house we may see a week or so with 100 percent fantasy.

    But reality is not like that and life really is so much more than sexual stuff anyway.
    If we all stay balanced we can have a lot more fun.

    I had a girlfriend years ago who loved whipping my ass til it was red. Once she drew a little bit of blood with a particularly hard stroke. She stopped right away actually cried over it thinking She had gone too far. Well She had, but we remain friends to this day.

    For me I want to play with people who actually care about me and other human beings first, I cannot submit to someone I don't fully trust.

    Ok well I am rambling now but I just wanted a reality check while I am sick in bed with my Wife doting on me.
    See that? She loves and caes for me that is what makes fantasy with Her work.

    Subklik in love, :p

    OK Now back to fantasy and serving Mistress's.

    I just re read this and it does seem rambling and disjointed. I do hope that you all get the spirit of what I am saying thats all.
    I love this forum and I think the people n it for the most part are very cool.

    From what I read


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