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Chastity Contracts

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Mistress Watchful, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Vilhelm2150

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    Mistress and I's chastity contract is heavily reliant on a lot of concepts and some wording of what I have read here. Ours can conveniently be found at this link --> Chastity Contract

    Let me know what you think!

    Yours in a Prison of Pleasure,

    O Man, Mistress A's Chastity Slave
  2. lockedup4her

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    The following is our current agreement. As it suggests, I am not a lifestyle submissive. I merely enjoy the fantasy during our chastity play. We are actually pretty vanilla and conservative otherwise. it works great for us!


    A) General Provisions
    B. Power Exchange & Chastity Training
    C) Chastity Sentence
    D) Teasing & Orgasm Denial
    E) Scheduled & Unscheduled Relief
    F) Permission to Climax
    G) Security Protocols
    H) Temporary Release from Device
    I) Daily Hygiene Regimen
    J) Summary of Penalties
    K) Additional Responsibilities

    1) The purpose of this document is to establish an anonymous and voluntary agreement between a husband, also to be known herein as the “submissive” or “sub”, and wife, also to be known herein as the “Keyholder” or “Mistress”, for the purpose of incorporating a male chastity and orgasm denial game within the confines of a happy and faithful marriage; and is entered into by both parties of their own free will. The idea has been brought forward voluntarily and unsolicited by the husband in hope that the experience will make him a better husband and lover, increase libido and enhance intimacy.
    2) The purpose of this agreement is to outline the rules of the game. It is not a contract or in any way legally binding.
    3) While the husband would like to explore his submissive fantasies, this agreement is not to be construed to establish a full-time Dominate/slave relationship or any other form of relationship that would violate the law of love (mutual consent), God’s laws or the marriage vows.
    4) Mutual Consent Clause: If at anytime either party is no longer interested in participating, this agreement becomes null and void. This agreement may only be amended with mutual consent.

    1) Submissive agrees that his penis, testicles, orgasms and sexual function are the exclusive property of his Mistress. He surrenders his rights to the same willingly and without reservation. He shall allow access to her property at any time under any circumstances she dictates. She is allowed to use her property as she sees fit without expectation of resistance or whining.
    2) Submissive agrees to wear a full-time chastity device tightly encircling the testicles and completely encasing the penis in order to control erections, prevent masturbation or any other unauthorized use of his Mistress’ property. The device is to be secured with a brass Master padlock or single-use plastic lock with serial number at all times providing confirmation that the Mistress’ property has not been misused.
    3) Mistress agrees to take on the role of “keyholder” and has exclusive rights regarding the location and quantity of primary and emergency keys to the chastity device.
    4) Under no circumstances will the submissive have control or free access to any key, except by special permission of his Mistress to facilitate her needs and schedule. Touching a key without permission is punishable by the maximum chastity sentence.
    5) If the submissive has permission from his Mistress to carry a key for medical emergencies it shall be secured in such a way that it can be easily determined that it was accessed. Use of an emergency key for non-emergency purposes is a serious offence and shall be punishable by the maximum chastity sentence and/or special punishment as deemed by the Mistress. The submissive shall present the secured emergency key daily for inspection at his Mistress’ discretion.
    6) If the submissive is carrying an emergency key and is encountering severe pain or pinching such that it is disrupting his work or activities, he may contact his Mistress and request permission to access the key; or he may access it without permission and take a chance that he will be punished for suspected misuse.
    7) If a plastic lock is being used and it snaps open accidently, the submissive shall notify his mistress as soon as possible. Mistress may at her sole discretion add time to the chastity sentence as punishment up to the maximum chastity sentence.
    8) During sexual contact, including tease and denial sessions, scheduled relief and unscheduled relief, the submissive shall:
    a) Only address his wife as “Mistress”
    b. Always refer to the penis and testicles as “her property”
    c) Always request permission before touching her property
    d) Always request permission to climax (see “Permission to Climax” section below)

    1) The chastity sentence may not exceed the maximum sentence of 30 days. This maximum duration may be changed by mutual consent.
    2) Mistress shall determine the duration of the chastity sentence by one of four methods:
    a) Set an arbitrary release date
    b. Set a release date by chance (submissive rolls five six-sided dice, or similar)
    c) Set no release date at all
    d) Other method mutually agreed upon
    3) When the sentence is fulfilled and relief has been allowed, Mistress shall “reset” the game by one of the methods listed above.
    4) Mistress may allow an “unscheduled relief” at her discretion. Following an unscheduled relief, Mistress may either reset the game or continue the sentence as scheduled. (See “Scheduled and Unscheduled Relief” section below.)
    5) Mistress may require submissive to service her sexually without relief as often as she desires during the chastity sentence. Failure to honor her request will result in the maximum chastity sentence to begin at the time of the infraction.
    6) Mistress may engage in teasing and orgasm denial during the chastity sentence as described in the following section. Failure to cooperate on the part of the submissive will result in the maximum chastity sentence to begin at the time of the infraction.

    1) Mistress may arouse her submissive as often as she likes during the chastity sentence for the purpose of heightening the intensity of his chastity training or for her own personal amusement.
    2) Mistress may “edge” submissive near orgasm repeatedly and/or keep submissive in a constant state of arousal while denying orgasm/ejaculation as often as she likes during the chastity sentence.
    3) Mistress may choose to “abandon” submissive’s orgasm as a form of denial. This method drains the seminal fluids while virtually eliminating the physical pleasure of ejaculation. The following is one example of how this may be achieved:
    a) Mistress allows submissive to approach orgasm using any method she chooses
    b. Submissive requests permission to climax as usual
    c) Mistress grants permission; but a first sign of ejaculation, she verbally commands submissive to “stop”
    d) Submissive must immediately cease all stroking or thrusting, removing his hands from the immediate vicinity of her property and remaining as still as possible
    4) Ruining of an orgasm by severely restricting the flow of ejaculate is forbidden due to the unknown health risk. This technique is known to cause seminal fluid to flow back into the bladder and cause severe pain during ejaculation.
    5) Submissive is forbidden to touch Mistress’ property once denied. If submissive looses control and ejaculation cannot be averted, he must immediately cease all stroking or thrusting, remove his hands from the immediate vicinity of Mistress’ property and remain as still as possible until the ejaculate is expelled. Loss of control shall result in the game being reset.

    1) When the submissive has fulfilled his chastity sentence, he is entitled to “scheduled relief” which his Mistress will allow at her leisure.
    2) Mistress alone shall determine the circumstances around which the scheduled relief will be allowed, and the form it will take. Forms it may take include the following:
    a) Intercourse resulting in orgasm.
    b. Oral sex resulting in orgasm.
    c) Supervised, guided or mutual masturbation resulting in orgasm.
    d) Ruined (abandoned) orgasm (as described in previous section).
    e) Orgasm by other creative means, as long as it is mutually acceptable.
    f) Prostate massage (releasing seminal fluids without an orgasm). Mistress is not obligated to remove the chastity device during a prostate massage.
    g) Any combination of the above.
    3) Mistress may participate sexually in the scheduled relief; but she is not obligated to do so.
    4) Mistress may postpone scheduled relief briefly if it is not convenient for her.
    5) The rules for an “unscheduled relief” are identical, except it is unscheduled. The game may or may not be reset at the discretion of the Mistress.

    1) During scheduled or unscheduled relief, or during teasing for the purpose of arousal and orgasm denial, if the submissive feels he is nearing orgasm, he shall verbally request permission to climax.
    2) Mistress has complete discretion in whether to allow a climax or not. She may repeatedly deny submissive if she desires.
    3) If submissive climaxes without permission, whether having failed to ask permission or having climaxed after being denied, the game is reset.
    4) If submissive fails to climax when his Mistress gives permission, he has lost his opportunity and she may at her sole discretion allow him another chance or reset the game and begin his next sentence immediately.
    5) Following any climax, the submissive is responsible for cleaning up his Mistress, sex toys and disposing of the resulting ejaculate in whatever manner his Mistress instructs.

    1) The submissive shall present himself to his Mistress to be unlocked. Only she may insert the key to unlock the device (except in a medical emergency as described above).
    2) When free, submissive shall not misuse his Mistress’ property by stroking or touching her property without permission, and only in her presence and under her direct supervision.
    3) When Mistress instructs her submissive to do so, he shall reinstall the device and place the lock into its place without locking it. He shall then present himself to her for inspection. She will inspect her property for security and proper fit, and when satisfied, snap the lock shut. During inspection, the submissive shall remain still and quiet until he hears the “click” of the lock closing.

    1) On occasion, Mistress may give permission to the submissive to release her property from the chastity device for a short period of time at her discretion. Circumstances under which this could be the case may include, but are not limited to, a doctor’s appointment, family event and teasing and arousal session.
    2) If allowed freedom while physically separated from his Mistress, submissive shall continue to fulfill his chastity sentence as if he still wore the device. A confirmed violation of this condition will be punishable by the maximum chastity sentence.

    1) Submissive is expected to go about his morning routine by showering with the chastity device intact without the need to wake his Mistress. In the event that this is not possible, the following regimen shall be followed.
    2) Prior to showering, submissive shall wake Mistress and request permission to be unlocked. She may instruct him to hand her the key, or she may retrieve it herself. Once the security protocol is complete, the submissive shall proceed directly to the bathroom to begin the regimen.
    3) Submissive shall remove the chastity device in the bathroom and wash each component with soap and water. After drying and laying out each component on the sink, submissive shall proceed with his shower.
    4) Submissive shall be responsible to take this opportunity to groom and maintain his Mistress’ property. The pubic area, areas around the testicular ring, shaft of the penis and the testicles shall be kept as smooth and hairless as possible. Mistress shall have final say regarding how submissive is to groom to her taste.
    5) When the shower is complete, the submissive shall dry himself, replace the chastity device immediately and report to his Mistress for inspection before completing his morning routine.
    6) Submissive must maintain chastity during the regimen as if the device where in place. Misuse of Mistress’ property during the regimen is strictly forbidden and is punishable by the maximum chastity sentence.

    1) Maximum penalty…………………….………………….. 30 days (resets game)
    2) Touching a key without permission……….……………… Maximum
    3) Willing disregard for security protocols……….…………. Maximum
    4) Unauthorized masturbation……………………………….. Maximum
    5) Failure to service Mistress when requested…….………… Maximum
    6) Failure to cooperate during teasing and denial……….…... Maximum
    7) Climax w/o permission during session with Mistress……. Resets Game
    8) Failure to climax when permitted………………………… Lost opportunity
    *Mistress may at any time reduce sentence at her discretion. These represent maximum sentences only.

    1) Mistress may request submissive to assist her with her personal needs such as dressing, showering, massaging her feet or back, painting her toenails, coloring her hair, plucking her eyebrows, etc. Submissive shall give his Mistress priority in all these matters.
    2) Submissive is responsible to do the laundry and make sure that his Mistress always has an adequate supply of clothing available.
    3) Submissive is responsible for putting the trash out on Tuesday evening, and retrieving the cans on Wednesday evening.
    4) Submissive is responsible to keep the grass trimmed and cut on a weekly basis.
    5) Mistress may require the submissive to perform tasks inside the house wearing only his chastity device at any time for any reason.
    6) If submissive feels he cannot complete a task as expected, he shall communicate his excuse to his Mistress. She may accept or refuse the excuse and apply a consequence. Consequences for uncompleted tasks or submitting invalid excuses are subject to one-day penalties per infraction or other consequence deemed appropriate.
  3. Rachel

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    Chastity contract with Mistress Michelle. i trust Her completely. She owns me. She tells me what to do, i do it. Simple really. If i have concerns about something i am allowed to voice them but the FINAL decision is Hers alone.

    MM's sweetpea
  4. b2ounce

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    Hello all.
    Let me give some background: my wife and I have been playing around with male chastity for six months, with me wearing a CB6000S It has been quite good fun for most of the time (except when life throws the odd curveball your way and upsets all of your carefully laid plans). Things became a bit more serious recently when she ordered me a Mature Metal Watchful Mistress for my Christmas present. This was on the proviso that I 'take things more seriously' which was a reference to both of us being a bit slack over the Festive Season (not wearing the CB6000S, her not enforcing its use).
    For the last two weeks the ante has definitely been upped! Tease and Denial and a little CBTare a regular thing during our morning rituals and the CB6000S has been kept on. There has been more than the whiff of FemDom about the relationship dynamic as well, something that turns me on and I want to encourage.
    In light of all of this, I thought it would be interesting to put together a contract for behaviour. This goes beyond a chastity contract in that there are FemDom overtones. It was singed this weekend, although we were working to some of the contract requirements over the last ten days or so.

    I would appreciate any comments.


    1. This contract has been created to provide the guidance and framework for Male Chastity as practised between the Wife and Husband. It is not exhaustive by any means and is intended to be a living document to which both persons can contribute at any time. It sets out the expectations of behaviour, roles as they currently stand and mechanism for discussions between both persons.

    2. Background

    a. This contract has been drawn up by the Husband as an expression of love and trust. He is granting the Wife complete control over his orgasms and offering this freely to the Wife, trusting Her to manage the Husband’s sexual needs. It is expected that the Wife should enjoy this and demonstrably luxuriate in the fact that Her sexual requirements are an overriding priority for the Husband. In short, the Husband is willingly surrendering sexually to his Wife.

    b. The position of authority that the Wife is placed in by the Husband should be regarded as a loving gift from the Husband to the Wife.

    c. The acceptance of said gift is highly valued by the Husband and should be demonstrated as so.

    3. Persons, roles & items involved

    a. The Wife, henceforth referred to as the Mistress, who is also the sole Keyholder for the Chastity Device;

    b. The Husband, the spouse of the Mistress;

    c. The Chastity Device, worn by the Husband so as to encase the husband’s genitalia, thereby preventing manual stimulation by the Husband. This item can be the CB-6000S or the Watchful Mistress or any other Chastity Device acquired by the Mistress or Husband subsequent to the signing of this contract. Choice of the Chastity Device to be worn is at the sole discretion of the Mistress and the Husband may not dispute this. The Chastity Device shall be locked when worn by the Husband. Locking may be from a number of methods chosen at the Discretion of the Mistresses.

    d. The Mistress’ Property, also referred to as the Property; the Husband’s genitalia. Signing of this contract by the Husband automatically confers ownership of the Property to the Mistress.

    4. Definitions

    a. Male Chastity; the abstention of sexual climax for the male, normally enforced by the wearing of the Chastity Device.

    b. Denial period; the duration between Sexual Releases of the Husband, a period set by the Mistress. The determination of this period can be any means necessary, including by games of chance, as chosen by the Mistress. The Mistress’ decision in this is final and will be accepted by the Husband.

    c. Release; removal of the Chastity Device.

    d. Sexual Release; orgasm for the Husband, which may be ruined or not depending on the wiShes of the Mistress; or orgasm for the Mistress;

    e. Milking; the release of semen etc from the male by way of manipulation of the prostate gland either manually or by use of an instrument or a sex toy of the Mistress’ choosing.

    f. Denial; the withholding of Sexual Release from the Husband. Sexual release may not be denied to the Mistress for any reason.

    g. Keyholder; the person in possession of the Key to the lock on the Chastity Device. This will normally be the Mistress.

    h. Punishments; penalties enforced by the Mistress in the event of any breaking of any term of the contract by the Husband.

    i. Tease and Denial; the sexual teasing and arousal of the Husband by the Mistress without result of Sexual Release for the Husband.

    5. Duration and revisions of the contract

    a. The contract duration is in perpetuity or until either party decides the contract can be broken. This may be done unilaterally without recourse, however it is expected that the reason for breaking the contract will be explained.

    b. The contract can be revised at any time after discussion between both parties. Either party can instigate this process.

    <BR style="PAGE-BREAK-BEFORE: always; mso-special-character: line-break" clear=all>

    6. Denial Period

    a. The period of denial is set by the Mistress. The methodology of setting the duration of the period is at the discretion of the Mistress.

    b. The Husband may request reductions or increases to the period. The Mistress may choose whether or not to accept these requests.

    c. Once the period of denial has been finalised by the Mistress, then the Husband should be informed.

    d. No period should be less than 10 days except in special circumstances.

    e. As and when the Mistress feels it is appropriate She may grant the Husband leave to not wear a Chastity Device or an extended period of Release. This period would normally last for a couple of days. During this period the Husband may enjoy as many Sexual Releases as he may desire. This may or may not be with Mistress’ involvement. At the conclusion of these generous Release periods the Husband will return to a state of Male Chastity; the Mistress’ Property will be placed inside a Male Chastity Device.

    f. Under normal circumstances the Mistress will inform the Husband of the duration of the Release period, however She reserves the right to end the period as and when She sees fit.

    7. Behaviours

    a. Hygiene

    i. The Husband is responsible for daily cleaning of the Chastity Device in use and the Mistress’ Property. This may need to be done without Release from the Chastity Device.

    ii. Husband will notify the Mistress immediately regarding any concerns over the effectiveness or cleanliness of the Chastity Device.

    iii. The Mistress will permit at least weekly Release from the Chastity Device for inspection and cleaning of Her Property and the Chastity Device in use. During this procedure the Mistress may choose request that the Husband shaves the Mistress’ Property. This may be supervised by the Mistress or even carried out by Her. The Mistress may choose to restrain the Husband during these cleans or inspections.

    iv. The Husband agrees that the Chastity Device will be replaced after removal as soon as is reasonably practicable and will assist in this as Mistress sees fit. In the event of sexual arousal of the Husband and resultant tumescence of the Mistress’ Property, thereby preventing enclosure of Her Property by the Chastity Device, then the Mistress may [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]utilise methods [/size][/font][s1] to reduce tumescence as She so wishes.

    b. Keys

    i. The Keys can be a physical Key, a code or the permission to remove a breakable tag all resulting in the release of the Chastity Device.

    ii. The Keys are to be held by the Mistress at all times.

    iii. In the event of a physical Key being in use, this should be worn or held on a chain by the Mistress about Her person. In the privacy of the home this would normally be about the Mistress’ [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]neck[/size][/font][s2] .

    iv. Emergency access to the Key is at the Mistress’ discretion.

    c. Chastity Device

    i. This should be worn at all times so as to prevent the Husband from manually stimulating the Mistress’ Property without Her permission.

    ii. The Husband may remove the Chastity Device, with the permission of the Mistress when;

    1. Going to the gym, rugby training or playing rugby.

    2. Visiting a medical practitioner or similar.

    In these circumstances, permission from the Mistress would not necessarily be needed by the Husband, but should be sought as an indication of the [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]high esteem [/size][/font][s3] in which She should be held.

    d. Sexual release for the Husband

    i. This will be at the sole discretion of the Mistress. Any Sexual Release for the Husband that is not expressly authorised by the Mistress will result in punishment of the Husband by the Mistress.

    ii. The Mistress shall determine the time and manner of the Husband’s Sexual Release and may choose to abandon an attempt at [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]any time [/size][/font][s4] up to the point of the Sexual Release being sought.

    iii. The Husband should warn the Mistress if Sexual Release is imminent during a Tease and Denial session especially if permission for Sexual Release has not been given by the Mistress.

    e. Sexual release for the Mistress

    i. This will be at a time and place chosen at the sole discretion of the Mistress.

    ii. There is a duty on the Husband to ensure that Mistress achieves Sexual Release at least daily, if she so wishes. If he is unable to do this then he should make arrangements for it to happen.

    iii. The Mistress may choose the Husband to assist Her in Sexual Release, but is free to use other methods. Typically, if the husband is present he will be expected to assist the Mistress in achieving Sexual Release with enthusiasm.

    f. Reinforcing

    i. The Husband will thank the Mistress on a daily basis for being his Mistress and [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]Keyholder[/size][/font][s5] . The Mistress may ritualise this process e.g. insisting that the Husband does this on his knees etc.

    ii. The Husband will refer to the Mistress as ‘Mistress’ or any other term that the Mistress should desire in the bedroom

    iii. The Mistress may refer to the Husband as She chooses but should remember and understand Her [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]position of authority[/size][/font][s6] .

    iv. The Mistress may choose to subject the Husband to as much teasing as possible in order to reinforce his dependence on her for Sexual Release. This may include using such methods as:

    1. Tease and Denial sessions.

    2. Dressing provocatively, whether in private or public.

    3. Verbal teasing and stimulation.

    4. Viewing of pornography; normally the Mistress may choose the pornography to viewed.

    g. Health and Fitness

    i. There is a duty on the Husband to maintain a degree of fitness in order to fulfill the Mistress’ needs, be they physical, sexual, or otherwise.

    ii. For the foreseeable future the Husband is expected to:

    1. Lose at least [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]1kg[/size][/font][s7] per week. Weight loss cannot be ‘banked’ so that any additional weight lost during one week contributes to the total for another week.

    2. Lose [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]0.5% [/size][/font][s8] body fat per week. Body fat loss cannot be ‘banked’ so that any additional body fat lost during one week contributes to the total for another week.

    3. Attend rugby training, play rugby or go to the gym for a workout or class at least three times per week as a minimum. Twice per week is acceptable, but not for more than two weeks. In the case where only two sessions have been attended in a week Mistress may request that the Husband attends four sessions. Failure to do this will be punished.

    4. Refrain from eating dessert more than twice per week without the specific permission of the Mistress. The Mistress may choose to determine when this should occur.

    5. Refrain from drinking alcohol during the week except with the express permission of the Mistress or during holiday periods.

    iii. Both parties are expected to maintain their own health.

    h. Appearance

    i. It is the duty of the Husband to look good for his Mistress’ aesthetic pleasure. To this end he will maintain an appearance that is pleasing to his Mistress. To this end, his duties will be to:

    1. Be pleasant smelling and have minty, fresh breath.

    2. Maintain trimmed pubic hair around Mistress’ Property, specifically the scrotum and penis.

    3. Wear [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]smart clothing [/size][/font][s9] in public when accompanying Mistress.

    4. Maintain a clean shaven face when in situations where intimacy between the Mistress and Husband may occur. The Mistress may request that the Husband shaves at any time.

    ii. The Mistress should understand the need to maintain appearances;

    1. Visual stimulation is very important in reinforcing the benefits of this contract to the Husband. To this end the Mistress should consider wearing sexy clothing around the Husband but not to the detriment of her standing at her place of work or in the community.

    8. Sex

    a. At any time the Husband may ask for Sexual Release, unless told not to do so. It may please the Mistress for the Husband to beg. There is no obligation on the Mistress to grant Sexual Release even if She has said that She will. A decision to grant Sexual Release for the Husband may be revoked at any time by the Mistress up to the point of Sexual Release.

    b. The Mistress has the right to refuse any request for Sexual Release by the Husband. Note: excessive begging, nagging etc by the Husband is a punishable offence.

    c. The Mistress is the sole owner of Her Property and may treat it in any manner She sees fit during Tease and Denial or Sexual Release.

    d. The Mistress may perform any sexual act, be it on the Husband or on herself, by any method She sees fit.

    e. The Mistress may order the Husband to perform any sexual act, be it on the Mistress or on himself, by any method She sees fit.

    f. Husband acknowledges and agrees that Mistress has certain sexual needs that may need to be fulfilled and such releases for Mistress do not constitute a release for Husband.

    g. Husband agrees to satisfy Mistress by whatever means Mistress deems necessary for Her own sexual gratification.

    h. Husband agrees that Sexual Releases may be accompanied by being restrained as determined by Mistress. Husband agrees that Mistress may release husband for the means of sexual play but that no orgasm is permitted until Mistress permits one.

    i. Husband agrees to use any sexual aids such as (but not limited to) vibrators, strap-ons, dildos, and other aids to satisfy Mistress.

    j. Husband agrees that Mistress may use devices mentioned above in addition to other restraints on Husband and Husband will have no say in objecting to such devices. (Although begging up to a point will be allowed, once Husband is told by Mistress to stop, the expectation is compliance. Failure will result in punishment both immediate and future.)

    9. Rights, Privileges and Understandings

    a. All lingerie for the Mistress will be bought by the Husband upon Her request, which will be met with cheerful acceptance by the Husband. The request can be as specific as the Mistress decides. The Husband may purchase lingerie for Mistress as a gift at any time.

    b. All sexual toys and equipment for the Mistress or Husband will be bought by the Husband upon Her request, which will be met with cheerful acceptance by the Husband. The Husband may purchase toys and equipment for Mistress as a gift at any time.

    c. Any purchase of sexual toys or equipment by the Husband for his own use, if not requested by the Mistress, should be authorised by the Mistress. This authorisation should be preceded by the Husband offering a full justification and explanation of his need for the toy. Permission will be granted by the Mistress solely at Her discretion.

    d. Husband agrees and understands that Mistress may use various methods to tease and torment Husband at any time. Further more, Husband understands that he has no say in such teasing and that Mistress may continue or stop at will.

    e. Mistress understands that She is free to receive any form of sexual gratification needed from the Husband or other sources during Denial Periods.

    f. Husband is aware that rewards up to and including Sexual Release are given for good behavior including but not limited to pampering, dinner dates, gifts, massages, and other ideas Husband comes up with.

    g. Both parties agree that modifications to this agreement may be needed during the period of this agreement and that such modifications can be made as long as both parties are in agreement.

    10. Privacy

    a. Both parties agree that every day life decisions such as household finances and other marital decisions outside the bedroom will have no effect on terms of this agreement, and that such decisions made can have no impact on the terms of this agreement.

    b. This contract is between the Mistress and Husband. Release of knowledge of the existence of the contract, whole or in part, by the Husband is wholly forbidden.

    c. The behaviours dictated by this contract are to be the standard when the Mistress and Husband are in a private area e.g. at home. There will need to be a degree of judgement as to what is acceptable outside of this area.

    11. Typical Punishments

    a. Withholding of Sexual Release, period to be determined by the Mistress

    b. Corporal punishments e.g. whipping, flogging, nipple twisting etc

    c. Withholding of Tease and Denial.

    d. Sexual punishment e.g. wearing CBT items e.g. Humbler, ball stretcher, Kali’s Teeth, Points of Intrigue (Note: These are also sexual acts and, as such, the Mistress may instigate these at any time for her own pleasure).

    e. Humiliation e.g. sitting on the floor, not the sofa, when watching TV with Mistress, verbal humilation.

    f. Any other punishment Mistress may feel is appropriate.

    12. Specific Punishments

    a. Both parties agree that deviation from contract will result in either cancellation of contract or punishments to correct errant behavior.

    b. Breach of contract by Mistress will constitute a cancellation of contract.

    c. Cancellation of contract will result in immediate release of Husband from device.

    d. Breach of contract by Husband will be handled at the discretion of the Mistress as outlined below.

    e. Unauthorized removal of device will result in a ten-day period of lock up and denial for Husband. Absolutely no Sexual Releases will be allowed for Husband during this penalty period.

    f. Unauthorized removal of device that includes a Sexual Release will result in a fifteen day period of lock up and denial for Husband. Again, absolutely no Sexual Releases will be allowed for Husband during this penalty period. Additional punishment may be added as determined by Mistress.

    g. Husband agrees that additional restraining, flogging, private humiliation, servitude, and any other means of punishment may be administered by Mistress to correct or punish infractions from contract.

    h. Husband agrees that failure to accept terms of punishment for infractions is means for immediate termination of this agreement and that such refusal could lead to other detrimental behaviour on part of Mistress.

    13. Safe words

    a. Yellow means stop.

    b. On cessation with reason for stopping may be discussed. The Mistress is the sole arbiter as to whether or not the decision to stop is justified and may mete out any punishment She sees fit if the cessation was not justified.

    14. Signatures

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    Your opinion brings to mind the two main reasons for having a chastity, slave or cuckold agreement:

    1) The submissive signs such a contract of his own free will. He wants to be enslaved. He wants to be obedient. He wants to have his sexuality controlled. Indeed, not only does he want these things, he needs them and craves them. Even though these contracts have no legal binding whatsoever, no contract is enforcible if it is entered into under duress or c

    2) These contracts are drawn up to protect both parties from people with your attitude, who might feel that the submissive needs to be "rescued" from enslavement. Again, even though these contracts have no legal standing of their own, they could be entered into evidence to prove the mindset and willingness of both parties.

    Love to all,

    Mistress Angelique

  6. mobico69

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    This is the contract that I'm about to sign on Valentines day. We negotiated it back and forth for about a week. I retain no copywrite on this. I was asked to pull contracts from the Web, and send them to my wife. This is her mixing, matching contracts as she decided. The contract duration extension is a compromise solution, in that I only wanted 3 months, while she wanted longer.

    I'm documenting the journey here.

  7. Paulette the Tart

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    Are there any misspelling penalties or are you, like me, often 'prostrate' after too much 'wine'?[​IMG]
  8. missmaddy

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    Thank you to everyone that posted. MissMaddy'sPet and I still have to write our contract and these will really help. Two of my favorites things that will be in our contract is that he must kiss my feet before he leaves for work in the morning(while I'm still sleeping in bed) and kiss my pussy upon entering the house at the end of the day!
  9. oscar51

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    The security clause in section 4 of this contract gives the mistress considerable security to insure that the slave continues in his part for the duration

    Defined Relationship in Marriage Contract

    This contract is provided as a secure and binding agreement that defines in specific terms the relationship and roles of two married individuals, hereafter termed the slave and the Mistress. Both parties agree to explore a relationship whereby the Mistress can become totally confident in her rightful role a superior to expect the absolute love and obedience of her husband slave while the slave learns to understand his true place as an inferior male whose is to be trained to view himself as a thing who places service and devotion to his Mistress above himself. This agreement is entered voluntarily with both parties agreeing to the conditions.

    Section One: The Slave's Role

    • His main purpose in life is to love, honor, obey, and serve the pleasure of his mistress.
    • The slave hereby transfers ownership of his body to the Mistress to be used and controlled as she desires.
    • The slave agrees to give his time, talents and ambition over to the mistress.
    • The slave agrees to give complete control of shared property and his wages to Mistress.
    • The slave agrees and desires to submit as a true inferior to the Mistress in all ways.
    • Within the conditions of this contract, there is no place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of the Mistress without risking punishment, except in the use of a safe-word to be agreed upon and covered in this contract under the rules section.
    • The slave agrees to please the Mistress to the best of his ability.
    • The slave agrees to serve and suffer for her displeasure or pleasure.
    • The slave agrees to put the happiness and well being of Mistress above his own.
    Section two: The Mistress's Role

    • The Mistress accepts the responsibility of training slave to serve her needs, wants and desires without concern for his wants and to impose a fundamental understanding that he is truly inferior.
    • The mistress accepts ownership of the slave's body, to do with as she sees fit, under the provisions determined in this contract.
    • The Mistress agrees to care for the slave and to arrange for the safety and wellbeing of the slave as long as she owns the slave. The Mistress will provide for draining the prostate at least once every 30 days either by prostate massage or by orgasm.
    • The Mistress also accepts the commitment to treat the slave as valuable property, to train the slave, punish the slave, humiliate the slave, and use the slave as she sees fit.
    • It is understood that the Mistress will have training goals and will impose many rules for the slave to follow and will routinely give commands to the slave.
    • It is understood that the mistress may control the slave’s time, activities, clothing adornment, sexual conduct, access to funds, access to electronics, use of furniture and anything else she may desire.
    • It is understood that mistress will keep the special relationship private from family, the community at large and the slaves work place unless there is a breach of contract as described in section Four. The mistress may disclose the relationship to discreet friends and strangers outside of the community or area of probable reconigtion.
    Section Three: Alteration of Contract
    This contract may not be altered, except when both Mistress and slave agree.

    Section Four: Termination of Contract
    This contract is in effect until ____________. This contract may only be terminated for breach of contract wherein the slave refuses to continue as slave for a protracted period as determined by the Mistress.

    Security: In order to insure continued compliance by the Slave, the mistress may keep such photos, videos, documents and other records which she may release at her discretion to the workplace, on the internet, to family and friends only if the slave refuses to carry out his responsibilities (a breach of contract) under this contract while she has carried our her responsibilities in full faith. All copies of said photos and documents will be turned over to the slave upon successful completion of the contract period. Slave understands that breach of contract may lead to social humiliation and possibly job loss.

    Section Five: Code of Conduct
    1. Obedience is required. When an instruction is given, it is not the time to negotiate. Discussion will be allowed later if needed. Hesitation to follow instruction will be met with punishment.
    2. The slave agrees to obey his Mistress in all respects. his mind, body, heart and time belong to Her. The slave accepts the responsibility of using her safe word when necessary, and trusts implicitly in his Mistress to respect the use of that safe word. If a condition arises in which the slave needs to use the safe word or gesture, his Mistress will assess the situation, and determine an appropriate course of action.
    3. The slave shall keep his body available for the use of his Mistress at all times. In addition, the slave agrees that his Mistress possesses the right to determine whether others can use his body and what use they may put it to. The slave acknowledges that his Mistress may use his body or mind in any manner She wishes within the parameters of safety. She may hurt him without reason.

    4. The slave will answer any questions put to him honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information his Mistress should know about his physical or emotional condition. While his Mistress expects Her slave to speak honestly and forth rightly about anything that bothers him, he is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. he will phrase his concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept his Mistress's judgment in these matters without further complaint.
    5. No part of their agreement while slave is performing his responsibilities is intended to interfere with the slave's career. The Mistress wishes the slave to work hard and honestly, in general to conduct himself in a manner calculated to bring honor and respect to them both. During periods of work, the slave is permitted to schedule appointments, to dress in a manner appropriate to work, and to leave the house when necessary.
    6. A chastity device is to be worn at all times unless circumstances as determined by the Mistress require otherwise.
    7. A period of reflection is required when the slave returns home from work. This is to be done on his knees last for a period of at least 5 minutes. This is to remind the slave of his inferiority.
    8. Clothing and other adornments will be selected and/or approved by the Mistress.
    9. Respect of the Mistress’s friends and associates is required.
    10. There is to be a discussion time regarding the relationship any time the slave or Mistress feels it is necessary, except during a session, or while being given an order. A request for discussion will assure one, within one day at both the Mistress’s and slave's convenience.
    11. A safeword “RED LIGHT” will always be honored in this relationship and no circumstances negative or otherwise will occur upon the use of this safeword. The use of the safeword during punishment may cause the punishment to start over at a later date.

    12. The slave will always use “please” and “thank you”, especially when being punished.

    Section Six: Marriage, sex, and punishment:
    We agree that our relationship will always come first in our lives. We will not put work, other relationships, or other outside interests before the relationship/marriage. We agree to always be honest with each other in all things including feelings, thoughts and actions. We agree that the slave shall remain monogamous unless otherwise directed by mistress while the mistress may engage in safe extramarital sex if she chooses. Slave understands that he may never be allowed an orgasm or sex with Mistress. The slave agrees to accept any punishment or discipline the Mistress decides to inflict, whether earned or not.<br style="">

    Section Seven: Hard Limits
    The following is a list of hard limits both Mistress and slave agree upon. This section may be added to or subtracted from upon the agreement of both Mistress and slave.
    No acts involving feces.
    No acts involving children or animals.
    No acts that would leave permanent damage or markings unless agreed upon by the slave.

    Section Eight : Slave's Signature
    I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I understand that henceforth I am the property of Mistress and hereby relinquish my freedom, I understand I will be used, trained to truly understand my inferior status and punished as a slave, and I promise to be obedient and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Mistress to the best of my abilities. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract without agreement by mistress.

    Signature:___________________________ Date:________________________

    Section Nine: Mistress's Signature
    I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to accept this slave as my property and possession, and to care for him to the best of my ability. I shall command him, train him, humiliate him and punish him as a slave and strive to imbue a real understanding that he is an inferior whose sole purpose is to serve my needs. I understand the responsibility implicit in this arrangement, and agree that no permanent physical harm shall come to the slave.

    Signature:___________________________ Date:________________________

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    i get so excited when i read a well written and such an inclusive agreement like this previous one. i can only hope that someday my wonderful Wife will even consider something such as this!!
  11. Queen V's sub

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    My Wife/Mistress(KH) has agreed to use my college classes to be the basis of our new contract. My classes run 10 weeks each and I take two classes at a time. The contract is very simple. Each week if all my work is done for that week I get some play time,which can be either T&D or whatever Mistress desires but I am not allowed to have an orgasm. If my work is not done then nothing happens. After the 10 weeks actually 11 weeks by the time grades are posted will determine if I am allowed to have an orgasm. If I get A's in both classes I can do whatever I want and cum however I want. Anything less than two A's but better than two D's I am still allowed to have an orgasm but it is up to Mistress how that happens. Anything less than two C's and I am not allowed any relief.
  12. SirBottom

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    [deleted -- revision posted below]
  13. SirBottom

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    Sexual Protocols: Chastity Device


    Device:A locking piece of equipment which completely prevents any masturbation by [sub],cannot be removed without the key, and can be worn over a duration of at least24 hours without undue physical distress.

    StopCondition: Stop conditions are situations in which significant adverseconsequences -- physical or social -- could result from [sub]’s wearing of thedevice. Stop conditions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

    ○ [visitswith child]

    ○ Medicalvisits

    ○ Situationsinvolving metal detectors such as air travel, government buildings, etc.

    ○ Physicaldistress (beyond discomfort) caused by the device


    ● Iwill hold one of the two existing keys to the device’s lock. You will retainthe other and keep it with you at all times, secured in a safe as described in Key Management. I may choose to share thecombination with any other play and/or sexual partners you may be with.

    ● Whenwe are together and privacy permits, application and removal of the device isat my sole discretion.

    ● Whenwe are not together, I may direct you to or you may request permission to applythe device yourself.

    ● Ifa stop condition is met while you are locked in the device, you must make asubstantial effort to contact me for access to the key. If and only if thisfails, you will obtain access via the third party, and must inform me of thisat the first possible opportunity.

    ● Youwill always make every reasonable effort to ensure that I am aware of when thedevice is in use.

    ● AsI see fit, the device will be removed for thorough cleaning both of it and ofyour gentials. Unless I specify otherwise, if I have provided you the means todo this, you will also masturbate once at this point and then, regardless ofwhether ejaculation results, re-apply the device.

    ● Inthe absence of other instructions, you will masturbate once during eachcontinuous 48-hour period in which the device is not in use. Time, place,frequency, the use of erotic materials, etc., are at your discretion.

    ● UsingGoogle docs, you will submit a weekly sexuality journal. It is to includedetails of the timing in which you are locked in the device and thecircumstances under which you are locked and/or freed. It will also includesome basic details from each time you masturbate or, if the device is locked,believe you would have masturbated if it were possible. In the former case,thejournal will include when, whether it was to ejaculation, what thoughts ormaterials you used, and any other details that you think that I might want orneed to know. In the latter case, you will record times when you wish you couldhave masturbated and your emotional response to the inability to do so. Whileit is not necessary for it to read like erotica, nor for it to take a greatdeal of time to write, it is to have sufficient detail so as to provide me withan accurate picture of your practices, needs and wants regarding masturbationand chastity.

    ● Thisjournal is to be completed and submitted to me by 8 am each Sunday. If there isa delay in submitting it (except for technical reasons beyond your control),all sexual activity is strictly off-limits until it has been submitted. This isto include masturbation, sexual activity with a partner, either application orremoval of the device (whichever applies), and the logging into and use offetlife or any other adult Internet resource.

    ● Within24 hours of receiving the report from the past week, I will provide you withfeedback, as well as make you aware of any specific instructions that altereither your masturbation rules or the rules of using the device. Until you hearfrom me, or if I am unable to respond within the 24 hours, you shall assumethat no changes are to be made. I will notify you of any adjustments requiredfor the weekly journaling.

    ● Ifyou invoke safeword terms to be released from the device when none of the stopconditions applies, you will be released but you will not be permitted tofurther use the device (or equivalent alternative) for any reason. I may opt tolift this restriction after discussion and significant renegotiation.

    As noted, I may provide key access to other sexual or playpartners of yours. Other expectations affecting activity with sexual or playpartners are governed by a separate protocol.

    This arrangement can be revisited and modified to suit bothof our needs as I decide to be appropriate.
  14. bizzybee

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    The contract I have with my lady is very simple.

    I ___________,
    lovingly hand over my 'accessibility' to my loving lady, _________________.

    The conditions of remaining in her control are:
    1) Communicate all of my feelings.
    2) Learn skills to better myself and to make her happy.
    3) Serve to the best of my ability in action and word.

    We will each set 8 goals (on a separate piece of paper) and strive to achieve them through love and discipline.
    4 goals for me, from myself. 4 goals for her, from myself.
    4 goals for me, from her. 4 goals for her, for herself.

    As a goal is achieved (if it is possible to complete), a new one must be written in its place.

    Together, we will endure. Together we will struggle. Together we will progress.

  15. lorzain

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  16. mike92744

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    Before we start the following is accepted
    WEARER will be shaved from the neck down.. Chest, Ass, Crotch, Arms, Legs, and Armpits will be completely smooth. WEARER will shave self and present WEARER for KEYHOLDERS inspection.
    (Understanding that any body hair will add two months to the initial time in chastity) • KEYHOLDER will have One Manual Hand sex, one time with KEYHOLDER before WEARER is locked in the device. (Enjoy this sexual release, because it’s the last one for a while). • To ensure that this is a consensual agreement WEARER (while being video taped) will beg and plead with KEYHOLDER to lock up WEARER cock as WEARER IS approaching orgasm. WEARER will beg KEYHOLDER to take complete control of WEARERS cock and orgasms. WEARER will beg KEYHOLDER to make WEARER my Chastity Toy. KEYHOLDER will immediately, upon achieving orgasm, the DEVICE will be locked on WEARER cock. It will be Locked on while the last of WEARER cum is dribbling out of WEARER dick and before WEARER can even clean up. • The instant the lock snaps shut, WEARER give up all control of WEARER penis and orgasms to KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) who will decide the next time WEARER has an orgasm. IF ever ……… (video will be shown to all whom keyholder choses, video will be maintained on handheld device, and posted to any and all web sites as keyholder wishes)

    KEYHOLDER demands the following as owner of WEARER penis:
    • WEARER will learn the benefits of chastity, the enjoyment of orgasm control and the pleasure of handing over all rights to WEARERS penis. •
    WEARER will learn how to gain sexual fulfillment though bringing KEYHOLDER to orgasm and learn how WEARERs ass, mouth and other areas of WEARER body can provide enjoy KEYHOLDER enjoyment, despite not being able to cum. •
    WEARER will not speak of WEARERS penis or WEARERS orgasms.
    The penis belongs to KEYHOLDER, (or her Designee) and WEARER simply will not have orgasms until KEYHOLDR chooses otherwise. If ever allowed, When asked, WEARER will respond with how MY penis is doing while locked in the cage. • WEARER will learn to embrace KEYHOLDERS interest in chastity without complaint. WEARER will not ask for release, or ask when WEARER will be released. WEARER will not like what happens if WEARER complain or begs.

    KEYHOLDER will have total 24/7 control of the WEARER, in every aspect and as follows The WEARER submits ownership of his genitals to KEYHOLDER as her property. KEYHOLDER takes complete control of the WEARER’s genitals.
    1. The WEARER is not allowed to touch or fondle KEYHOLDER's property without her consent, however, KEYHOLDER has free reign to do whatever she desires with her property.
    B. KEYHOLDER will ultimately decide if permission to orgasm will be granted based on variables such as infractions, the convenience of the orgasm to be granted, or KEYHOLDER’s general overall mood to grant permission. It should be noted that the intent is to forever keep WEARER in chastity 24/7 forever, without release or orgasm.

    C. The WEARER submits to the use and wearing of a locking chastity device to ensure that KEYHOLDER’s newly acquired property is kept secure and denies access to the WEARER’s ability to break the terms of this chastity. KEYHOLDER will keep all keys. The WEARER is not authorized to touch any of the KEYHOLDER’s keys. In case of the cancellation of this contract, keys will remain in possession of KEYHOLDER and chastity device will remain installed on WEARER. Removal will be the responsibility of the WEARER. (KEYHOLDER will supply keys to WEARER, and a punishment penalty will be assessed per rules listed below, for having keys in WEARERS possession)

    D. When KEYHOLDER decides when and if the chastity device may be taken off for hygiene and maintenance purposes. KEYHOLDER will decide if she will be the one who performs the cleaning of her property (or her Designee), or if she will trust the WEARER with the task.
    E. The chastity device may be taken off, at any time KEYHOLDER wishes, and for any reason KEYHOLDER wishes.
    F. The WEARER does not have authority to remove the chastity device from KEYHOLDER’s property for any reason. The WEARER may however, submit in writing a request for removal of the chastity device explaining the reason or reasons for removal, but ultimately KEYHOLDER will decide on the approval of the request. Normally not approved.
    G. The WEARER will take responsibility for the performance of all household chores. This includes, but is not limited to, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the floors, trash removal, ironing, and general cleanup of all rooms within the house. KEYHOLDER may request that these chores be done at any time

    KEYHOLDER she sees fit. KEYHOLDER may and will loan out WEARERs services out to anyone at any time KEYHOLDER without cause or reason. This may or will consist of any service to male or female, sexual or domestic.
    H. KEYHOLDER may also add any task as she wishes. KEYHOLDER may ask for any additional personal assistance from the WEARER such as helping her get dressed, shaving her legs, helping with hair, etc., at any time she sees fit (or her Designee). The WEARER has no right to deny or show disapproval of any task or service KEYHOLDER of any personal assistance.
    I. The WEARER must request permission from KEYHOLDER to engage in any kind of hobby or personal activity not mentioned above. KEYHOLDER has the right to deny these request’s at any time. Showing disapproval of answer will be treated as the same as doing the hobby or personal activity without permission. (It should be noted that thinking disapproval is the same as showing disapproval, and WEARERS thought will be reported to KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for punishments as listed below)
    J. KEYHOLDER has the right to ask or demand any favor from the WEARER without any form of defiance. The WEARER has no right to any disagreement of the favor, showing disapproval of the request will be treated the same as not doing the favor, (It should be noted that thinking disapproval is the same as showing disapproval, and WEARERS thought will be reported to KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for punishments as listed below)

    K. KEYHOLDER can do anything sexual or not as she thinks fit, this to include any anal play on the WEARER, (i.e. Dildo’s, enema’s, beatings, or homosexual activities or anything else that KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) wishes that is not covered by this agreement. Female underwear will be worn at all times. Other apparel may be directed to complete any task assigned by KEYHOLDER (or her Designee), female or male attire.
    L. WEARER will display to anyone KEYHOLDER desires the Chastity Device and tell how many days since release and expected next release, with 1 month added for each person told. Lifestyle parties will be attended and Keyholder will decide dress code
    M. Public Display may be done at the pleasure of the KEYHOLDER (or her Designee)
    N. KEYHOLDER has the authority to amend any of the terms listed above, at any time, and without the WEARER’s agreement.
    KEYHOLDER can administer punishment whenever or wherever, at any time without any reason what so ever.
    A. If the WEARERs touches or fondles his KEYHOLDER’s property without her permission, an additional two months will be added to the chastity period, further this will get WEARER a punishment of KEYHOLDERs Choice
    B. If the WEARER has an unauthorized orgasm any time during the chastity period:
    1. He must lick up his mess.
    2. He must submit to a punishment of whatever KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) decides.
    3. In addition, the chastity period will increase by six months from release point at that time.
    C. If the WEARER has any uncontrollable form of orgasm during the chastity period (i.e., wet dreams, etc.); the WEARER will report the incident to KEYHOLDER, (or her Designee) who will apply the original punishment for unauthorized orgasm..
    D. Any unauthorized removal of the chastity device from the KEYHOLDER’s property, tampering with the chastity device, stealing or touching the KEYHOLDER’s keys, without the KEYHOLDER’s approval of the incident will be met with the following punishment:
    1. Automatic forfeiture of orgasm for 6 months from the time that the infraction occurred.
    2. Punishment from KEYHOLDER with the use of impact implement in addition to a minimum of 12 hard smacks to the testicles, KEYHOLDER to decide how many or flogging while restrained.
    3. The chastity period will be increased by twelve months, with no removal till next release date.
    E. If the WEARER fails to do any of the household duties, he will receive:
    1. one month added on to the current chastity period for each infraction.
    2. Punishment from a paddle or flogging, by KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for each infraction.
    F. If the WEARER fails to do any of the personal assistance duties, including, any additional personal assistance, he will receive:
    1. one month added on to the current chastity period for each infraction.
    2. Punishment from a paddle, by KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for each infraction.
    G. If the WEARER defies the KEYHOLDER when denied a hobby or personal activity, the WEARER:
    1. Will be grounded from the activity for 7 days (one week) for each infraction,
    2. Punishment from a paddle, by KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for each infraction.
    KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) has the authority to amend any of the punishments and consequences listed above.
    H. KEYHOLDER shall not be discreet, disclosing the fact that she controls WEARERS sex in any manner that she deems necessary to whomever she decides.
    I. KEYHOLDER shall not remove chastity device for medical appointments,
    J. KEYHOLDER may and will have sexual relations with anyone of her choosing at any time and place of her choosing. KEYHOLDER may demand WEARER find sexual partner for her.
    b. KEYHOLDER may require WEARER to observe or participate in any sexual activities she desires, including with other participants.
    c. KEYHOLDER may privately or publicly humiliate User in any manner she desires regarding his condition and inadequacies. Others may be involved.
    e. KEYHOLDER. Will choose to take photographs or videos, publishing/posting as desired or require WEARER to post them as directed.
    f. KEYHOLDER. will require WEARER to wear feminine panties and other items without regard to visual display in public.
    g. KEYHOLDER may choose to have WEARER purchase other extreme chastity or similar devices.
    h. The WEARER agrees to use prosthetic devices, in lieu of his penis, to satisfy KEYHOLDER.
    i. The WEARER agrees to allow others to use prosthetic devices on him for their own pleasure. (Any Size)
    j. The WEARER agrees to whatever use the KEYHOLDER. requires, including servicing others, female and males.
    k. WEARER will maintain a record of release day with extensions for infractions, any error will add twelve months to the corrected date, with no removal till next release date. This will be posted on web site in the form of a countdown ticker with infractions listed and extension times.
    l. The WEARER shall keep his body available for the use of his KEYHOLDER at all times. In addition, the slave agrees that his KEYHOLDER possesses the right to determine whether others can use his body and what use they may put it to. The WEARER shall demonstrate his acceptance of her role of service and availability at all times while at home and at other times and places. The WEARER acknowledges that his KEYHOLDER may use his body or mind in any manner She may hurt him without reason to please Herself. The slave enjoys the right to cry, scream or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect his treatment. Further, he accepts that if his KEYHOLDER tires of his noise, she may gag him or take other actions to silence him.
    The WEARER will answer any questions put to him honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information his KEYHOLDER should know about his physical or emotional condition. While his Mistress expects the WEARER to speak honestly and forth rightly about anything that bothers him, he is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. he will phrase his concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept his Mistress's judgment in these matters without further complaint.
    I agree to the terms and conditions listed above. I authorize this agree KEYHOLDER to take effect on the day of signing; further this agreement is binding on KEYHOLDER and KEYHOLDER alone for the rest of my life.

    Signature of WEARER
    Date 3-12-2011
    Driver’s License

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    Wow these are all wonderful I will have to pick one out when the time comes
  18. kinky6666

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    Personally I really can't see why people would enter such a long and complicated contract. Sure it is fun to read all the rules and penalties, but it is just fantasy. In real life there is no way people would enforce all these rules, it would just take you all day acting like a policeman/woman.
    My wife keeps me in a Lori #2D device 24/7 - with only a release once every 4-8 weeks. Only when she feels like it, the way it is intended to be. Give the Lady the keys and the control in order to live a healthy and loving relationship that is not harmed by excessive masturbating by the man. My Lady certainly doesn't need a contract for enforcing her rules.
  19. subklik

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    Wow, what a difference a year makes!
    i just read my post from last year where i said we don't livie this 24/7.
    Well, we do now!
    kids and all, we just keep things on the DL around the kids (all young adults now) and when the doors are closed or the house is empty.it all comes out and She enjoys a full power situation. 24/7 policing would actually defeat the purpose.
    We have several contracts in place and it is exactly because it is fun to do and spells out what we want in a Femme Dom or Female led marriage, and it takes nothing away from reality.

    Wow, have things changed...
  20. abraxas67

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    This is my proposal I am going to submit soon, called A.M.O.R :


    Accepted Male Orgasm Rule

    All obligations to family and job or employment come first. The Woman and the male unconditionally agree to accommodate any such activity or requirement. This agreement is based on LOVE!

    The male's masturbation habit ruins the intimacy of the Relationship. It ruins the mutual couple commitment, togetherness, trust and quality of life. It ruins the the couples sex life. Because of this the male agrees to having his penis pierced and permanently locked in a chastity device.

    The Woman will remove the chastity device temporarily if the male would be impaired or for hygienic reasons. The final decision is with her.

    The chastity device will prevent the male from any kind of masturbation or other selfish sexual pleasure. It is not a punishment to keep the male permanently chaste; it is an improvement and a positive and logical consequence of his selfish and destructive masturbation habits.

    The chastity device will enable the male to focus his sex drive on the Woman.

    The Woman alone has the power to grant the male any orgasm and may decide never to allow him to have another one.

    The male will perform all sexual services the Woman requests.

    The Woman will not confuse her total sexual control with being bossy. Her role is sexual, not in general domestic or informal.

    The male will keep an open and anonymous on-line journal of his service, thoughts, fantasies and training progress. There he will also post videos and photos of his status and experiences or links.

    The male is never allowed to discuss any sexual desperation with the Woman.

    The Woman does not need to acknowledge any sexual desperation of the male.

    The male known as .................... hereby consents to

    full and unconditional permanent chastity

    to his Woman .............................

    The male agrees to his change of status of its own free will. He is fully aware of the conditions implied in that change. The male understands that this change of its status is irrevocable.

    The male agrees and knows that if he ever changes his mind about this contract henceforth, then all evidence will be made public by posting a profile of the male with full details of his name, age, location, photos, his ex-anonymous on line blog etc. on a gay male BDSM site.

    This contract may be terminated at any time by the Woman, but never by the male. This contract may be replaced by another if agreed by both the Woman and the male.

    ..............................male ..............................Woman Date.......................
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