Xmas story a bit late but might be relevant for next year!

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    Christmas cums early.

    I was really horny. My girlfriend slept over the night before, but was too tired and fell asleep with my dick in her hand. I wasn't going to see her for another day and I jokingly sent her a text message stating I was going to have a wank. She sent me an angry reply that read ERM, I DONT THINK SO WITHOUT ASKING FIRST. YOU DON'T JUST PRESUME. She was playing to one of my fetishes, being denied and her being in control. It certainly worked. As I was reading the text my cock went rock hard. Pre-cum dribbled out of the end soaking my pants. I texted back GULP. K. I was planning on having a wank as I hadn't got off since the last time I saw her which was 2 days before, and with my sex drive not having cum for 2 days I was getting constant erections and thinking about sex all the time. Getting back to the text I didn't want to text her back right away and ask permission. What if she said no? I thought Id give it some time and ask her later in the evening.

    Later that night I was feeling particularly horny and sent her a text. IM REALLY HORNY BABY CAUSE I HAVENT CUM IN 3 DAYS BUT IM NOT PRESUMING. CAN I HAVE A WANK? X She replied a few minuted later. 3 DAYS ISNT LONG U CAN WAIT. WILL SEE YOU TOMORROW NIGHT AND DONT EVEN THINK BOUT WANK AS I WILL KNOW IF U HAVE!. I was pretty frustrated on reading that but I also felt quite aroused. What the hell I thought, another day wouldn't be a problem and although I sometimes cum every day my orgasms are more intense when I wait and sex with her was much better than wanking. It took a while but I eventually fell asleep with a stiff cock.

    The next night when I saw my Girlfriend she was pretty much acting like she didn't know I was horny. She must have noticed the constant frown on my face because after dinner she said What's wrong? You have a face like a smacked ass! Nothing I replied feeling rejected. I'm just feeling a bit frustrated cause I'm really horny that's all. Poor baby she purred. Come here and lie down next to me. I did so and she undid my trousers and pulled them down a bit. She pulled down my pants a bit and my cock sprang out. She started playing with me. I reached the point where I was about to come and then she stopped. The thing is baby, I had a really hard day at work, my back hurts and sex is the last thing on my mind. You can be grumpy about it but that's the way it is. What about my needs? You do love me don't you? She had been stroking my shaft with her hand. My heart was pounding Of course I do baby I managed to reply through laboured breathing. Well if you do love me then maybe you can start showing it a bit more. She increased the rhythm of her strokes and I was once again on the edge of coming but every time she spoke she slowed down or stopped her hand preventing me from doing do. I know your horny all the time, but I'm not and I don't think its healthy for you to be cumming everyday. In fact, I don't want you cumming tonight, I want you to show me how much you love me and look after my needs, OK? Would you rather get off or look after me? I was really breathing hard but I managed to stammer Erm, both? She smacked my stiff cock. Your missing the point I think! Instead of being ruled by your cock like most men I want you to be more considerate and prove how much you love me. I want you to SERVE ME and look after my needs! She started rubbing my cock again. Now, tell me you don't want to cum and you want to be my servant. Say it!
    I dont.... Yes? There was a pause. Want... to....cum Another pause. And you want to what? Another pause. Fuck you? She smacked my cock again. I know you want to fuck me. Now stop being facetious and FUCKING SAY IT! I managed to mumble I want to be your servant She smiled. Don't you dare cum then she said and she rubbed my cock for a bit longer, stopping as I was about to convulse. That's very good baby, I'm really happy you've asked me to be my servant. Your first task is to make me cum! She pulled my pants up over my stiff quivering cock and started undoing her trousers. What? I almost shouted. I thought you had a bad day and you wearnt horny? She smiled. That's true, but playing with you has made me horny, so get busy and serve! When I'M satisfied you can massage me for the rest of the night and no more complaining. If you do a good job I might sort you out tomorrow night, provided you can actually show me you really love me and really want to serve me properly. She picked up her DS, leaned back comfortably on some pillows and stretched, pulling a duvet over her legs and pushing my head towards her groin. Ten minutes later thanks to my persistent tongue she had a very loud and explosive orgasm. So much for not being horny! Two hours of massage later she fell asleep. My cock was still rock hard.

    The next night she came over and I cooked her a nice dinner. I didn't complain about being horny (she must have noticed the permanent erection sticking out of my trousers) and did my best to be her servant. At some point after dinner she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I'm really impressed baby, you have looked after me so well tonight! I've got a special treat for you She reached in her hand bag and pulled out a box. I've got you a present, it was for Christmas but I decided to give it to you early. Open it. Inside was the chastity device that I had asked her to get me for Christmas. The manufacturer claimed it could be worn 24/7 and was unnoticeable under clothing. I felt myself gulping. Well, go on then, put it on! she said excitedly. I struggled and managed to get the bit on that goes around your balls but there was no way my throbbing member was going to fit in the cage. Hmm, that is going to be a problem. Lets go up to bed and sort you out she said. I bounded upstairs to hear her shout don't take it off though. I laid on the bed with the device still trapped around my balls and the cage dangling. She followed and said to me have you still got those thumb handcuff thingy's of your? Erm yea I replied. Being tied up is another kink of mine and I was feeling unbelievably exited. My heart was pounding and my hands felt shaky. I rushed up and got the cuffs. After a bit of fiddling she managed to cuff me so I was on my back with my hands firmly affixed to the headboard. She had pulled my t-shirt up over my head so I couldn't see. Your not going anywhere soon are you? I could hear a smirk in her voice. Now, what are we going to do about this she said squeezing my cock. I moaned at her touch. My heart was pounding and my whole body was shaking slightly I was so horny! I'm not sure if I want you to come, you have done so well at being my servant I think I want to make you my slave for a while. What do you think? Do you want to be my slave? If you say yes I might just get you off... There wasn't much I wouldn't have agreed to at that point. Yes I panted. Yes what? Yes I want to be your slave I replied. She was running her nails up and down the whole of my body. Very well she said I accept. You can be my slave but you have to realise that whilst a servant is paid a slave is owned, so I now own you and your cock. I gulped. I realise though, that slaves need motivation through reward and punishment. Looking after me should be reward enough, but I suppose I should let you come every now and then. You've already asked me for this cage thingy, so locking you up should be a reward as well. So ask me to lock you up then. I was so horny but I managed to say the words. Beg me now. Please lock me up I said. Well, your in luck baby I will lock you up and thats your reward for being good, but don't you want to cum first? she purred. Yes please I said. All the while she was teasing me, bringing me to the edge but then stopping. Well, I havent decided if I want you to cum yet, I'm not sure if you've earned it. I might just get some frozen peas and out them on you, that should calm you down. I hadn't thought about that but I think she knew. Don't just assume I'm gonna sort you out baby, its not like you've earned it yet. Speaking of which how long should I lock you up for, a week? A month? I tell you what, ask me to lock you up until Christmas and I will let you come. I gulped. Christmas was almost 2 months away! Go on, I will let you decide baby, frozen peas and a week or cum and then its on until Christmas. I was so horny, I decided on instant gratification. Christmas I said. She went through getting me to beg her to lock me up until christmas and once I did she said You can come now and shortly after I let out a huge yelp and spewed out what felt like bucketloads.

    She left me there until I went soft and I felt her sliding the cage over my shaft. She secured it and clicked its lock into place. The next couple of months is going to be so nice baby. Just you looking after all of my needs. Just remember, if you complain about being horny or anything Christmas can turn into January and beyond. Be a good little slave though and you might just have a nice Christmas, but that depends on my presents as well of course She unlocked my thumb cuffs. Now get downstairs and turn on the telly for me. I want a hot drink and a nice long foot rub. And no talking unless I speak to you I got up and she smacked my bum with a big grin on her face. Christmas came early in a way but it didnt look like I was going to be feeling festive for some time.......
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