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Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by DP47905, Jun 24, 2008.

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    My wife has never really been into the chastity "thing", it was always too much on the weird side for her. She has tolerated me playing around with it a bit but has always commented that she didn't want my cock to be locked up.

    Anyhow, I had an idea and got some wonderful ideas from fellow members. I need to lose about 50 lbs and thought that I would put myself into lockdown so to speak and only allow myself out every 10 lbs to celebrate by touching my cock. Someone suggested that I should put the keys on my wifes nightstand or dresser and let her know that was my plan and I wanted to stick to it. She could allow me out whenever she feels the urge but I'd like to be locked right back up.

    Anyhow, I ordered a CB-3000 cage to replace The Curve. I got it adjusted correctly and started wearing it yesterday. Last night my wife got the first look at it and kind of chuckled. She said she wanted to get me out of that "cage" so I could enjoy myself. I told her that I really wanted to give this a try but she could let me out whenever she wanted. Anyhow I started massaging her back and neck and she started moaning and told me I could do that all night long. I worked my way down to her thighs, legs, feet, and toes and she was having a wonderful time. She said that she was getting very horny and wanted me out of my cage but I told her the night was all about making her happy and I thought it would be very hot to just get her off. She didn't say much and I continued massaging her and starting licking her pussy. At that point we got into a 69 position and she actually started licking my balls and sticking her tongue into the end of my Cb-3000. Wow that was something. At that point she had a screaming orgasm. Afterwards I continued massaging her and we just hugged and cuddled for the next half hour or so before falling asleep together. Before she fell asleep she mentioned that we could do that every night. I said no problem.

    I think we may be getting somewhere. I am SO excited about this.

    I gave her a book in January called Male Chastity - A Guide for Keyholders and she has yet to open it. Hopefully she will get more interested and open it up someday.

    Baby steps...
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    Congratulations, DP it sounds like you played it well and you're making real progress.

    Ain't it grand when a plan comes together ?

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    Be careful...

    How do I put this delicately? Your intentions are very honorable. You want to lose weight and chastity is focusing you on your wife's needs. But, this is from your point of view. I have to do a lot of chores around our home. When I create a sexual adventure out of the task (being naked, chastity, etc) I find the task more enjoyable. No problem...and I think most women would find this amusing but not a marriage issue.

    But...when it comes to sex...this is a "joint" activity. Your wife must be in agreement with you. From your sounds like she enjoyed the experience. But, she expressed needs (you out of your cage) which you refused. For a woman...this is not a simple thing to process.

    Any females out there are welcome to comment.

    But, what I have learned is that while many women enjoy oral sex... the reason she married a man rather than a woman is she wants oral AND a good fucking. A woman's self esteem is wrapped up in how she looks, her clothing, her make up and perfume... and if the result is her "man" becoming aroused (ie, HARD) by all the work she's done to prepare herself... her high self esteem is validated. When you approach your wife wearing chastity ... she may not view it as you do. She may view it as your desire to deny her the hard cock she married. She may think ... hummm, "why doesn't he want to fuck me?"

    For what it's worth: she must clearly want to play chastity games as a way of enhancing her sex life. If you are married to a woman who enjoys fucking and you deny that to her .. eventually her falling self esteem may lead her to cheating on you so she can feel her beauty and sexuality is validated by another man who is all to willing to fuck her properly.

    Good luck! marcus
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