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What is your mistress's favorite tool

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Lockedwithlove, May 10, 2016.

  1. I just recently bought my mistress a leather riding crop to keep me in line. It was part of a gift basket I have her for our first chastiversary. She's really grown attached to it and loves to smack my bottom good with it. What type of tools does your mistress like using on you / mistress's what tools do you like using on your men?
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  2. Wife likes hairbrush . plus it's always sitting out not far
  3. Our most-used toy is a blindfold. When my boy's sight is deprived, his sensitivity to my touch—whether pleasant or painful—is far stronger than normal. Mmm, nothing beats seeing him shudder in reverence when I trail my fingers across his bare skin.
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  4. My wife loves putting me in the humbler.
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  5. I have a love hate relationship with the blindfold. It does enhance your senses but I feel like it can be a punishment for me as I think my wife is so attractive, I love to stare into her eyes. I think her favorite punishment toy would now be the ktb. I'm sure queen may add to this post.
  6. Blindfolds ,,leather straps ,, and very large dildos :spank:
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  7. That's easy! Its her remote control vibrating butt plug. She loves to have me insert it when we go into public settings with me in male clothes. That way, She can torment me whenever She wishes and I never know when its coming or what intensity setting She will use.
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  8. i hopes that my Mistress fave thing is my tong. :) i don't know really if it is tho but i hopes it is.
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  9. My Mistress likes using the leather heart-embroidered paddle, and the feather. Last time she used them both she had bound me to our weight bench and paddled me because I gave her an attitude about getting the kids out the door. I deserved it.
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  10. Mistress's most favourite is a short rubber strap. She likes the weight, grip and most of all the results she gets with very little effort when it makes contact with my ass. Grrrr
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  11. Good question. One of the lexan canes perhaps?
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  12. Mistress Jules has a large collection of custom made floggers, however I think he favorite tool is her single tail whip.
  13. My imagination...everyone is always afraid of what I am thinking LOL
  14. Handcuffs, ankle shackles, chains & locks
    My wife has a good collection and frequently uses them on me
    Handcuffing both my hands to my cage all night is her most favorite
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    Oh it most certainly is - Shopping for another even now just to keep you guessing.
  16. Awesome:)