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Until marriage

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by newlychastised, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. So I did something lol. I told my fiance I didn't want to have any O's until we got married. There's no definitive date yet but it's minimum a year away. Her eyes lit up and pounced on the idea. I think im in for a looooooooooong ride. We'll see how it goes.... Wish me luck lol
  2. Good luck @newlychastised@newlychastised, you have more courage than I would! Good to hear that she seems into the idea, though. Shows promise, does this one.
  3. I hope it goes well. It sounds like you want that? Since you see many of us here are locked, have you talked to her about locking you up?
  4. Thank you. I just hate the way I am when I have a release and i think she does too haha. I think it'll make the wedding night that much more meaningful than just another thing people do.
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  5. I'm in an all steel belt currently
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  6. Oh my, that is serious. :)
  7. I had been out for about 5 months with her constantly trying to put me back in it. Now that it's on I don't think it's coming off LMAO
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  8. Your thread title is wrong.... you only needed the second word. :eek::rolleyes:o_O
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  9. LOL trueeeeeeeee