Trapped in Chastity By A Pretty Goth Episode 1

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    Thunder wakes me.

    I roll off the bed and and stagger to the light switch. My balls bump my thighs oddly. I am still hard from erotic dreams, but there is this tight clawing sensation around my cock.

    I look down.

    Of course. The Happy Happy Chaste Boi Purity Device(tm) grips my cock, a shiny black mesh sheath, its little red button pouting at me, daring me to press it.

    The thunder again.

    Not thunder, somebody hammering on the door. The Police?

    I glance guilty at my caged groin, pull on my dressing gown and blunder into my lounge. I switch on the light. It’s pretty much my lair with its comfy sofa and big TV, but, compared to my lush dreams of feminine flesh, it seems suddenly nightmare-bleak; like a waiting room, but all I’m waiting for is growing older.

    More banging.

    “Who the Hell is it?”

    A feminine giggle issues from behind my apartment door.

    Perplexed now, I push up to the peep-hole and find myself looking into a familiar big brown eye with heavy lashes and even heavier make-up.

    It’s her. Oh my God! It’s her. Gigi! The cute gothy sysadmin from the office, the one I like to fantasise about.

    My mind whirls. My cock heaves in its prison and I manage, “Gigi?”

    She moves back a little from the peep-hole.

    Now I can see the labret piercing that nestles cutely under her big lower lip. She also has a nose piercing, and I’ve always wondered what else might have holes in it.

    More giggles.

    I didn’t know she knew my address, but here she is now…

    Ice water pours down my spine.

    And here I am now, all locked up with the keys in my desk drawer back at the office.

    Gigi retreats further.

    I press my eye to the peep-hole and stare into her cleavage, safe in the knowledge that she can’t see me leer while my caged cock jerks and twitches hopelessly.

    Gigi has on some kind of black-velvet corset that leaves the top of her bone-white breasts bare. “Aren’t you going to let me in, Michael?” she calls out loudly.

    I pull my dressing gown belt tight. I should get dressed first, but if she keeps up this noise, the neighbours might notice. I open the latch.

    There she is, the perfect Goth: almost a head taller than me in her block-heeled combat boots, legs smooth and pale all the way up to the frilly black micro skirt that barely covers her hips. She raises one heel. This bends her knee, making her bare thighs slide together invitingly.

    The chastity device clenches around my cock.

    “Ahem,” she says.

    I look up but my gaze gets as far as the tops of her breasts and tattooed shoulders, all naked above the black corset with its dusting of sequins, each a ruby red that hints at the nipples it only just hides.

    Gigi emits a very un-gothic squeak of laughter. “Michael? Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

    I hold open the door.

    Gigi brushes past me and clip-clops into my living room, each impact of block heels on wooden floor resounding in my captive groin.

    A whiff of alcohol and feminine perspiration goes straight to my cock, making it throb hopelessly. Couldn’t she have come on a night when I wasn’t locked up?

    I close the door and turn to face her, suddenly aware of the breeze around my imprisoned balls. I smooth down the hem of my dressing gown.

    Gigi dumps her purse on the coffee table. Patent leather with studs, it doesn’t belong next to the neatly arranged tablet, cup mat and last night’s tea mug.

    This Goth girl doesn’t belong either!

    Pierced, tattooed, not entirely sober, a thing of the night, standing in the midst of my beige couch and well-ordered bookshelves.

    I open my mouth but can’t think what to say. She is everything I can never have, everything I masturbate over… when I’m not experimenting with self locking, of course.

    Gigi giggles and treats me to a pout that makes her lower lip overhang the piercing that nestles between her lower lip and chin. She crosses her booted ankles and I want to dive onto my knees and kiss the crinkly leather.

    “I’ve been a naughty girl, Michael,” she says, and fixes me with big wide eyes.

    My cock makes a heroic effort to rear free of the cage. “Really..?” I stammer and I’m thinking, OMG she wants me to spank her or something…

    “I kind of broke into your desk and stole the keys to your chastity belt.”

    “It’s not really a belt…” I begin. “Hang on, what did you say?”

    The girl advances on me like a tightrope walker, one booted foot in front of the other. “You’ve been naughty too,” she says. “Using the company to ship a sex toy from Japan. I guess you could get into a lot of trouble. What was it?” Her voice slides into a purr; “A Happy Happy Chaste Boi Purity Device?”

    I flush. My caged cock shrivels so I am suddenly aware of the high-tech anchor hooked into my urethra. “I…”

    Gigi draws herself to her full height, making the room seem to shrink. “Sit down, Michael.”

    I sink into my armchair, careful to arrange the dressing gown to hide my caged dick.

    Gigi puts her hands on her hips and frowns. “You could lose your job. Your Professional Association would throw you out…”

    Professional Misconduct. Yes they would. I slump into the cushions. There must be something I can say...

    She laughs and tilts her pelvis, making her whole body undulate, scraping my laminate floor with the edge of her boot heel. “Lucky for you it turns me on so much.”

    My head whirls. “It turns you on?”

    “Oh yes,” she says, hands now smoothing the frilly black skirt over her hips. “Since I found out, I can’t stop playing with my pussy. Uptight Michael, prim on the outside, hopelessly horny between his legs. And now I have your key, I can make the fantasy come true.”

    My cock goes off like an airbag, filling the cage, straining to break the ceramic mesh. However, the Happy Happy Chaste Boi Purity Device(tm) keeps it uselessly pointing down between my thighs. And all I can think of is that I can’t unlock until Monday and how the penis plug makes it impossible to pull out for a quick wank.

    The goth girl bends forward towards me, eyes wide and glittering and just a little predatory, and beyond the tops of her breasts. A wave of feminine sweat and boozy breath makes my cheeks flush, tightens my groin.

    “But I need to see,” she says. “Or else,” she adds.

    As if watching somebody else do it, I tug open my dressing gown, slump in the chair and spread my thighs.

    She stoops over me. “Oh,” she says. “It looks smaller than I expected. Very hi-tech.”

    I stare into the space where the corset keeps her breasts squashed together. The scent of her becomes overpowering. My cock spasms inside its cage. I shift uncomfortably and pray she won’t notice.

    She giggles. “Leaky!”

    Cheeks burning, I sit in silence, feeling her gaze on my neutered groin.

    Finally, the goth girl stretches out a finger. The nail is long and lacquered black, of course, and touches the red button as gingerly as if it were a clitoris.

    I flinch against the backrest, half climb out of the chair. “Jesus Christ! No!”

    Gigi giggles and withdraws her hand. “Well it was worth a try.” She straightens. “But maybe blackmail’s more fun.”

    “Sure,” I say, “I have plenty of money. What will it cost to make this go away?”

    “Money?” Her plump lips crease into a voluptuous smile. “Not money, time. I’m going to keep you locked up.”

    I stand up and start backing away. My lost cock beats a tattoo in its cage. “How long?”

    “You know, I don’t know.” She furrows her brow in thought.

    God, she really can do this to me. My hips give an involuntary twitch. My mouth goes dry. I don’t think I’ve every been this turned on and there’s nothing to do about it.

    Her big brown eyes twinkle. “A month. So I know you are squirming.”

    I shudder and let out a whimper. “That’s insane!”

    Gigi tuts. “Two months then! Careful what you wish for. ”

    I sink to my knees. “Oh god oh god.”

    “Oh wow,” she exclaims, “now I am turned on right now.”

    There’s a silence. I run my gaze from her clumpy boots, up her bare legs to where the black frilly skirt barely conceals her crotch.

    “Can…” I stammer. I lick my lips, cough, try again. “Can I help you with that?”

    “Oh,” she says. “I’m not sure you get to touch me.”

    My cock heaves against its cage. “I’ll do anything!

    “Mmm,” she says. “Would you stay locked longer?”

    “Yes!” I cry.

    “Oh. Oh. I have a delicious idea. A dilemma for you.” She raises her arms and dances to music only she can hear, rotating so her back is to me.

    I stare at her wiggling bottom my cock rising and falling abortively in time to the sway of her hips. How many times have I masturbated over fantasies about her? Now here she is doing one of my fantasies for real. I stare at the red laces that hold her corset closed and realize they are stretched over an expanse of skin. No bra! If I pull the laces, her breasts will escape.

    She shimmies back around. “The catch is,” she says, “for every minute I spend being your slave, you spend an extra day locked up. If you try to cheat, I tell the everybody about your… naughtiness.”

    The chastity device clenches. I frown, not sure if I want this for real. “So now you’re blackmailing me?” I blurt.

    “Well technically I was before. I mean I could have told everybody about your little import scam. Instead I stole your keys.”

    My forehead throbs. She’s pretty much offering me my fantasy for real — to have a pretty girl keep me locked. And I get to touch her for real. “OK.”

    Her red lips part in a sensual smile. “I knew you’d agree. I’m a good judge of people.” Her eyes widened. “Oh, hang on.” She reaches over into her purse and produces her mobile phone. A few clicks and stopwatch app appears. “And we are GO.” She sets the phone down on the coffee table.


    I just kneel there. I can get this luscious Goth do anything I want, but what? In the corner of my eye, the stopwatch races toward the one minute mark, then - with a beep - over it.

    Gigi pouts, making the labret piercing below her lower lip twinkle. “Well?”

    Enough to give me something to masturbate over once I’m unlocked. A ten minute tour of her body.

    I cough. “Turn around please.”

    With a sway of her hips, the does a slow pirouette to put her back to me.

    I rise unsteadily and stroke the taut laces of her corset. They’re lipstick red, the same colour as the Red Button and each bump of my fingertips makes my captive cock pulse. I reach the bow.

    The stop watch beeps. Two minutes!

    Suddenly I’m not sure I can last two days in the device, let alone the two months she’s promised me. Best to go for a quick thrill.

    I drop to one knee, run my hands over her hips and onto her legs, finally getting my palms onto her long smooth calves above her boots.

    A jolt goes through me. A wet pressure builds in my captive genitals. I rock back onto both knees and try to clear my head. Was that a beep?

    She half-turns and looks down at me, amused. “Is that it?” She cocks her head. “Five minutes? Don’t even think of going back on the deal, though. My therapist says I’m a little sociopathic. Me? I think I have an overdeveloped sense of honour.”

    I shake my head. “Bend over, please.”

    And, unbelievably, cool, utterly unattainable Gigi bends at the waist. She pushes out her pert bottom so I can see where the black thong vanishes between her buttocks and appreciate the dancer’s muscles taut across the back of her legs.

    I take the nearest leg in both hands and run them all the way up over her calf, past the crook of her knee and onto her tense thigh. Then, trembling slightly, I cup her buttock. It’s harder than expected — muscular from dancing.

    The wet pressure gives way. Semen squirts from my chastity device; a joyless release but a release all the same. I blush and drop my hands.

    She laughs, straightens and brushes down her skirt. “Ten minutes!” Her dark eyes widen. “Ten days. I hope it was worth it for that.”

    Inside the cage, the urethral hook keeps my shrivelled penis stretched out like an overdone shish kebab. All the same, a shudder runs along the captive member.

    God I can’t manage ten days. Ten days plus two months. That’s seventy days.

    Perhaps I could go so far that she would break the deal and I would be free?

    “We’re not done yet,” I say, “Take off your panties.”

    There’s a pause. The phone beeps. Twelve minutes.

    I cringe. I had wanted to go too far, but I don’t want to make her angry.

    Then she sighs happily, stoops and draws her panties down her long legs. She kicks them away and stands facing me, legs braced, the toes of her platform combat boots inches from my knees.

    As if in a dream, I hear myself order, “Lift your skirt.”

    She raises the frilly material.

    I gasp.

    Her pussy is shaved doll-smooth. Her inner lips are neat and glistening with juice and — OMG! — there’s a little hoop where her clitoris should be. I gasp.

    “You found my hood piercing,” she says. She shifts her boots apart slightly, braces her legs. “Can I take off the skirt?”

    “No,” I say. I want to explore fantasy Gigi, not some generic naked girl. My thighs are starting to hurt from kneeling. However, I haven’t touched a pussy since college. I slide my hand up the inside of her thigh until my fingers bump the soft flesh of her outer labia. I trail them across to brush the warm wet of her inner labia. The sensation seeps into my fingers, revives my groin so it tightens.

    I glance at the mobile in time to see it reach seventeen minutes. “You can change your mind,” I say.

    Gigi laughs at me me over her bare shoulder.. “I keep my deals.”

    I stroke the hoop.

    She whimpers. Her thighs tauten, her pelvis tilts making her boot leather creak. Before my eyes her clitoris swells. The tip emerges from its hood, thick and glistening. “Yes,” she purrs.

    I chuckle at her frustration. “Not on my time,” I say. Instead of stroking her clitoris, I make a hook of my hand and probe with my index finger between her inner lips. Her slippery flesh yields and I slide inside.

    Her vagina clenches against the invading digit, relaxes and clenches again… gnawing hungrily at it.

    My sticky cock ripples into new hardness. I whimper.

    She giggles. “Do you like my muscle control?” She twitches her vagina again.

    She’s doing that, making that happen! I start to rise from kneeling… but for what purpose?

    “Two fingers would be nicer,” remarks Gigi.

    “Who’s in charge?” I ask, but I can’t resist sliding a second finger inside her slippery vagina.

    She purrs. Her vaginal walls suck at my digits and I imagine what they’d feel like on my cock.

    As if in protest, my poor dick heaves against its prison. “I wish I wasn’t locked in,” I say, testing the waters. Who knows, she might have my keys with her.

    Gigi gives me a pitying look. “If you weren’t locked in, I wouldn’t be here.”

    I withdraw my fingers a little then push them back in.

    She shudders and sways. Another wave of scent envelopes me, this time the aroma of her ripe pussy.

    “Can’t I lie down?” she pleads.

    I shake my head. “I’m in charge.”

    She giggles. “Very Mr Grey from a man with no cock!”

    “I have a cock,” I say and start working my hand up and down. It’s like inside-out milking. Her vagina slurps obscenely and her foaming juices drip down my wrist. The scent of pussy becomes overpowering.

    She lets go of the skirt, stretches out her arms like a ballerina and rocks her hips. Her vagina clenches around my fingers and she groans.

    My caged groin twitches in response. My cock wants to break free of its prison and plunge into her pussy. Instead, I can only piston my fingers in her moist vagina.

    Her breathing quickens. A flush creeps out from under her make up and reddens the tops of her breasts. She lets out a great groan. “Oh My Fucking God!”

    I withdraw my fingers and settle back onto my ankles. My hand is slick with her juices. I take a lick.

    She tastes dark… soy sauce with a hint of honey.

    The taste roars through me, making me squirm. I so need to masturbate!

    The phone beeps helpfully. Thirty minutes!

    “Enough!” I blurt. “Go!”

    Gigi lifts her skirt and rubs at her pussy, hooking under her pierced hood to get at her clitoris. “Are you sure?” she purrs. “I can go on all night.”

    My cock thrashes in its cage. I close my eyes. I can still taste her. But three months without masturbating! “Go!”

    “OK,” she says, amused. Her boots rumble on my floor. “You just earned an extra thirty extra days of chastity.”

    I open my eyes. With her skirt down she looks almost sweet.

    “Just to be clear.” Gigi’s wide brown eyes sparkle. “We’re not going out or anything like that. Date if you like.”

    I glanced down at my caged groin. A gossamer strand of semen trails from the slit. “Chance would be a fine thing.”

    Gigi picks up her handbag. “Well, if you get horny, call me.” She giggles. “I’ll start the clock again.”

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    Great to see you writing here again!
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    Thanks! I'm working on the sequel to my Roman story at the moment.
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