too much skin trapped by KSD-G2

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by chasteforfun, May 23, 2010.

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    I just had a serious panic attack. As you know, I'm wearing a CB2K w/ KSD-G2.
    My wife had me locked up late yesterday evening at 8 p.m., almost 15 hours ago. All was going fine but I had several errections during the night & this morning. With all that inflation and deflation, more and more penis was getting trapped by the Keep Safe Device. I'm a shrinker and this made for a big feeling problem as more and more skin was getting pushed through the KSD into the cage. As I shhrunk & retracted, the skin stayed inside and became swollen and appears to have trapped fluids making for a very puffy ring on my dick just before the head started, which in turn caused LOTS of pain. I have finally been able to pull some of the skin back out of the KSD with much much effort. I'm finally calm after this panic attack.

    To make the situation worse, this is my first lockup where my wife has gone to work and I don't have a key. Yes, she has hidden one in the home for emergencies but I didn't want to call her and face failure. Plus, I'm off for a pedicure in a couple hours (no, i'm not doing a sissicure but rather cleaning my feet for health reasons and to be kind to my wife in bed.)

    Just venting if that's o.k. with you guys & gals but if you have similar experiences & solutions to them, I'd very much appreciate hearing about them.
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