The Looker 1 after 15 days!

Discussion in 'Steelworxx' started by Anto78, Sep 16, 2017.

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    In the face of my complaints, my mistress locked me for 15 days in the Steelworxx device ( the looker 01) without any compromise.
    Now I can give a full review of this device.

    I used a Holy Trainer for a long time, good product but for prolonged use 24/7 is not the best for hygienic problems.

    The Looker 1 is made of stainless special steel, perfectly smooth and well-groomed in detail. Being tailor-made is very adherent, the ring is a bit difficult to wear but once inserted and closed, it's almost like not having. Below the clothes you do not notice, practically a kind of second skin!

    The measures can be emailed and anyway you will be given help to get them in the best way.
    No hygienic problem, it is possible to wash and there is no residual humidity because of the cage structure.

    However, I have founf the following problems:
    - Can not pee standing, splash, and drop anywhere! Negligible problem and partly fun.
    -The cage structure allows the insertion of the fingers and so you can touching even if reaching the orgasm there is not quite in the cage.

    -Spontaneous morningtime erections give me a lot of pain in particular at the testicular level, on several occasions I have to resort to frozen water. Evidently the pressure increase in the small space causes compression and pain. This can be part of the punitive game but sometimes it's really too much and could be dangerous in long time (never had this problem with the holy trainer).
    Even the ring may cause heartburn at the base of the testicles during prolonged erections but you can use an oil to avoid friction with the skin.

    Concluding the metal and the customizable measures make the device better than any commercial one, it would be perfect if you did not have the problem of testicular pain, that makes it so good until you are very excited.

    By ;)
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    We had one of those. I really liked the bar marks it makes on the glans after a couple of months of wear.
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