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    This story is a few years old now, but I hope you enjoy it.

    charlotte xx

    By Charlotte

    Today is my wedding day. The ceremony doesn't start for ninety minutes but
    I am already wearing my dress. It is ivory silk with a full-length skirt,
    tight bodice and puff sleeves. When I saw it in the shop I knew I had to
    have it. It's just gorgeous and makes me feel like a princess. I'm also
    wearing a very tight cream corset, matching French cut panties and
    stockings. My shoes are so delicate and feminine, 3" heels with just two
    thin straps securing them to my ankle. I often wear much higher heels but
    I will be on my feet all day and I don't want to get tired. I sink back
    into the chair behind me and finger the tiny scar on my neck where I had
    the operation. In order to get at the scar I have to push up the thin
    metal collar I wear all the time now. Miss Rachel was kind enough to make
    the collar loose fitting so it is easy to move. I run my long red nails up
    and down my body, hardly daring to believe today has come. My artificial
    breasts strain against their layers of silken constraints as I think back
    over the events of the last 2 years and my little sissy clitty starts to
    stir in its metal prison.

    Miss Rachel has promised that if I am good today she may even remove my
    chastity belt tonight. I am resolved to be as well behaved as I can and
    really make her proud of me. I hated that thing when she first put it on
    me but I now understand the reasons she had to do it. It is frustrating
    and sometimes painful not to have control of my own pee-pee but I have
    accepted that it belongs to her now. Also, wearing the chastity belt has
    made me so much more compliant and feminine. When she first told me we
    were to be married I was apprehensive. When she explained that I would be
    the one wearing the dress and I would have to promise to obey her I was
    downright scared. The fact that she put me on a crash diet so I could fit
    into the costume she wants me to wear for the entertainment at the
    Reception didn't help. Gradually I've come round to the idea. It's a
    shame my parents have refused to attend but I know if they did come they'd
    only create a scene. No, today must be perfect. It's my chance to
    demonstrate to the whole world the commitment I've made to Miss Rachel. I
    lean back in my chair, close my eyes and think back to how it all started.

    It all started two years ago because it was Friday night and I was bored
    and there was nothing on television. I was an 18-year-old kid who had just
    started university. My parents were rich and when they first suggested
    buying me a flat I thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately I was
    finding out that living on your own made it a lot harder to make friends.

    For the last few years my parents had paid to send me to private school.
    On the surface I was a normal schoolboy, missing classes and drinking at
    the weekends whenever I got the chance. However there was one big secret
    nobody knew about. For years and years I had fantasised about dressing in
    girls clothes. Of course I never did anything about it, I was much too
    much of a wimp and my parents would have died of shame if they found out.
    I just fantasised endlessly about dressing like my sisters and doing all
    the things I saw them doing.

    Today was different though. Earlier this afternoon I had bought a computer
    and I just installed the ISP software. I was hooked up and ready to
    connect to the internet for the first time in my life.

    I had read about chat rooms in the newspaper and wanted to see what they
    were like. The first thing I did was head for Yahoo because that was the
    only one I had heard of. It took me a moment to download their software
    and work out what was happening and then I was away. I choose the first
    name that came into my head, 'sissy.' I didn't bother to fill in the
    profile; I just wanted to get on-line as soon as possible. After I found
    the adult rooms I surfed around a bit, generally being ignored. On one
    level it was very strange, these people were thousands of miles apart
    pretending they were in the same room. On another level it was strangely
    erotic, I found myself watching Hercules dominating his sub pretty_flower
    by forcing her to pretend to give him a blowjob in the middle of the chat

    Suddenly a message box popped up in the middle of my screen:

    'Busy slut?'

    I looked at the top of the box, it was sent by 'Cruel_Master_James.'

    A few seconds later another line appeared below the first one.

    'I asked you a questions slut.'

    I panicked. I moved my mouse instinctively and killed the connection.
    Instantly I regretted it. What was I doing? I couldn't wimp out again.
    For years I had fantasised about discussing my yearnings with like minded
    people and at the first chance I had I whimped out.

    Eventually I reconnected and found the chat site again. This time I
    decided to go for a more descriptive name and set up a profile as
    'male_sissy_maid.' I typed some rubbish into the description about how I
    liked to dress from time to time and go to clubs. I also found a S&M site
    and borrowed a picture of a very thin man dressed as a secretary in a
    blouse and tight pencil skirt, wearing a dog collar and chains and kissing
    the thigh boots of a blonde sex goddess dressed in an all in one PVC

    I soon found a room called 'Slut TV's in a dark alley' and decided to take
    a look. It was full of people but it was clear most of them were engaged
    in private conversations and I couldn't find anyone to talk to. The few
    that did want to talk were only interested in my telephone number. After
    about fifteen minutes I was about to leave when a private message popped up
    on my screen.

    'Interesting photo. Is it you?'

    I looked at the name - 'Hercules.' Hmmm...he was clearly going to be
    disappointed by the truth so I decided to lie.

    'Yes Sir.'

    'You're very pretty slut. Tell me about yourself.'

    That was all the excuse I needed. For the next 30 minutes I chatted with
    Hercules. It was only later I realised I had told him all sorts of things
    about me but had learned absolutely nothing about him. It didn't seem to
    matter; I was overcome with relief at being able to talk to someone about
    my inner desires with no fear of ever meeting them. The little white lies
    I told along the way didn't seem to matter; when Hercules asked me what I
    was wearing I told him a tight black leather mini, blouse, stockings and
    spike heels. He encouraged me along the way, asking what turned me on, how
    I saw myself... it was kind of like talking to a kinky psychiatrist.
    Eventually he asked if I wanted to be placed under his guidance. I nearly
    came when I heard that. He wanted to help me fulfil my innermost dreams
    and desires. I had only been online for an hour or so and here was someone
    offering to do exactly what I wanted.

    Immediately I said yes a change seemed to come over Hercules. He insisted
    I sent a message in the open room begging to be allowed to serve him. He
    pretended not to be interested and replied telling me to crawl towards him
    on my hands and knees. Then he asked me to tell everyone how I was
    dressed. My cheeks were red and my little sissy cock was straining as I
    read the comments from some of the other people in the room. It looked
    like they were used to this sort of thing!

    With feigned reluctance Hercules eventually said yes. He asked me what I
    was wearing again and when I gave the same answer he told me to go and get
    a length of rope. As fast as I could I ran into the hall of my flat and,
    kicking off my clothes, came and sat down again in front of the computer.
    I was now stark naked. I typed out a message;

    'I have done as you ordered Sir.'

    'Good slut. First remove your skirt and panties. Then take one end of the
    rope and tie it around the base of your cock and balls. Pull it to make
    sure it's tight. Then thread the rope between your legs, loop around your
    waist and tie it off. I want your TINY little cock hidden between your
    legs. Then put your knickers and skirt back on.'

    I looked at the screen. Hell! That was going to hurt. Strangely, I never
    thought of disobeying. Hercules was probably thousands of miles away but I
    felt like he was in the room with me ordering me to do this with the crowd
    egging him on. There was no way I could do anything other than he ordered.
    Submission came naturally to me.

    Very gingerly I looped the rope around my ball sac and pulled tight. I was
    right, it did hurt!

    I typed out a message telling him I had obeyed. Suddenly I heard a single
    voice coming out of my speaker. Dimly I wondered why I hadn't noticed this
    room had voice chat as well.

    'Let's see if the sissy is any good at sucking cock Hercules.'

    There was a gaggle of laughter. The message from Hercules was clear

    'On your knees slut.'

    Without thinking about it I slipped off my chair and fell to my knees.
    This man was thousands of miles away from me but the instinct to obey was
    so strong that I never considered doing anything else. I found my eyes
    were half closed and my lips pursed almost as though I was ready to receive
    his penis in real life. Without thinking about it I started to type. To
    this day I can't remember much but I could almost taste a strong musky
    smell in my throat. On one level it was absurd, I was pretending to have
    oral sex with this man who wasn't even in the same country to me. To me it
    seemed perfectly natural however, I was so ready to give myself to anyone
    who noticed me.

    I had had a few girlfriends and one in particular who enjoyed the taste of
    my cum. I thought back to what she had done and what I had enjoyed.
    Gradually I relaxed, words like 'moist lips' featured a lot. The rest of
    the room obviously enjoyed the entertainment; there was a constant stream
    of comments from my loud speakers. Eventually Hercules came, turning his
    microphone up loud so the whole room could hear. That wasn't the end of my
    performance however; I spent the next 2 hours sucking off every other male
    in the room under his direction. Time seemed to pass quickly, I was
    totally immersed in trying to please Hercules. Finally I saw him type out
    a message.

    'I am going now. I hope you all enjoyed today's entertainment.'

    Quickly I typed out a reply.

    'When will I see you again Master?'

    For the first time I heard Hercules's voice, a low chilling laugh in my

    'See me again? You really believed I am interested in owning you? This
    was strictly a one night stand sissy. Crawl back under your rock, there
    are thousands like you begging to serve me every time I log on.'

    I was numb. I heard the rest of the room laughing at the way I had been
    used. Used and thrown away like the pathetic sissy I was. How could I
    complain? Wasn't this exactly the treatment I had begged for? My little
    sissy clitty was straining. Remembering my manners I was polite to the

    'I hope my service was satisfactory Sir.'

    I logged off with renewed laughter ringing in my ears.

    I slept late the next day. When I got up I didn't even look at the
    computer, after a late lunch I went out to do some food shopping. It was
    late in the afternoon before I had put everything away and I decided to
    have a quick look on the internet to see if I could find out what was on TV
    that night. Almost as soon as I logged on I saw a little envelope icon at
    the bottom right of the screen. When I clicked on it an e-mail inbox
    appeared. This was strange, I hadn't signed up for an e-mail account yet.
    Then I saw the name at the top of the screen, 'sissy_male_maid.' I
    realised the account must have been automatically created last night when I
    used the chat room. I had been so upset I hadn't logged out so the
    computer had retrieved the messages for me when I logged on again.

    There were two unread e-mails; the first was the traditional 'Welcome'
    message. The second was more interesting. It was from someone calling
    herself 'Mistress Rachel' and was headed 'You.' I double clicked to open


    I was in the chat room yesterday and saw your display for Hercules.
    Although it was clear you have little experience I was impressed by your
    obedience and natural subservience. To the end you treated your Superiors
    with the respect that is their due. I am not going to try and defend the
    way Hercules used you, however you clearly understood that it is not for
    sissies to question their Superiors and continued to display the
    appropriate dignity and deference.

    I would welcome the chance to talk with you further, although I appreciate
    that after your experience yesterday you may have reservations. If you are
    available I will be on line tonight at 17:30 UK time. It would please me
    if you were there.


    Mistress Rachel'

    I felt light headed...this was a real Mistress. She wanted to talk to me!
    Suddenly I glanced at my watch. Hell! It was 5:23 already. I had 7

    Frantic now I jumped up from my seat and pulled the curtains shut. I fixed
    myself some sandwiches and a drink, took them out to the computer and then
    checked all the doors and windows were shut. Before logging on again I
    stripped off my clothes. Looking at the clock on the computer I saw I had
    less than sixty seconds left.

    She was waiting for me. As soon as I entered the chat room a message box
    popped up;

    'Welcome sissy. I'm glad you could make it.'

    Suddenly I was incredibly nervous. What was I doing?

    'Thank you Mistress. Ummm... thank you for your e-mail.'

    'Welcome dear, but please call me Miss Rachel. Your performance last night
    fascinated me. You showed a lot of potential. I wanted a chance to chat
    with you.'

    For the next three hours we talked. Just talked. Miss Rachel asked me
    about my background; my fears and desires, hopes and dreams. I was as
    honest as I could be but still maintained the rubbish I had typed into my
    chat profile yesterday was true. I didn't feel able to tell her I had
    misled her so early on. All the time she quietly encouraged me to open up
    until I heard myself telling Miss Rachel things I hadn't realised myself.
    I explained my constant dreams and fantasies where I always played the role
    of the submissive sissy and the effect this had on me. When I told Miss
    Rachel that my name in these fantasies was always Sophie she graciously
    agreed that I could keep that name. She began to tell me a few things
    about herself, I learnt she had trained a number of real life sissy maids
    in the past but currently did not own any.

    She told me a number of stories about how she had humiliated her girls.
    Each story turned me on more than the last and I knew beyond doubt that
    this was the life for me. When I heard her final story about how she had
    punished a slave who had been masturbating without permission by dressing
    her like a slut in a tiny red miniskirt and red PVC thigh length high
    heeled boots and dropping her in a town 80 miles away in the middle of the
    night my little sissy clitty felt like it was about to explode. The girl
    only got home by hitching a ride with a trucker. She spent the entire ride
    kneeling in front of the driver with his penis in her mouth. This was a
    whole new world to me and I knew then that I wanted it more than I had ever
    wanted anything.

    Eventually Miss Rachel told me she had to go. I asked her when we would
    chat again. Her answer shocked me;

    'Never, unless you learn to be honest with me.'

    'I don't understand. What do you mean?'

    'Well - for a start that picture on your profile isn't you, is it?'

    Even though she was many miles away I turned beet red.

    ' I am so sorry Miss.'

    'You will be. Understand this, I will not tolerate any form of
    disobedience or lying. Being a good sissy takes dedication and self
    sacrifice. It will take over your life, it is not just something to play
    at on the weekend. I will be here at the same time in 2 days. Think
    carefully. If you want to see me again I have some tasks for you to
    complete in the next 48 hours.'

    'Anything Miss. I am just so sorry to have disappointed you.'

    'Hmmm...well. You have 48 hours to prove that. You've already told me
    you have plenty of money, now you will spend some. I want your profile
    updated with TRUE information and a real picture of you. Buy a digital
    camera and scanner if you have to. From now on I want you properly dressed
    every time we meet. Go out and buy yourself a wardrobe; skirts, dresses,
    lingerie, shoes but NO pants. No flat shoes either. Don't forget the make
    up, it's so important for sissies to be well turned out.

    Finally - and this is most important - you are to get yourself a webcam and
    microphone. I want to be able to see you and hear you. I'm not wasting my
    time typing out messages, if you have any doubts you should tell me now.
    That's a lot to remember for an airhead like you. Do you have it all

    I could only stare at the screen. When I started down this path I had no
    idea how far I would go but in my wildest dreams I never imagined this. The
    idea of finally having my own wardrobe thrilled me and yet terrified me at
    the same time. The idea of someone else seeing me dressed really terrified
    me! Yet, I could stop this at any time. She hadn't asked for my real name
    or address. I could experiment by obeying her and then just delete my
    profile later and stop logging on if I needed to. I wanted to obey Miss
    Rachel so much. I had spent most of my life whimping out, there was no way
    I was avoiding my fantasies again. I gave the only answer I could.

    'I understand perfectly Ma'am. I will be here in 2 days.'

    Looking back I wonder why I never thought of arguing with her, asking for
    more time before taking such a big step. I think it was because I could
    not disappoint Miss Rachel again; I had to prove myself worthy of her
    attention. In the short time I had been with her I had subconsciously
    accepted her as my Superior and her approval was increasingly important to
    me. In fact, her approval was becoming the only issue of importance in my

    The following morning I skipped college and drove to a large town about 80
    miles away. The computer equipment was easy, I just went straight to the
    local branch of Dixons. The clothes were more difficult, it was
    horrendously embarrassing just to walk into Dorothy Perkins. The first two
    times I tried I turned such a vivid shade of red I left before a sales
    assistant threw me out. After an hour I nearly had a crying fit when a
    grandmother out shopping with her granddaughter pointed at me and said
    'That's a pervert dear.'

    I managed to buy a few things and eventually decided to go back to my car
    and drive into London. It seemed to make things easier, there were more
    people in the shops and even some men shopping for wives and girlfriends.
    It was still embarrassing, one shop assistant insisted on holding up a
    short black velvet dress to see if it would fit when I tried to buy it.
    Eventually I had enough clothes to please Miss Rachel when I chatted with
    her again, I resolved to buy the rest from mail order!

    The only thing I hadn't managed was shoes, clearly no shop assistant was
    going to allow me to try on high heels and from what I saw of the sizes
    they all looked a bit small for me anyway. Eventually I had a stroke of
    genius, I took the Tube over to Kings Cross and went to a transvestite shop
    I had seen before in the run down area behind the station. Once I got over
    the initial shock of seeing so many other guys like me shopping for girl's
    clothes it was quite easy. I ended up buying one pair with a four inch
    pencil heel and wrap around strap and one pair of ankle boots with a wider
    five inch heel.

    It was nearly midnight when I got home and I was exhausted. I really,
    really wanted to try something on but I just lay down on my bed first for a
    quick rest. I closed my eyes just for a second, the next thing I knew I
    was awakened by the sound of cars in the road outside. I looked at my
    watch, it was 10:00AM. I had slept right through past the alarm!
    Resolving to make the best of things I decided to spend the day pampering

    After calling into college to take another day off I ran a lovely hot bath,
    using some scented oils. While in there I shaved every inch of my body
    below my neck. After climbing out of the bath I dried my hair into what I
    hoped was a feminine style and sat down in front of the mirror to do my
    makeup. I had no experience of using makeup before so my first few
    attempts were a bit of a disaster. Far too much rouge, blusher and
    mascara. After about half an hour I learnt to go easy on the blusher and
    mascara and managed a half way respectable look. It was still a bit tarty
    but at least I didn't look like Barbara Cartland.

    It was a real shock to look in the mirror and see this feminine face
    attached to my body. I ran my hands up and down my smooth body, revelling
    in the submissive and feminine feelings that overtook me.

    After a few seconds I picked up the bag from Knickerbox and dropped my new
    lingerie collection onto the bed. When I was in their shop yesterday I
    pretended to be shopping for my girlfriend, everything I bought was silk or
    lace and very, very delicate. I picked out a matching bra, high cut
    panties and suspender belt in cream silk, my poor little penis was rock
    hard as I slid the panties up my legs. It took me a few minutes to get the
    stockings on properly, I loved the sensation as they pulled against my
    suspender belt when I snapped them in position.

    I routed around the pile of clothes on my bed and decided to wear the black
    velvet dress. The skirt was tighter than I thought and my painfully stiff
    errection was forcing it out into a tent. Eventually I managed to reach
    round and pull the zip up, I couldn't help but run my hands up and down my
    new body. After putting on my new 4" heels I practised walking across the
    room a few times to get used to them. It was the first time I had ever
    worn heels and I nearly broke my ankle a couple of times. Soon I was
    swinging my ass as I'd seen the girls do down the pub on a Friday night and
    it all became much easier. After about 10 minutes I had forgotten I was
    wearing them. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and had to stop for a
    double take. I was gorgeous! I'd never really had much luck with the
    girls, my body wasn't really up to much. I'd been transformed into a sexy,
    sassy young woman of the sort I lusted after on the infrequent occasions I
    went to nightclubs. I'd never felt like this before, so vulnerable and
    feminine. All my doubts had gone, I knew I could pass as a girl and I
    loved the way it made me feel.

    I had about 2 hours until my appointment with Miss Rachel. I didn't have
    the courage to go anywhere so I sat down to watch some television. I had
    bought some long red false nails yesterday so I busied myself attaching
    them to my fingers. It was so strange to be sitting there watching 'This
    Morning' and playing with my vampish red nails. I even found myself paying
    special attention to the beauty items, wondering how the makeover was going
    to turn out and what I would look like in the ridiculously short skirt they
    had put their middle aged victim into. As my appointment with Miss Rachel
    drew nearer I became more and more nervous, getting up to pace the
    apartment and reassuring myself by checking my appearance in the mirror.

    About forty minutes before my appointment I suddenly realised I needed a
    feminine voice. There was no way I could use my normal voice, dressed as I
    was! The whole experience was already going to be extremely humiliating.
    Luckily my voice was quite high, I started with this high pitched squeak
    rather like Minnie Mouse but soon graduated to a lower Bette Davies tone I
    felt I could maintain reasonably consistently. It was weird hearing this
    odd voice coming out of my mouth, I practised by reading items out of a
    magazine until I could manage two minutes without changing my pitch.

    Eventually it was time and I logged on. I saw the icon indicating Miss
    Rachel was already there so I raised my trembling hand to turn the webcam

    The screen flickered for a few seconds and then the colours began to form
    to reveal this gorgeous woman. It sounds like a clich' but the first
    thought to register in my mind was that Miss Rachel was stunningly
    beautiful. She was in her late twenties, slim with shoulder length blonde
    hair and largish breasts. She was sitting down wearing this very tight red
    wrap around dress. Her eyes were green and the most piercing I had ever
    seen. They appeared to be staring right at me. Behind her I could see
    some French Windows and a neatly kept garden. Then I saw her face light up
    as she began to smile. I realised she could now see me as well. At that
    moment I knew I would do anything to please her.

    'Welcome my dear.'

    Her voice was clear and precise and the accent was Home Counties. My mind
    raced...for some reason I had assumed she was American. The idea of
    revealing myself to someone who might only live a few miles away was even
    more scary. For a moment I was hesitant, until I stammered.

    .'..TTTttttthank you Miss. I'm sorry I kept you waiting.'

    'No dear, you were actually a few seconds early. You're not in trouble.
    Now tell me how your shopping trip went. You look delightful by the way,
    very pretty'

    I reddened as I heard myself described as pretty. Prompted by Miss Rachel
    I launched into a detailed description of the clothes I had bought and how
    long it had taken me to dress. She asked detailed questions and appeared
    to be very interested in the more humiliating parts of my trip. I heard
    her laugh when I told her how a grandmother had called me a pervert, she
    quickly replied;

    'Well that's what you are dear, isn't it? A little sissy pervert.'

    Soon we moved on to how this was making me feel. I was totally honest and
    I explained how I was torn between self disgust and a real feeling that
    this was what I was born to. I had never worn stockings and heels before
    but it already felt so natural, so right.

    Suddenly she announced she wanted to see me walk.

    'On your feet dear. Remember to swing your hips. Let's see plenty of ass,
    men love a pretty girl's ass.'

    Obediently I stood up and wobbled unsteadily on my heels. At Miss Rachel's
    command I walked across the room and back again, as I was approaching the
    computer again I heard the command 'CURTSY' barked out from the speakers.
    I bobbed obediently before sitting back down again.

    I felt ridiculous and humiliated, manipulated via a computer and telephone
    line from many miles away. Then I looked at the screen. Miss Rachel was

    'Good Sophie, a very good start.'

    It was like turning on a light bulb. Suddenly my self disgust was gone. I
    had pleased Miss Rachel! Nothing else mattered as I basked in the warm
    glow of her approval.

    'Thank you Miss. I so much want to please you.'

    She chuckled. 'Don't worry dear, you will. You have a lot of potential
    and I intend to see that you fulfil it.'

    After more chatting Miss Rachel ordered me to follow her to one of the chat
    rooms that allowed the use of webcams. It was called 'Master and Servant.'
    By now I had become used to the idea of Miss Rachel seeing me and talking
    to me and relaxed slightly but I began to tense up again when I realised
    everyone else in this room would be able to see me as well.

    Actually, I loved it. Miss Rachel saw some friends were online and allowed
    me to chat with the other subs. It was wonderful to meet so many people
    just like me, and many who were dressed in even more bizarre costumes. I
    saw one sissy dressed like a dancer in a tutu and another dressed in this
    Alice In Wonderland little girl type pink party dress. There were a few
    real females there (usually naked or topless) but most of my fellow subs
    were sissies like me. We chatted about what everyone was wearing and the
    punishment one of the girls had received from her Mistress for being caught
    wearing trousers. They told me so many stories about their adventures that
    my little willy was soon making a tent under my skirt. One girl told me
    how she worked as a secretary in her Master's business and had been given
    to a group of salesmen for the afternoon as a prize. The first she had
    known about it was when she was ordered to strip down to her corset,
    knickers, stockings and heels, locked into a set of irons and led into a
    meeting room full of twenty something male salesmen. They were all very
    interested in me and I told them as much as possible about Miss Rachel and
    myself. They were keen to give me advice, when I confessed how scared I
    was by the speed things were moving Jennifer told me;

    'Don't worry babe. Just make sure you do everything your Mistress wants
    and you'll be fine.'

    Miss Rachel came and found me after about 2 hours. I was really relaxed by
    then, I hadn't even looked at the clock. We chatted for a bit longer and
    then she left. I was so excited, the last few hours had been like a dream
    for me. It was wonderful to be able to express myself and know I had her
    approval. It was a let down to have to take off those beautiful clothes
    and remove my make up but I was buoyed by the knowledge that Miss Rachel
    had already given me the time and date she wanted to see me again. I
    couldn't wait.

    That night I had the most intense dream ever. This time it was me kneeling
    at the feet of Miss Rachel dressed in a PVC catsuit. I awoke drenched in
    my own cum.

    The next few weeks were blissful. I missed more and more college, spending
    as much time as possible dressed and counting the hours until my next
    meeting with Miss Rachel. She began to set me simple tasks, like putting
    on a corset under my normal shirt, going into the local forest, removing
    the shirt and taking a picture for her. She also made me go and buy a
    large box of Tampax so that I could have regular periods, just like proper
    girls. I didn't mind the pain and humiliation, with each day that passed I
    just wanted to spend more time pleasing Miss Rachel.

    At the end of our third week Miss Rachel sprung her next surprise. We were
    chatting about the latest task she had set me. She had written a short
    classifieds ad which she ordered me to post on a Contact web site for subs
    and doms. When I read it I was horrified, it was all about how I was a
    submissive and kinky sissy desperate to meet a Master who would dress me as
    his slut and use and humiliate me as his personal sex toy. It was bound to
    appeal to all the dirty old men cruising the net. The worst part was that
    it included my e-mail address. I was told that I had to reply to any
    responses with my darkest, most disgusting fantasies. I then had to
    forward those replies onto Miss Rachel. She would judge them and if she
    felt I hadn't been kinky enough I would have to meet the man and carry out
    the fantasy. If she liked my response I would be allowed to e-mail him
    back and say that I had agreed to be collared by someone else.

    As you can imagine I had taken a lot of care over my replies. I had
    received three responses so far and Miss Rachel had been very pleased with
    the three fantasies I had come up with. In fact I had amazed myself, some
    of the stuff I had included was so filthy I would never have imagined
    writing it down and sending it to a complete stranger a few weeks ago.

    Miss Rachel was about to leave when she told me she had one new task for

    'I've decided you need a uniform Sophie. There's a shop I know in London,
    which has just the thing. I've told them to expect you tomorrow at 7:00PM
    to pick it up.'

    She gave me an address in Soho and then continued.

    'I want you in the right frame of mind so I've decided you can wear that
    lovely red corset you bought last week with some panties and stockings
    under your horrible rough boys clothes. Any questions dear? Good, I'll
    expect to see you dressed in your new uniform on Thursday.'

    She wanted me to meet other people. They would know I was a sissy. Her
    sissy. This was a major step and she knew it. I looked up at the screen,
    and saw she was staring at me. Like she was daring me to object.

    'This will make me very happy Sophie.'

    She always knew what to say. All the now familiar feelings came rushing to
    the surface. Off course I would do it! It was what Miss Rachel wanted. I
    nodded in submission.

    'Of course Miss Rachel.'

    The next day I caught the late afternoon train to London. It was the
    middle of summer but I wore a coat zipped right up to the neck. It was the
    thinnest coat I could find but I was still sweating. I was getting all
    kinds of glances from the other passengers but I didn't care. There was no
    way I was going to let anyone know what I was wearing under my jeans and

    When we got to Charring Cross station I started to walk down the Strand to
    Trafalgar Square, past the National Gallery into Charring Cross Road, left
    into Leicester Square and finally into the narrow streets of Soho. It was
    raining very lightly and I hadn't brought an umbrella. For some reason
    this struck me as funny, kind of appropriate given my present predicament.
    As I got deeper and deeper into Soho the streets became narrower, the light
    faded and the shops became more and more grubby. The shops were Thirties
    style, to begin with I saw newsagents and convenience shops dotted between
    the sex shops but as I got deeper and deeper into Soho everything else
    disappeared and only the sex shops remained. The window displays left me
    open mouthed in amazement, until a few weeks ago I'd had a sheltered
    upbringing and never dreamed that shops like these existed. Some of the
    windows were painted black with small signs by the door saying that the
    council had banned their display.

    Eventually I found the shop, it was a two story affair sandwiched between
    two larger shops. There was a reed curtain covering the doorway and I
    pulled it aside to walk in. The first thing I saw was a long thin room,
    with piles and piles of cardboard boxes covering every open space. There
    were three or four men browsing and one standing at the long thin wooden
    counter, which took up the far left wall of the shop. The man was being
    served by a middle aged woman with cropped black hair. She was very
    overweight and wearing a dark stained kaftan.

    As I walked over to the counter the man finished his purchase and turned to
    leave the shop. The woman looked at me expectantly. Now the moment had
    come to admit what I was to a complete stranger I was seized by a fresh
    attack of nerves.

    'I'm...ummm...I'mm...Charlotte. Rachel sent me.'

    The woman looked at me, blank faced.


    I tried again.

    'Miss Rachel sent me. I have to collect a package.'

    Recognition dawned.

    'So you're Rachel's new sissy, eh?'

    I cringed at the word 'sissy.'

    'I KNOW she doesn't encourage such lack of respect. I will be sure to tell
    her about that.'

    Some customers raised their heads and started to look at us. They were
    clearly amused. I blushed a livid red.

    The woman continued.

    'You will refer to me as Mistress Diane...MOLLY.'

    There was an open doorway at the far end of the counter. After a delay of
    a few seconds I saw a much younger much thinner woman come through the
    doorway and walk towards us. She was dressed as a French Maid in a very
    skimpy red satin uniform with white trim. The dress was low cut at the
    front and I could see her breasts bouncing as she walked. The skirt was
    tiny and puffed out with layers of lace underskirts and every time she took
    a step I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops and panties. Her stockings
    were very sheer and I could see a seem running dead straight up the back.
    Although she was wearing 5" spike heels she was able to confidently pick
    her way between the boxes and I didn't see her stumble once. She was very
    tall and I couldn't help admiring her legs as she strolled towards us. She
    came to a stop and caught her reflection in the mirror. Her hands
    automatically flew up to straighten her cap and then brush her large white
    apron straight. Now that she was standing next to us I could see her face
    more clearly. Although she was wearing lots of make up I realised with a
    shock this wasn't a woman at all. Molly was a guy! A sissy like me!

    Mistress Diane turned to face her.

    'Take Charlotte out the back and get her ready.'

    I made a half hearted attempt to stop her.

    'I'm wearing my underwear as ordered, look I'll show you.'

    I undid two buttons on my shirt to reveal the basque. They showed
    absolutely no interest. Molly pulled at my hand. She was surprisingly

    'Come with me please.'

    I had to lean closer to hear, her voice was so low it was almost as if she
    was whispering. Her face was painfully thin and covered in white powder,
    giving her a ghostly appearance. She pulled harder and I found myself
    propelled through the door at the back of the shop to a kitchen area.

    As with the rest of the shop there were piles of stock on every surface. I
    caught a glimpse of an open box full of whips and another full of ball
    gags. There was a cooking area and sink over by the window. The sink was
    full of dirty plates and the whole area stank of fried food.

    Molly reached up and started to undo the rest of my shirt buttons.

    'I'm only supposed to show you I'm wearing the underwear. She didn't say
    anything about undressing...'

    Quick as a flash she leaned in until her face was almost touching mine.


    She raised one finger to her heavily painted lips. I looked into her eyes
    and saw real fear.

    'She'll hear you. Just keep quiet. It's for the best.'

    She continued to undress me. I was too shocked to resist. Molly was
    terrified, absolutely terrified of what Miss Diane might do to her. This
    wasn't my fantasy, where sissies lived to serve their Superiors who treated
    them with love and respect. This was some cruel warped world I was being
    drawn into.

    In no time at all I was naked except for my feminine lingerie. Molly
    circled round inspecting me from several angles before releasing the
    strings on my corset and pulling them in as tight as they would go. She
    leaned against my back to gain leverage, I was too busy trying to breathe
    to waste time complaining. When she stepped back I found the corset had
    forced what little fat I had up so it looked like I had two little girlish

    Next Molly crossed to one of the boxes and pulled out a French Maid's dress
    exactly like the one she was wearing. She unzipped it and signalled for me
    to step in. Taking tiny breaths I crossed the room and put on the dress.
    Even with my reduced waist it was a tight fit and Molly had to pull hard to
    zip me up. As she finished I noticed she picked up a small shiny object
    from the table. It was just out of my field of vision so it was only when
    I heard the padlock snap shut that I realised I had been locked into the

    Next Molly sat me down in front of the mirror and found a long blonde wig
    to fit me. Then she found some make up and started work on my face. After
    a few minutes she had slapped so much on that I looked like a tart. My own
    mother wouldn't have recognised me.

    To finish off Molly disappeared into one of the cupboards, burrowing down
    into the pile of boxes so that only her panty covered ass and gloriously
    long legs were visible. She reappeared with a pair of 5" spike heels with
    locking ankle straps, a mop cap and starched white apron and red elbow
    length gloves.

    After a few more minutes Molly pronounced herself happy with my appearance
    and pulled me to my feet to take me back through to meet Miss Diane. The
    moment I caught my reflection in the mirror was heart stopping. I had come
    in here a gawky young man and Molly had turned me into this sexy goddess
    dressed to kill.

    Miss Diane's verdict was less charitable. She looked me up and down.

    'Hmmm...not bad for a beginner. A wanabee slut.'

    I watched as she opened a draw and pulled out a thin leather collar. It
    looked like a dog's collar and had a thick metal ring set into each side.
    She reached up and pulled my hair back so she could fit the collar around
    my neck. I heard a loud click as she snapped the lock shut.

    'I have some wonderful news for you Charlotte.'

    Even in my heels Mistress Diane was a full three inches taller than me.
    She beamed down.

    'I talked to your Mistress this afternoon. She's agreed that you can help
    us out for a few hours in return for your lovely new uniform. So you can
    get behind the counter with Molly! Isn't that lovely? I want to see hard
    work mind. I don't want you two girls gossiping all night and ignoring the
    customers. We close at 9:00 tonight - lots of work to do.'

    She must have seen the expression on my face.

    'Of course you don't have to stay. You're free to go if you want. No-one
    around here will take any notice if you walk down the street in that
    outfit. You might have some trouble getting on the train in the rush hour
    though. All those crowds. Bound to crease your dress. If you're lucky
    some nice strong young man will look after you...'

    There was the sound of cackling laughter from the shoppers. What could I
    do? Head down I walked over to the counter to join Molly.

    In the end it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared. The customers were mostly
    respectful and I quickly learnt to deal with the few that did try and feel
    me up. There were plenty of mirrors in the shop and each time I saw this
    sexy young girl strolling round in her skimpy outfit my confidence grew. I
    also realised very quickly that most of the customers were afraid of me. I
    knew I was convincing, and they seemed to see me as a totally feminine
    image of all their fantasies. Most of them couldn't help thinking about
    what they'd like to do to me. As a result they were blushing and hesitant
    and usually talking straight to my chest. I exploited this balance of
    power without mercy by flirting with every customer that looked halfway
    presentable. I can't describe the feeling that came over me when some
    blushing young teenager came over and asked for something. It sent a
    thrill down my spine. Of course, not all customers were easy to deal with.
    One in particular spent at least 30 minutes bullying Molly when she didn't
    curtsey quick enough. He was fat and middle aged with a cruel face and I
    remember being glad I didn't have to deal with him.

    Soon it was 9:00 and Mistress Diane let out the last customers and bolted
    the doors. I was so glad to see that door shut, Molly had been sent off to
    do something for Mistress Diane about 30 minutes ago and I had been rushed
    off my feet trying to cope with all the customers. I turned expectantly.

    'May I go and get changed now please?'

    Mistress Diane glowered at me. Several times during the evening she had
    told me off for flirting with customers.

    'Come with me first slut. I have a job for you.'

    She crooked her finger and beckoned me to follow as she walked out the back
    and up some stairs to the second floor. Dreading what I might find I
    followed obediently.

    When we reached the top of the stairs I saw a bedroom straight ahead.
    Mistress Diane was blocking the doorway so I couldn't see anything but I
    could hear a man sounding like he was having a lot of fun. As I came
    closer Mistress Diane moved to one side and I saw Molly on her knees giving
    a blow job to the horrible customer I had seen her with earlier. Standing
    next to them was another man who was whipping Molly's ass with a short
    length of flex to encourage her.

    Mistress Diane turned to face me.

    'I operate a rewards scheme for my best customers. The concept is a bit
    like Tesco's, only better. At Tesco you might get 30p off a pizza, here
    you get to screw the staff. I'd like you to meet two of my best

    Smiling broadly she indicated the two men.


    I was backing away, desperate to avoid what was about to happen. Suddenly
    I saw Mistress Diane holding a long wooden pole with a metal eye on the
    end. Expertly she hooked the eye through one of the metal rings on my
    collar. At the same time one of the men moved behind me. He seized my
    wrists and locked handcuffs on me. Mistress Diane moved the pole forward, I
    struggled as hard as I could but slowly and surely I found myself pushed
    forward until I was standing a half inch away from the horrible smelly
    customer. Molly had been waved away, she was standing in the corner
    watching us. I cringed as I touched his belly. He looked down at me,
    grinning. I saw dribble from the corner of his mouth.

    'This will be a lot easier for you if you behave Sophie. I know it's scary
    the first few times but you will grow to love it. All sissy's love the
    taste of cum.'

    I felt the pressure from the pole forcing me down. Suddenly I was
    kneeling, a few inches away from this massive meaty cock. It was standing
    erect with veins throbbing. As I watched it twitched twice. Inwardly I
    was screaming. This wasn't part of my fantasy! Why was this happening to

    Suddenly the man seized the back of my head and forced his cock into my
    mouth. I almost gagged as it hit the back of my throat. It filled up my
    whole mouth so I had to breathe through my nose. It smelt terrible - stale
    piss mixed with whatever had dried in his pubes since he last washed. Then
    I felt his balls banging against my chin as he started to fuck my face. I
    was determined to do nothing to help, nothing to increase my humiliation
    but Mistress Diane quickly noticed my reluctance to join in.

    'Such a silly little sissy. Still, you'll learn. MOLLY.'

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw Molly walk over to where I was kneeling.
    She reached down and placed two fingers over my nostrils. I held out for
    as long as I could but soon my cheeks collapsed as I was forced to breathe
    out and then in. I felt the penis stir in my mouth. Moving. Growing.
    The heat and the musky smell made me almost light headed. The man began to
    move his hips. In, Out. Slowly at first but then faster and faster.
    Fucking my mouth. In the end I couldn't help myself. I moved my tongue to
    just below the head and began to massage the tender glans of this living
    thing inside me. At the same time I began to suck. I couldn't help myself
    - the outfit and the surroundings had made me feel so feminine and I was
    overcome with pride that this man was hard because of me. He found me
    attractive as a girl. Immediately I began to respond Molly released my
    nose and I was able to breathe again. I was determined that if I was going
    to do this it would be the best blow job this guy had ever had. I forced
    myself to employ every trick I knew to coax his cum out of him. Soon I
    felt the precum dribbling out of his cock, the musky smell almost made me
    gag. In a few seconds I felt his hips buck and then a steady stream of
    warm creamy cum squirting down my throat. Almost immediately he pulled his
    cock out of my mouth and pushed me back. As I fell his cum splashed across
    my face, hair and chest.

    The ordeal wasn't over yet. The other man seized me around the waist and
    lifted me over to the bed. As I stood at the foot of the bed he stretched
    me forward and then bound each wrist to the bedpost using two long leather
    straps. He then came around behind me and bound each of my ankles to the
    end of the bed. When he saw me pulling against my restraints he slapped me
    across the face and then seized my jaw. Molly handed him the biggest ball
    gag I had ever seen which he proceeded to force into my mouth. My jaw
    forced open, I couldn't make a sound as he buckled the gag shut. I was
    totally helpless, unable to move or even speak.

    I felt someone raise my skirt and then my panties being ripped off. The
    thin material tore easily. I struggled even harder, desperate to escape
    from this room. I felt a cold, gooey cream being applied to my ass. It
    seems mad now, but this was the first time I realised what was about to
    happen. I had only ever had sex with a woman twice, the idea of being
    screwed by another man horrified me.

    After a few seconds I heard his zip and then felt the warm living flesh
    brushing against my ass. The pain when he entered me was incredible. It
    felt like my ass was about to split in two. He was not gentle, the only
    thing he seemed concerned with was getting his rocks off as quickly as
    possible. I nearly passed out as he pumped in and out of me. Faster and
    faster, desperate and using me as his personal sex toy. He pulled me back
    onto him, forcing his dick deep into my ass. Each stroke was agony, I had
    never experienced such pain. I threw my head back, desperate to escape.
    Soon I felt him stiffen and grab my ass with both hands. There was a
    moment's pause and then I felt hot semen pumping into me, wave after wave
    of this man's cum. I heard his animal noises at the moment of orgasm, and
    then he slumped forward trapping me against the bed.

    I was very quiet on the way home. Immediately the door shut behind me I
    threw myself on the bed and started crying. The pain, the humiliation was
    unbearable. I rocked myself gently, horrified by what had happened and
    overcome with self pity. I didn't sleep for hours; just lay in my bed
    crying. Had I deserved what she had done to me? Should I even be
    surprised? I had begged to be used like a sex toy and now it had happened.
    I was so confused, and what I hated more than anything else was that as I
    lay on the floor of that filthy bedroom covered in a stranger's cum and
    dressed like a whore I had the biggest, most painful errection I had ever
    experienced. This was light years from my fantasy and yet I knew how
    turned on I had been by the whole experience.

    The next day I awoke resolved to stand up to Miss Rachel. I couldn't let
    this go on. She was abusing my devotion. We had talked for hours and
    hours about my fantasies, about what I was looking for and I had always
    made it clear where my limits were. I could understand the confusion -
    some of the emails she had made me write for the people who replied to my
    advert were pretty degrading. She had made a mistake and I had to tell
    her. Taking things very slowly (my ass felt like it was twice the size it
    used to be) I took a long, leisurely bath.

    As I lay in the bath I thought about what I would wear. I should still
    dress as a girl, there was no sense in annoying Miss Rachel for no reason.
    I would find a long skirt and loose blouse though, something to show I
    wasn't just her bimbo. Then I remembered the uniform - she had ordered me
    to wear the French Maids uniform and there was no way I could disobey her.

    I began to get more and more worried as the time for my meeting with Miss
    Rachel approached. As I busied myself sponging down the dress to get rid
    of the dried cum stains I couldn't help reflecting that this would be the
    first time I had ever stood up to her. How would she take it? What would
    she say?

    I didn't have long to find out. When I logged on she was waiting for me as
    usual. A broad smile appeared on her face as she saw how I was dressed.

    'You look beautiful dear. I hear you left an impression last night too.
    I'm glad. Stand up, let me see you properly.'

    She must have seen the expression on my face.

    'Do you have something you want to say Sophie?'

    I screwed up my courage. Then I blew it.

    'Yes...last night...I never expected...never wanted. You can't
    treat me like that.'

    I got no further. A look of cold fury crossed her face.

    'Don't you DARE tell me what I can do to you. I own you. You're nothing
    but a sissy SLUT. I decide what you want and you'd better get used to it.'

    I stared - mute - at the screen, my face turning deep red. I had been
    shocked into silence.

    'I think it's time I explained the reality of your situation. I want you
    to look at this.'

    An HTML link appeared on my screen. Cold fear growing inside me I clicked
    on it. Very slowly a new window opened. The title appeared first.
    'English sissy whore seeks cocks to suck.' A picture started to appear.
    Slowly downloading. I stared at the screen, mouth open. The picture was
    me. Last night. Lying on the floor of a Soho bedroom dressed as a French
    Maid and covered in cum. There was a menu next to the picture. Lots more
    pictures, some taken from the webcam and some from last night. There was a
    short video film of me smiling and curtsying to the camera. Another of me
    in the sex shop last night serving customers. It must have been from the
    security cameras. On one page I saw the classified advertisement Miss
    Rachel had made me place. Underneath were my replies, in all their glory.
    There was some text on the Home Page, all about how I was a sissy slut
    desperate to be humiliated and find more cock to suck. There was a
    visitor's book for people to leave their comments and my e-mail address if
    anyone wanted to send me something privately. I looked down in the bottom
    right corner of my screen and saw I had received a new message. It was
    starting already!

    It didn't register at first. I was scrolling down the page and there at
    the bottom was my name - my real name. Next to it was my address and my
    phone number. I raised my head to look at the screen. Ashen faced. Miss
    Rachel was staring at me in triumph. She held a phone in her hand. As I
    watched she clicked a button. After a few seconds delay the phone started
    ringing behind me. Shrill. Demanding. Automatically I turned to get it.
    Miss Rachel clicked another button. The noise stopped.

    'As you can see I've been doing my homework. I know everything about you
    Sophie, absolutely everything. That site you've just been looking at is
    live on the Internet. It's going to stay there for the next 30 minutes.
    Then I'll take it down. But any time you displease me I will put it back.
    I might even put it back just to amuse, perhaps for an hour or so every
    week. It's unlikely any of your friends will see it but I can always send
    them the link. You see I'm a bit of a computer expert on the quiet and
    I've stolen your entire e-mail address book. I wonder what your parents
    would think? I see they use AOL. Perhaps I should send the link to your
    College - I'm sure it would make you famous. Or am I thinking of infamous?
    I own you body and soul slut. Things are going to be very different from
    now on. I will NOT tolerate disrespect. You're mine and you'd better get
    used to it.'

    By now I could barely hear anything apart from the rushing sound in my
    ears. My heart was beating furiously. I was fucked. Totally fucked.
    There was nothing I could do.

    'I think it's time we met dear. Write down this address.'

    An address appeared on my screen. It was near Bristol, a city in the west
    of England close to the Welsh border. Obediently I wrote it down.

    'On Saturday I'm having a dinner party. Just a few of my closest friends.
    You will serve us. I expect you here at 3:00PM on Saturday afternoon,
    dressed in your uniform.'

    She proceeded to tell me exactly what I would have to say before being let
    into her house and what my duties would be once the evening started.

    'You can drive here in that ridiculous little car of yours. One more thing
    - when you arrive I expect you to be wearing your uniform and NOTHING else.
    I will check the car and if I find any other clothes or I think you have
    disguised your appearance in any way I will drop the keys in the gutter and
    leave you in the street. Is there anything you're not clear on slut?'

    By now Miss Rachel was getting used to the sight of blood drained from my
    face. I was horrified, she was ordering me to take a 3 hour drive dressed
    as a French Maid! What if my neighbours saw me? What would happen when I
    had to stop for petrol? What if I broke down? I couldn't go through with
    it, and yet what choice did I have? Perhaps she would leave me alone if I
    just obeyed her this one time.

    That night a plan began to form in my mind. I knew I had to do this, the
    alternative of being unmasked as a sissy to all my friends and family was
    too awful to contemplate. Even if I ran away I was sure she would expose
    me, if only to satisfy her desire for revenge. No, this was my new life
    now and the sooner I accepted it the better. I had two days until the
    weekend, the best thing I could do now was to prepare so I could get to
    Bristol and back with as little risk of exposure as possible.

    The following day I took my little Citreon 2CV to the garage and bought two
    large jerry cans. I filled them with petrol and put them in the boot. It
    was three hours each way to Bristol and I had no intention of stopping at a
    Filling Station on the motorway dressed as a French Maid if I could help
    it! As far as I could I checked my car over to make sure there was nothing
    wrong that might cause a breakdown. I also brought a large scale map of
    the Bristol area and marked Miss Rachel's house on it. Luckily it was in a
    rural area and it looked like there were few other houses around.

    I slept through most of Friday but got up late afternoon to have a huge
    tea. Although I told myself everything would be fine it really did feel
    like the condemned man eating his last dinner. I figured the biggest
    danger was one of my neighbours seeing me and I planned to leave very early
    on Saturday morning to make sure that didn't happen. I set my alarm for
    4:00AM and went back to bed to try to sleep.

    When the alarm went off there was a split second when I didn't remember why
    I was getting up in the middle of the night. Then reality hit me. I was
    getting used to the clothes by now so it didn't take me long to dress. I
    lived on the top floor so I was careful to have a good look out the window
    before leaving the flat. As I heard the lock on the door click shut I
    realised I had no idea when I would be returning.

    When I got to the car I remembered there was a blanket on the back seat. I
    figured that a blanket wasn't really clothing so I wrapped it around me to
    give me a little camouflage. The ride out to the motorway wasn't that bad,
    I didn't see another living soul for the first twenty minutes. The
    motorway was scarier but I stayed in the slow lane and kept my head down.
    When I got near to Bristol I took one of the A roads and headed for a large
    area of woodland a few miles from Miss Rachel's house. I earned a few
    shouted comments, but nothing serious.

    It was now early morning and I found a deserted area off the road where I
    could refill my petrol tank from one of the cans and get some rest. I
    managed to doze for a bit but I was too wired to sleep. Soon enough it was
    twenty to three and I started the engine to drive to Miss Rachel's house.
    My heart was pounding as I drive down the narrow country roads. At first
    there was nobody around but then I began to see people, one and two at
    first and then larger groups. I hunched low down in the seat, hoping they
    wouldn't pay attention. The first time I passed the house I didn't
    realise, I had to circle the block again before finding a place to park.
    My vision narrowed as I stopped the engine. This was it, the moment Miss
    Rachel opened the front door she would know she had me. Had me for ever.
    I was kidding myself before when I thought she might let me go after a
    little while. She would never let me go. I couldn't think about it,
    couldn't think about the implications of what I was about to do. Yet there
    was no alternative. I couldn't allow Miss Rachel to expose me. Couldn't
    give her the excuse to reveal what I really am to my friends and family.

    As I walked down the street it was deathly quiet, only the sounds of birds
    singing in the trees. There was nobody around. I could hear my heels
    clicking against the pavement. A child rounded the corner of the long
    street in front of me, looked and pointed. His mother appeared and pulled
    him away. I realised I had reached the house. It was a three story
    Georgian town house, painted white and with a gravel drive in the front.
    There was a low wall facing the street and a bank of trees behind it. I
    paused, taking a deep breath and walked up the gravel drive. When I
    reached the front door I dropped to my knees as instructed. Then, finally,
    I reached up and pushed the bell. It was symbolic. Once I pushed that
    bell my old life was over. I belonged to Miss Rachel now.

    It seemed to take an age for the door to open. I didn't look up or down,
    just kept my gaze lowered. Finally the door was opened. As instructed I
    kept my face lowered. She had told me what to say.

    'It is your servant Sophie Mistress. I am here to serve you.'

    My voice trembled but did not crack. She took one step closer to me. All
    I could see was her long slim legs, perched on slim black 4" heels with a
    strap running across the back of the foot.

    'Look at me dear.'

    I raised my head. For the first time I looked directly at those eyes.
    They bored directly into me. She smiled in triumph. She knew I wouldn't
    fight her.

    Abruptly she turned on her heel.

    'Follow me. Shut the door behind you.'

    I followed her into the house. It was beautifully decorated, she was
    clearly a very well off woman. We reached a large open plan sitting room
    with a white pile carpet and light blue walls. I saw French Windows at the
    rear opening onto a neatly kept garden. There was a computer in the far
    corner, I realised this was the room I had been speaking to her in.

    Miss Rachel sat down on one of the low sofas. I knelt in front of her. She
    was wearing a blue mid calf skirt which she pulled up to her waist. No
    knickers. She had shaved as well and I could see she was already very wet.
    Suddenly she leaned forward with no warning, grabbed the hair at the back
    of my head and pulled my face into her sex. The smell was musky and
    overpowering. I found I had to turn my head sideways slightly to allow me
    to breathe. She had incredibly strong leg muscles, she gripped me in a
    vice like hold. I began to suck and lick. Almost immediately I got a
    reaction, she shuddered violently and began to moan. I plunged my tongue
    into her as far as I could and began to gently nibble her lips. Her
    moaning grew louder and louder and began to rock forwards and backwards.
    My head locked between her legs, her grip tighter and tighter until I
    thought my head would explode. Within a few seconds I bought Miss Rachel
    to orgasm, her juices rubbing into my face and dripping into my eyes and
    nose. By now my little sissy clitty was hard and standing proud
    underneath my layers of skirts. I desperately wanted to rub it but didn't
    dare. Miss Rachel kept going, grinding into me harder and harder. I was
    desperate for relief, desperate to be allowed to cum as she ground down on
    my face. She kept me there for nearly fifteen minutes, only freeing me
    after her third orgasm. I collapsed onto the floor, sucking in the cool
    clean air. She paid absolutely no attention, rising to her feet and then
    reaching down to grab my hair again. Half stumbling I was led through to
    the kitchen.

    'You're a lucky girl Sophie. I was going to send you to the supermarket
    and let you cook but I've decided to be nice. My caterers delivered the
    food this morning. It's in the fridge. All you've got to do is heat it
    and serve it. I want you to go and clean yourself up and freshen your make
    up. My guests will be arriving at 6:30. I expect the table to be laid and
    some snacks to be put out. You will greet them at the door, take their
    coats and serve the drinks. Dinner will be at 8:00 sharp. I expect you to
    serve and then wait in the kitchen. When we're ready for you to clear the
    plates I will ring my bell.'

    She smiled at me.

    'Is that clear dear? I'm going to take a nap now. I'll be down about half
    an hour before the guests arrive. Don't let me down.'

    With that she was gone, majestically sweeping out the kitchen and up the
    stairs without waiting for me to say anything. I stared after her for a
    few seconds and then got to work. As I busied myself ironing the linen
    table cloth I reflected on how much my life had changed. A few weeks ago
    my biggest worry was passing my first month's computer exam. Now here I
    was a feminised slave to this woman who had just used my face as a sex toy.
    I could feel a stirring in my groin as I thought about it. I would have to
    be careful to keep that hidden tonight.

    I was soon in a routine, rushing around getting things ready. It felt so
    natural and right, this weird experience was beginning to become reality to
    me. In my mind I really was the maid, and the mistress of this gorgeous
    house had given me responsibility for getting everything ready for tonight.
    I was determined not to let her down.

    Soon it was 6:00PM and Miss Rachel reappeared dressed in a black silk
    evening dress. She seemed genuinely pleased with my work and allowed me to
    pour myself a quick drink before the guests arrived. My nerves were on
    edge and I gulped down my gin and tonic, finishing just before the doorbell
    rang. I walked unsteadily towards the front door.

    'Keep your head and shoulders up. Remember to be proud of what you are

    Miss Rachel's words ringing behind me I opened the door. The guests had
    all arrived together, three men and four women. I didn't know if they had
    been told about me but they showed absolutely no surprise. They just
    marched in and deposited their coats into my open arms. From then on it
    was a whirlwind of tasks, getting drinks, making sure the oven was on,
    passing round snacks. Miss Rachel gently coaxed me by pushing me in the
    direction of a guest when their glass was empty. Before I knew it half an
    hour had passed and I was beginning to think this might not be too bad. I
    had to put up with the odd grope but mostly they treated me just like any
    domestic servant employed to feed and water them.

    I had just come back in the room from the kitchen when Miss Rachel
    signalled that Mr Smit's glass needed refilling. Mr Smit was an American,
    with a broad southern twang. I refilled his glass, curtsied and said.

    'Will there be anything else Sir?'

    He looked me up and down, lingering on my tightly corseted waist.

    'Ahhh think I'd like my dick sucked honey.'

    I didn't think I'd heard properly the first time. Then he repeated it. I
    looked around, everyone was staring at me. I panicked. Miss Rachel fixed
    me with that look I had come to know so well.

    'She's new Bill. I do apologise.'

    Then she turned to me.

    'GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES THIS INSTANT. I will tan your hide unless I see
    that pretty little mouth locked around Mr Smit's cock in ten seconds.'

    She stared straight into my soul. I was desperate, desperate for any way

    'What are you scared of Sophie? Real girls do this all the time. You do
    want to be pretty and feminine don't you? You'll soon grow to love the
    taste and you will make me so proud of you.'

    My hand brushed against the satin folds of my skirts. My nose was full of
    the smells of my perfume. Perched on my high heels I realised she was
    right. I did want to be pretty and feminine. Very slowly I sank to my
    knees and unzipped his trousers. No wonder Mrs Smit had been smiling ever
    since we arrived, his cock was huge! This one was going to give me
    lockjaw! As gently as I could I eased it between my lips and began to
    suck. I can't describe the feelings that came over me as this living thing
    grew inside my mouth. I worshipped it, determined to make Miss Rachel
    proud of me. Around me conversation was going on as normal, everyone was
    ignoring me. As he neared orgasm I heard Mr Smit's voice falter a couple
    of times and then he came, shooting hot creamy cum down my throat. I
    managed to swallow it all and then carefully tucked him back in and zipped
    his trousers up. Through all this he carried on talking but tapped me on
    the ass a couple of times as I turned to go back to the kitchen.

    'Very good dear. You have repaid your Mistress's confidence.'

    I blushed at the praise as I saw Miss Rachel's face break into a broad

    Miss Rachel decided it was time to start dinner and I began to serve the
    first course. As instructed I waited in the kitchen while they were eating
    until I heard Miss Rachel's bell summoning me back. I entered expecting to
    start clearing the plates when I heard her ask.

    'Tell me Sophie, what's the capital of Burma?'

    'I'm sorry Miss?'

    'It's a simple enough question dear. Do you know the capital of Burma?'

    .'..I'm afraid not Miss'

    'Oh dear. Do your parents that expensive private education was wasted?
    Better take your apron off.'

    A ripple of laughter came from the guests.

    'My apron? I don't understand.'

    'It's a game dear. Every time you come in here we will set you a
    challenge. It may be a general knowledge question or we may give you a
    task. We might give you 30 seconds to retrieve five items from upstairs.
    We might have you sing the second verse of the National Anthem. It amuses
    us? Understand?'

    I reddened as I realised the implications. Yet, there was nothing I could
    do. Obediently I reached behind me and pulled open the bow before taking
    the apron off over my head. The guests applauded.

    Sure enough by the time I served coffee I was down to my corset, panties,
    stockings and heels. Miss Rachel instructed me to wait by the window so
    that I could refill the guest's glasses more easily. As I stood there I
    could feel a cold draft of air from the window hitting my exposed back. At
    one point the guests started asking Miss Rachel about me and they started a
    lively discussion about the standards of obedience to be expected from a
    sub. Although Miss Rachel illustrated her argument with plenty of real
    life examples of how she had dominated me I was totally ignored unless they
    wanted something. It was so humiliating standing against the wall with my
    head down, dressed in almost nothing and listening to the guests talking
    about me like I wasn't there.

    By this time dinner was nearly over and I began to believe the end of my
    ordeal was in sight. I was sent out to fetch the Brandy from the front
    room. I had begun to relax by now and was concentrating on not tripping on
    the edge of the rug as I minced back into the room. One set of hands
    deftly lifted the tray and pulled it out of my hands. Another guest
    stepped behind me and pinned his arms around my waist while a third guest
    seized my wrists. I saw Miss Rachel out of the corner of my eye holding a
    set of manacles. Within a few seconds a wide leather belt had been locked
    around my waist connected by two short lengths of chain to handcuffs. My
    hands were forced behind my back and lifted up before being locked into the
    cuffs. A wide metal collar with thin spikes set into it angled upwards was
    locked around my neck. The spikes were short but sharp enough to make me
    keep my head perfectly straight to avoid hurting myself.

    As I was forced down to the ground I saw a row of thick meaty dick's in
    front of me. This time I didn't need any encouragement; I wrapped my lips
    around the first one and began to suck. One of the guests had a riding
    crop and was beating my ass to encourage me. As the first one came near to
    orgasm he pulled himself out of my mouth and sprayed cum all over me.
    Immediately he had finished I found myself yanked to the left and faced
    with a fresh penis. By the time I had worked my way down the line I was
    covered in cum and my arms and jaw where aching.

    I saw the women had stripped down to their underwear as well and as I
    staggered sideways exhausted one of the female guests pushed me to the
    floor and sat on my face. By now I was desperate for a break but didn't
    dare stop even for a second. Her smell was overpowering, she had been
    fingering herself and was already very wet. After about ten seconds with
    my tongue exploring she came. My whole face, nose, eyes, ears where
    covered as she gave in to a shuddering orgasm.

    By now there was so much filth on my face I could barely see, I just lay on
    the floor panting and trying to regain my breath. I could feel hands on my
    panties but I was too tired to even raise my head to see what was
    happening. I felt my panties being pulled down to my knees and then strong
    hands seized my arms and then raised my hips. They needn't have bothered,
    it was impossible for me to fight any more. I heard a sound behind me and
    then a massive vibrator was eased into me. 'Eased' is entirely the wrong
    word as they simply pushed as hard as they could and took no account of my
    screams. As the waves of pain hit me I relaxed my muscles to try and make
    it less intense. My ass felt like it was splitting in two but eventually
    it was there. It is impossible to describe the feelings that swept my body
    as they switched it on. Waves of pain and pleasure. I could barely feel
    my ass anymore and they had to help me to my feet and pull my knickers back
    up over the vibrator. I found it difficult to even concentrate on what
    they were saying as every step I took seemed to shake my whole body. There
    was no way I could remove the vibrator or even touch it as my hands where
    still manacled behind me. As I stood in the middle of the room I saw that
    Miss Rachel was standing in front of me holding a camcorder. She must have
    filmed the whole episode as yet more embarrassing evidence to blackmail me
    with. Humiliated beyond belief I shuffled back into the corner, my
    manacles clinking with every step and cum beginning to dry on my face and
    in my hair. The vibrator was still going, making every step a nightmare.

    'She shows definite promise Rachel. Perhaps I could borrow her for a

    It was Mrs Davies speaking. Inwardly I shuddered, she and her husband
    looked particularly cruel. They were very overweight and never missed an
    opportunity to hit me or insult me. Miss Rachel fixed me with an indulgent

    'I'm sure you can. There will be plenty of opportunities. Sophie's
    training has only just started.'

    Miss Rachel never allowed me to go home after that evening. After the
    guests left she explained that she was only doing what was best for me. I
    had to face up to my inner desires, if the last few weeks showed nothing
    else surely they proved I was a true sissy? Of course I fought against it
    at first, if I have to be honest I was too terrified to face the truth. I
    kept insisting I was a man and she couldn't do this to me. Looking back it
    seems laughable, I remember standing in the middle of the kitchen dressed
    in a red rubber dress and thigh boots with spiked heels screaming at her
    that I wasn't a girl and she couldn't treat me like one. Of course I was
    kept in chains for the first few months and she seemed to be constantly
    punishing me. The hardest part was dealing with my family and friends.
    Miss Rachel put the web site live a few weeks later and sent them all the
    link, as soon as they saw it they totally disowned me.

    Over time I realised why Miss Rachel was doing this and how much I owed
    her. I constantly tell her how grateful I am she spends so much time and
    effort on me. She is my entire world now, my every waking moment is spent
    trying to make her happy. My fondest memory is waking up in hospital after
    the operation to give me real breasts. Miss Rachel was sitting by my bed
    and the first thing I saw was her smile. She had even brought a present
    with her, sitting by the side of my bed she showed me my new strapless
    French Maid's dress. It is absolutely gorgeous and shows off my new
    'assets' perfectly.

    I hear a knock on the door. One of my bridesmaids puts her head round it,
    looking beautiful in her dark blue dress. The car has arrived, it is nearly
    time for the ceremony. With a song in my heart I stand up and head for the
    door, ready to begin my new life.
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    took me a while to read, but great story!!

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