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Soft masculinity

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by demale, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. My wife has been considering how far to take my feminization. She definitely wants me de-maled, as I do, too. But she doesn't want to sissify me and doesn't want me dressing as a woman. But she gradually is changing most of the markers that identify me as a man. Peeing sitting down was the first, followed by complete body shaving and daily moisturizing. Facials, mani-pedis -- I have adopted her beauty regimen. Boxer shorts have been replaced by colorful and tight briefs. All of my shirts now are pastel, with an emphasis on pink, baby blue and canary yellow. My wavy hair is growing longer, shaped and held by hairspray. My manner is docile and demure. She much prefers having a wife to a husband and I am enjoying that role completely.
  2. I too started along these lines which included having to maintain immaculate painted toes. However then over a period of 12 months I got the urge to want to wear high heels the rest is history I am now wearing skirts and heels when at home.
    Chastity is something that allowed me to consider and re explore kinks that titillated and excited me but then restricted my masturbation and erection capability.
    Once it was pointed out that since I can no longer erect freely I should expect a little feminisation as part of my sexual frustration.
    This really works as I have CD tendencies which would have lead to masturbation but now I am just kept horny and frustrated 90% of the time which to be honest is much more pleasurable than a 3 min masturbation.
    I am much more docile and feminine living this regime.
    Having no functioning penis makes you consider other ways to stimulate which are not really masculine ;-)
    In the past I would have looked forward to an erection and masturbation or penetration now I look forward to an anal prostrate milking while still kept caged :) as my only allowed fluid release. Its very different to an orgasm but when you are caged by someone else you have to take what you can.

  3. I would get you started painting your toes and keeping them bright red in the first instance that way you will feel quite feminine when you see yourself.
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  4. An interesting topic demale. My wife says she much prefers my fem side most of the time, including my name. All of this has evolved slowly over time. However, in some situations outside the home she still wants that assertive male available.

    Many years ago I had an interest in trying panties, but I was surprised when she threw out all of my male underwear and had me wear panties full time. It definitely had an effect. Panties lead to trying other things, and I was hooked. I love having my toes painted, and when I do hers I do mine to match. Now it feels odd not to be dressed in something cute at home, and I'm adjusting to my chastity.
  5. It is an evolution, isn't it? What has made it easier and more natural for me is that since medication has made me permanently flaccid, my wife sees no need to cage me. It is a relief to look down and see an appendage that no longer serves its male function. I have given up masturbation since it takes an extraordinarily long time to ejaculate. An anal vibrator now produces the sort of intense orgasm that a woman experiences and reinforces my submissive side, which my wife wants to encourage.
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  6. You have lovely legs, Michelle. Many women would envy them. And the polish is perfect. Do you use makeup as well?
  7. Yes I wear makeup once in a while to pass as a woman when out. Its quite scary though walking out dressed as a woman so I have to be convincing.
    You know you feel quite vulnerable in high heels and skirts so I know how women must feel at times.
    Its better at night and I even get some looks from men I am sure they don't know my real gender as I walk past.
    I was trained to be seen out by mistress by making me fill up the car at gas stations where you pay at the pump under bright lights wearing skirts and heels.
    That too is quite nerve racking but no one seems to notice I am a trans.

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  8. Has dressing provoked a desire to have sex with men?
  9. No not at all as a transvestite I love women and love to look like one. Dressing sexy excites me but I long for sexy women not men but also to dress as a woman turns me on. Being kept in a cage just intensifies the fact I get excited dressed as a woman and cannot relieve myself sexually anymore.
    I can only have relief when someone else allows me too. This is also exciting the submission and domination aspects.

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  10. I have come to love submission, especially since it encourages my wife to become ever more dominant. Since her control is loving and benevolent (but consistently unyielding), I have no desire to question her. So far she has shown no interest in my dressing as a female but I will happily comply if she ever does.
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  11. Yes, yes! Exactly. I feel very much the same. I love women and I love dressing.
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  12. As for softer masculinity, the longer I go on with the feminization process, the less masculine I am feeling. SOme of that is a result of my aging, and hormonal changes, but more and more, I just feel softer and more docile. The cage contributes greatly to that, I think.
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  13. I feel the same way. It amazed me how easy and pleasant the transition was and continues to be. One of my college friends has transitioned to being a woman and absolutely loves it. She says she never has been happier.
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  14. My take on this topic is a little different. I have no interest, nor does my wife/kh, in feminization. She absolutely wants PIV from me, but on her terms, which is what locking my cock gives her. I'm still very much the "alpha" male (although I'm not certain I agree with the standard use of that term) in public. Only she and I know about our kink. And we are both a bit proud of being kinky, or having a fetish, if you want to call it that. We can look at each in public and silently laugh at "vanilla" couples. We like knowing we're.....different. Plus, we have agreed-they don't know what they're missing.

    However, without question I have become more submissive and more devoted to her. I can't wait to serve her, both in terms of sex and in everyday activities. I get some form of arousal when I pleasure her with my tongue/fingers/dildo. I love it when I make her cum. Softer, more docile? Maybe that, too....
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    Soft masculinity !!!!!! What ever next.
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  16. My wife, as always, will tell me.