Snip Snip Hooray! (Modern Day Cinders eBook 25) out now

Discussion in 'Member fiction' started by MH Macdonald, May 15, 2023.

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    I'm very pleased to share that my 'Snip Snip Hooray!' eBook 25 in the Modern Day Cinders is out now in time for some fun SummertimeChastity and reading ;)
    This is the one... where everyone has something special to celebrate, even foofoo (I know!) and because Nikki decides his 'joie de vivre' should be conveyed through his dancing for joy in front of her friends... Mistress Amy teaches foofoo that many expressive and emotional feelings can be communicated through the medium of dance, to aid a bashful virgin like him come out of his shell and earn an orgasm, such as sexual frustration, shame, embarrassment, indignity, timidity, helplessness, and so on...
    snip snip hooray!.jpg

    Enjoy via free Kindle / Kindle App on iOS & Android devices on AMAZON @
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