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Sissy Sent to Pro for Discipline

Discussion in 'Member Fiction' started by DonnaSue, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. This is a true story that actually happened to me this past Saturday!

    My wife/Mistress of 30+ years got started down our FLR path several years ago when She discovered me wearing panties and our FLR and my feminization has evolved over time. Deep down, Mistress ris a soft, demure woman and She remains reluctant to punish me harshly for my indiscretions, of which there are many. She has a friendship with a Professional BDSM dominatrix in a big city about 3 hours away by car. Her friend has convinced Her to "Outsource" my discipline and some humiliation to her. This past Saturday was such an occasion.

    As directed and dressed in a skirt, long sleeve sweater top, nylons, garter belt, bra w/forms, KTB cage, wig and makeup, I had to drive to see Mistress Ayn with only my purse and no male clothes for backup. Along the way, She called and instructed me to stop at a CVS and to purchase some stick-on nails so that my hands would be more presentable. Of course, shopping in the drugstore as Donna, just added to my humiliation (I don't get out fully dressed very much). Did that and applied the nails. As I neared my destination, I received a call from Mistress Ayn telling me to stop at a liquor store and bring a bottle of a certain brand of pinot noir for me to serve to Her friends, which involved me asking a clerk to help me find the wine. This was my first clue that there would be others there to witness my submission.

    Upon arriving at Mistress Ayn's dungeon, I was greeted at the door by Mistress Ayn (in bustier and heels) and 2 of her friends that she had invited as guests (in skirts). I was immediately told to strip down to my garters/nylons, cage and bra. I was given a pair of 6" heels and enslaved in a leather collar, which was then hooked to an overhead cable. I was then corseted by all 3 women, in a very small corset and it was laced very tightly. All the time this was going on, I was being told how I needed to appear more feminine and that the corset was a necessity. My KTB was smacked a few times and I winced in pain. Next, my bracelets were replaced with leather cuffs and ankle cuffs were attached. a leather "parachute" was attached to my balls and a weight attached to the chain, which pulled my balls considerably. I could hardly stand it. Now I realized why I was told to travel with the KTB rather than my normal CB6000s to provide access to my balls! Having all of these women fuss with attaching my corset, restraints and the parachute, while degrading me vocally, was making my cage that much tighter and more painful.

    My cuffs were attached together behind my back, my collar released and I had to kneel and greet each guest with kisses - from their toes to the top of their hosiery, which was very humiliating , but was heaven! The parachute chain was so long, though, that I was dragging the weight around painfully, as I went from lady to lady. All of them talked down to me in the most humiliating of sissy terms. One of them slid her fingers behind my breastforms and tweaked my nipples rather harshly, causing me to gasp loudly! They all laughed at that!

    Next, I had to sit in a very feminine chair - an OB/GYN chair with stirrups. My wrist and ankle cuffs held me in place, more weight was added to the parachute and a large butt plug lubed up and inserted. When I complained a gag was inserted and my collar was attached to the back of the chair to prevent my seeing what was happening. A vibrator was used on my KTB to add to my misery and pain. Next, the parachute and KTB were removed (I was travelling with a numbered plastic tie wrap which was cut off). Electrodes were then attached to my clitty and balls and then I realized that the butt plug also had an electrical pulse. Mistress Ayn then teased and tormented me, electronically while one of the other guests tormented my face with her beautiful breasts encased in a neat little balcony bra as she told me to "come and get them, which, of course, I was unable to do! Mistress adjusted the strength and rhythm of the pulses, bringing me to the edge, over and over, until I finally gave in and began to cum, only to have the TENS unit shut down abruptly and completely and I was denied a full orgasm.

    I had to lie there and recover, still bound, gagged, plugged and attached for what seemed like an hour while the ladies went into the kitchen for some wine. My clitty was limp and shriveled. When they finally returned, the TENS unit was again turned on, but I was spent and not up to the occasion. What had been exhillarating and exciting before was now painful and dreadful! I was seriously berated for being a sissy rather than a "real man" who could "get it up". The ktb was again attached and my MIstress's padlock deployed. Then, out of the chair and the corset removed. With my lipstick, Mistress Ayn, wrote "docile and worthless sissy" on my tummy. I was told to get my sissy clothes on, brush my hair & restore my makeup and then I had to once again kneel and kiss each of the ladies's asses goodbye as they berated me some more.

    Out, into the afternoon daylight for the long drive home. My Mistress called me and had me describe my visit and then She told me to refresh my makeup and then stop at 3 different fast food restaurants to go inside (not the drive thru) and get a burger at one, fries at another and a drink at yet another, thus exposing me to many different groups of people and cashiers. That was most embarrassing and humiliating.

    While the humiliation and torment were not at all enjoyable at the time, my memories of Saturday are fresh and exciting to me now. When I returned home, I showed Mistress the message on my tummy and thanked Her emphatically for subjecting me to such "outsourcing". In retrospect, I sense that Mistress knew that I would find the occasion painful and yet somewhat enjoyable. She even told me that this was my sissy Christmas gift and told me "Merry Christmas!" It was quite an experience that will long be remembered. I love that woman!
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  2. That sounds amazingly familiar. My Mistress sent me to a pro also. Just not allowed to cum. 2 hours of torment.
  3. Wow, now that's what I call a Christmas present, I presume you are quite passable? I hoped you thanked her appropriately for your treat?
  4. Is your sister-in-law still involved in your discipline too?
  5. No, demale, my SIster-in-law hasn't really been involved in my discipline, but since She has "sissysat" me on a couple of occasions, She has become more aware of my situation and my sissiness and has even embarked on a little T & D. I now have to answer to Her, too - under direction of Mistress. It has become complicated.
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  6. No, rebeccacd404, I am not nearly as passable as I would like to be. If I were, those stops at CVS, the liquor store, and the fast food restaurants would not have been quite so embarrassing and humiliating. You should have seen the looks on people's faces!
  7. Will there be more outsourcing visits? It sounds like your wife knows exactly what you need -- humiliation is an essential part of sissification as the process evolves. Would love more updates if you'd care to provide them.
  8. What a lucky sissy you are to have received such a nice Christmas gift. I'd love to get something like that, gift or not. Happy Holidays.:p
  9. "Sweet dreams are made of these." A sissy's dream come true!
  10. Hey @DonnaSue@DonnaSue
    I was dying to tell my Miss. about your X-mass gift this weekend.. Just didn't have the right opportunity. But I am going to tell her this week, just to get her reaction. My Miss. is just the type who might go for something like that. We actually discussed it a few years back. Still think it's a great gift.
  11. I may not share the same view of wearing women's clothes like you do but your day sounds very exciting and would be an experience to remember
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    If it's a true story then maybe it shouldn't be in the Fiction section! Thread can easily be moved by Mod if need be.