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Discussion in 'For sale/wanted' started by t0astt, Jul 18, 2022.

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    Hey all,

    I'm selling a brand new Red Chili Sissy Cage. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size and it doesn't work with my particular anatomy.

    Included with the sale will be the cage (ring and tube), two security screws, two heart-shaped keys, and one storage pouch that the cage was delivered to me in.

    The size dimensions are as follows:
    • Order date: February 2021
    • Tube length: 55mm
    • Tube inner diameter: 35mm
    • Base ring inner diameter: 43mm
    • Base ring shape: Round
    • Gap: 8mm
    • Extra options: No Escape with Security Screw, Non-standard base ring size, Double floor head
    Total cost to me was $488 shipped. I'm willing to part ways with it for $350 + shipping, but I am open to offers as well. I'll ship only within the US - which should get to you much faster than it takes to make the custom cage and ship from Europe!

    Pictures of the cage and what you'll get:
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