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Self locked structure.

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by JanusTree, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. I'm getting a MM cage soon. This will be my first MM device so lacking a key holder i want to ask how others self lock and how they determine how long to lock for?
  2. I found that a good way to make sure that i don't try and take it off on a whim is to freeze the keys in an icecube, meaning that you have to exert atleast some effort to unlock, plus, if you really need it off it doesn't take too long to unfreeze and use the keys.

    As far as how long to stay locked for, entirely up to you, a fun idea could be to go to a random number generator, put 1-30 and roll the dice to see how many days you go for. As for me i just try 30 day streaks and see how it goes.
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  3. Welcome to the Mansion.
    For a start go slowly, one full day, then two days and so on.
    If you do it slowly the risk of bruises are to be minimized.
    The flesh of your goods must be accostumed In the beginning, if possible do not use overnight.
    In a few weeks you will be caged 24/7.
    Be happy.
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  4. I suppose i should have stated somewhere in there that I have been in a HT for almost four months. But yeah I have experience in a cage I'm just looking for ideas to set the sentences in the cage really or more so when I should let myself out. Thank you for your response though safety is very important.
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  5. OK I have heard the ice cube lock idea before if I can find a mini freezer on the cheap that would be a viable option for me.
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  7. Welcome. The quandary of the self locked. How to be both prisoner and warden. Although I am not self locked, I have easy access to an emergency key. Like the idea about the ice, my key is wrapped in plastic and paper with lots of tape. It would require an effort that I just have not been willing to make in order to cheat myself by unlocking before I am supposed to.

    If you got the Jailbird, you will find it easy to masturbate in it due to its open design. After all this time I rather not orgasm than have one and feel lousy for a few days after. Plus having a KH that I love and who enjoys my chastity gives me that extra incentive to not unlock or masturbate. When I first became interested in S&M, I used to put clips on my nipples or smack my balls with a paddle, but never knew how long or many times to do it. It was not until I met a dominant woman that I found out that I could do more than I thought I could endure. So you can do more than you think if you tell yourself that you can go one extra day, one more lash in my case, each day. Chastity does not really start until you feel that you cannot take anymore. :) Good luck
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  8. For self locking I would highly suggest spending $50.00 on a Kitchen Safe time lock safe (locks upto 10 days at a time). It's great even for people with busy key holders.
  9. We have a kitchen safe and yes its great for a busy KH.
    For self locking once you have set the time and pushed the button there is no way to change it.
    The other thing about the kitchen safe when its set there is no point pestering your KH to unlock you.
    I did not think about this when I bought it @Mistress Jules@Mistress Jules did.
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  10. I also use the Kitchen Safe. Since I go for 30 days locked before unlocking my cage for cleaning I will put my keys in the lockbox, set the delay for 10 days and immediately remove the lockbox batteries. On my iPad I set a reminder to to sound an alarm at 10 before my cleaning date. When the alarm sounds I'll replay the batteries and the timer resumes where it left off which is ten days. When the lockbox unlocks i will remove and clean the cage components, check for skin problems and if none are found then do everything again for another 30 days.

    Another benefit with this game plan is if I start to get antsy and want out of my cage !NOW! I have to put the batteries back in the lockbox but have to wait ten days before I can have the keys. The ten day wait period gives me time to calm down and come back to my senses.

    So it is written, so it shall be done.
  11. Roll a dice.

    Also, it's important to keep things interesting, otherwise it won't last. I'd suggest rolling another dice to determine what you get after the period you rolled during the first time: a day of freedom, a ruined O with an immediate locking back, just some caning without even taking the belt off - whatever gets you excited, naturally, there are dices with up to 20 sides...
  12. Also, I wouldn't recommend a computer program/random number generator. Actually rolling a physical dice somehow makes an obligation somewhat more substantial and the process more exciting.
  13. Quite a few different methods you could use to determine length of lockup...

    Random selection:
    this isn't quite so random... you can choose the range of values to be selected from

    Lots of different formulas, when you do the maths, some are lacking in range or variability, this one seems to provide a suitably ranged set of values:
    - throw a dice - that's your starting number.
    - keep throwing until the start number comes up again.
    - the total of all throws is how long you are locked up.
    (minimum = 2, average = 24, theoretical maximum = infinite (in practice rarely above 50).
    experienced players can use number of weeks rather than number of days.

    Set yourself a list of tasks/goals to achieve before you can unlock...
    Clean the bathroom, mow the lawn, repaint the ceiling, visit mother, engage a new lady in conversation for more than 30 minutes...
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  14. Thank you for the wheel link I've made my own and I think I'm going to use it when my cage gets here to set my first real sentence length in a proper cage :D

    Here is my wheel if anyone wants to see. <iframe src="http://wheeldecide.com/e.php?c1=1+Year+%2B+Spin+Again.&c2=1+Year.&c3=9+Months+%2B+Spin+Again.&c4=9+Months.&c5=6+Months+%2B+Spin+Again.&c6=6+Months&c7=3+Months+%2B+Spin+Again.&c8=3+Months.&c9=1+Month+%2B+Spin+Again.&c10=1+Month.&c11=Spin+3+Following+Rules.+&c12=Spin+4+Following+Rules.&c13=%2B+1+Week+Off&c14=%2B+1+Month+Off&col=rou&t=Chastity+Sentence+Roulette.+&time=20&width=900&weights=1,1,2,3,2,3,2,3,2,3,2,1,0.5,0.5" width="500" height="500" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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