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Request for Ideas how to remove Elastration band for a ruined orgasm

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by cogman, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Mistress enjoys how much I squirm and jump about following a session using a green elastrator band on her balls when its cut off... The pain is short but very intense, actually up until that time it can be almost pleasurable (too a point!!) having your balls strangled.

    So far however whether I have been allowed to cum, spanked or arse reamed, when its time to cut it off I end up having to do it myself usually with side cutters (with the piece of string so you can pull the band back to get under it and cut).

    Mistress has expressed a strong desire to ruin my orgasm by cutting band off at the point of orgasm...however we cant work out a safe way of doing this...

    As I said we use some wire side cutters to get it off currently but wondering if anyone has some ideas on what we could say leave under the band while I am stroking to an edge that mistress could safely cut the band at the right moment remembering I do jump around a fair bit when it comes off because it friggin hurts. The bands are pretty tough and strong it requires something very sharp or snippers...maybe curved snippers ...don't know that's why i am asking!!
  2. She simply puts a piece of string between your balls and the band. When she wants to remove it, she pulls on the two ends of the string to move the band away from your balls and then cuts it with safety scissors. Doing stuff like this without knowing the basics is dangerous. You can get seriously hurt submitting to someone who is unqualified to do the things you want done to you. I am not into this, but have 47 years in the BDSM community and know this simple method of removing it. Seems that you are submitting your balls and life to someone who does not know what she is doing. Is she a self appointed Mistress or just a girl you know that you call Mistress? I cannot believe someone would band your balls without knowing the basics. How does she put it on you? Does she have the correct device? As we say in the BDSM world, play safe and sane at all times. It took surgery for me to learn that lesson 35 years ago.
  3. Thanks Boisub, shame there is no picture there :( but the title looks perfect... :)

    Vinny as my original post states we do use the string (or in our case a piece of soft insulated wire in conjunction with side cutters), if your going to imply someone is inexperienced and stupid you might like to actually read the post properly before talking down to someone. We are both in our 50s and hardly inexperienced thanks.

    If someone does have a link to safety scissors it would be appreciated.

    As I said in the original post something that can be left under the band in place ready to cut would be ideal, rather than using the string technique which as the original post says is what we already do. The problem with the string is it takes to much fiddling about to cut it at the right moment with safety.
  4. Lol love the inaccurate details in a reply in a post on this thread . !!!

    However back to the op.

    You need a bit of around 8 -12 mm soft plastic tube like in aquarium use. Say an inch long . Cut it length ways just above half way . This gives you a U shape . At half way cut two v cuts not all the way down just big nicks in the top sides. This is for the band to sit in .

    So get the band stretched and on and get some vasiline under the band. Before you release the band off the tool get you bit of tube under the band and some where convenient to be able to cut it . This will mean that with a pr of nail clipper the plier type you can cut in one snip safely .
    May I add I wonder if with practice this may condition you to not to reach orgasam because of the obvious er penalty! !
    Xx Wendy
    PurpleKittenSissy and cogman like this.
  5. Thanks wendygirl, I can visualize what you mean, sort of like a shield from the cutters. Its a great idea and I am thinking about what i can use for the soft tubing....I work at a DYI store so i am sure i can find some :)

    I must admit...I love playing with bands but I hate the cutting off...the pain is intense but short lived but it has always been done after the orgasm has subsided...I wonder if at the point of orgasm my mind will be confused with pain and pleasure...I might like it...it might augment it rather than ruin it...Mistress would be happy with either outcome....however our objective is to ruin it at this stage...You may be right I may end up being too anxious to get to the edge....although once its on it is inevitable it has to be cut off....

    The timing is critical...in a ideal world it would be just before climax but to late to stop it....I hate it when I get spanked just after climax it really sucks....so ruining a orgasm tends to be just after the crest...be good to make it happen at the crest...

    It becomes a veneer of possibilities, just before just after and during...lol.
  6. Btw cat toe nail clippers with the smooth rounded tips are probably the best tool and easy to find.

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