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Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by crazygoat, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Ok, not quite a month. But still! 25 days since my last orgasm? Did i miss one ? Definitely not in this damn bird cage. My foray into chastity went like this: 5 days in, then i was given a "3 orgasm pass", which took a couple of days, then back in for a undetermined amount of time (punishment for one of my many foibles) and just when Mistress would have let me out (2weeks) i "slipped out" for about an hour before coming to my senses (poor choice of words) No, i put the bird back in before i got anywhere close to an orgasm, guilt ridden, knowing i would have to tell Mistress immediately. This resulted in another 12 days or so detention with my release tomorrow at 8 PM California time (PST + or - 4:20, lol))
    So in the past 32 days, i 've been locked up for30. And yes there is a certain amount of pride i have in Mistress Queen AvA for having faith in me to carry out this assignment (despite the partial relapse).

    DAMN, the pain was excruciating!!! "It" would arrive around 3 or 4 in the morning, and i'm assuming the result of blood flow being level with the heart or something physiological or just perhaps my masochistic teasing, nipple torture, and general anal exploration. The latter two having a different effect than when not in the hold of a device. Nipple torture had a real soothing effect on me, and i enjoyed wonderful levels of pain that took my mind off my balls being tortured. And my ass play served to release some stress... was that "milking the prostate" i was doing with the exquisite "inside orgasms" contracting in my ass and root chakra? Whatever it was, while i was locked up, i really dug ass work.

    Of course the mental and spiritual aspects were the highest of highs. Whether it was cringing in agony, or enjoying a clearer thought process... i do equate it with my sobriety and the pink cloud one experiences upon sobering up for a while. Anyway i'm rambling, but wanted to share this with everyone because it is exciting for me. I'd love to hear feedback , similar recollections of your first releases, did you experience :"The Pain"as bad as i did? Anybody swear off of it after having done a few weeks ora month? Personal tip for Birdlocked wearers, use petroleum jelly laden pieces of cotton to buffer "contact " points if suffering from chafing.

    Love You all, and won't be going anywhere any time soon. Thanks again.
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