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Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by jshackleton2016, Apr 9, 2018.

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    I finally found a way to have a pleasurable orgasm without the emotional drop and lack of obedience that usually follows!

    My wife/mistress used our new toy to stimulate my p-spot with the cage on the other night. We were spooning, but she was penetrating me with the toy. After I was able to relax and get into it, it happened - a series of contractions and 1 week's worth of release. It was a ruined orgasm but was very pleasurable. She did not want to take me over the edge, but I was a bad boy and kept quiet and gave no signs of pleasure until it was too late.

    The fact that the cage never came off, and because I know that the cage is not coming off at all in April (her punishment for me using the new toy w/o permission to get myself off the week before), I still feel very submissive and dominated and thus my obedience has not slipped.

    The question now is will she let me have another pleasurable p-spot orgasm anytime soon now that she knows that me feeling orgasmic pleasure isn't a 'setback' to her. We shall see.

    I welcome any thoughts on how others have managed to actually desire an orgasm after long lockups. I usually do not, but now i do and will be so extra accommodating, obedient, loving, attentive and snuggly to stack the deck towards more pleasure.
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