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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by allfullup, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I just realized I haven't introduced myself properly after all this time. Hi, I'm allfullup.

    I've desired chastity for most of my adult life. I got my first CB-2000 when the second run was starting to come out (I believe they were $275 at the time?). I didn't really have many people to play with at the time so it was mostly fantasy and solitary play, except for a couple of online multi-week scenes that were crazy hot. Then I got involved with someone who locked me up for a week or two at a time and completely by accident gave me my first ruined orgasm, and then you could say I was hooked. I think giving a potential subbie two ruined O's on two successive dates would give a good idea of who the serious orgasm denial freaks are... but I digress. Anyway, after that I spent a couple of years with someone who gave me mostly ruined orgasms intentionally but the relationship didn't work out for other reasons.

    Which brings us to now. A few nights ago my goddess, who was pretty vanilla when I started dating her a year ago, gave me the most intense scene of my life. I was blindfolded, gagged and bound hand and foot to an exercise chair. She flogged my back, ass and inner thighs, and used a zip tie to strike and scrape the head of her penis, which was a more intense sensation than one might expect. Now and again she would slip on some gloves and edge me a couple or six times. After a lovely half-hour eternity of this, she put me on the bed with my wrists bound to my neck, put a fresh pair of gloves on, edged me maybe six times with her finger in my ass, and asked if I wanted to come for her. I nodded, thanking her for the full orgasm I was about to receive, and she stimulated me to a phenomenally powerful... nope, she squeezed the pressure points on the head of her penis and ruined it for me because I'd been playing with it without her permission. After that we had a nice long cuddle as I came back to earth.

    We've been searching for a reasonably priced, lightweight device that secures via a piercing, will allow at least some degree of arousal, and preferably can work with or without an "A ring". We've tried the 3000, which was easy to masturbate inside. I'm going to give the 2000 one last try with a vinyl coated steel wire strung fairly tightly, running through a PA ring, through the sides of the cage between the C and D rings and attached to the lock with a couple of crimped loops. Any other ideas? If this fails the Lori's probably our next attempt, but it's a chunk of change we'd rather not spend if we can avoid it.

    See y'all around!
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    Well, it was an introduction worth waiting for!

    I hope you find the right device, I believe that goes a long way into making chastity life a more permanent feature rather than a play one. :angel:
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