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Pantyhose trick

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Miss B, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. I read somewhere that there is a trick to putting on a chasity cage using pantyhose. Anyone care tos hare with me?
  2. I do this, putting my flaccid penis inside the pantyhose, then sliding the closed end through the cage and out the end. Pulling the pantyhose through causes enough friction to pull me straight to the end of the tube. My cage is snug enough that I can't put it on due to friction with the sides with out this method.
  3. Thank you both
  4. I do basically the same trick with a folded/rolled baby wipe, lubrication automatically included.
  5. I cut a short piece of one leg of a pair of pantyhose at the toes then slide it over my limp penis. Make sure to have an inch or two extra out from your penis. Fit the tube over it and pull the end of the nylon as u push the tube snugly on at the same time.

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